QuickBooks Cannot Connect to Server: How to Fix Remote or Email Server Issues?

QuickBooks Cannot Connect to Server

QuickBooks enables its users to access the Multi-user mode so that multiple users can open the same company file. To access this multi-user mode, it is required to set up a computer as a host or a dedicated server is used. QuickBooks Database Server Manager is the main component that enables the hosting and makes a bridge over QuickBooks workstations so that the communication with company files can proceed. In certain cases, QuickBooks cannot connect to server due to which you fail to access the company files. To resolve such issues, we bring you this guide to help you.

If QuickBooks cannot connect to server, you should be aware of the causes so that you can execute the right method to solve the server problems. In this guide, we will explain the following:

What are the Causes of QuickBooks Cannot Connect to Email Server?

QuickBooks server issues can be related to the remote server or email server. If you are QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Point of Sale is unable to connect with the workstations or servers, you should know the reasons behind it. Let’s have a look at the following causes of the “QuickBooks POS cannot connect to server” error.

  • There can be issues with the QuickBooks file permission and hosting.
  • QuickBooks Database Server Manager stopped or not properly working on the server.
  • Local area network is not enabled.
  • The QuickBooks server is not set up properly.
  • Third-party or Windows firewalls are interrupting the server connection.
  • QuickBooks Desktop is running the older version.
  • Poor QuickBooks server connection.
  • The IP address that you are using is a dynamic IP.

By configuring the internet connection and hosting setting, you can restore the remote server or email server connection. We will discuss the most effective methods in further detail.

How to Fix QuickBooks Cannot Connect to Server?

QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Point of Sale fails to connect with the server(Migrate QuickBooks to a New Server) when the internet settings are misconfigured. Thus, you can reset the Internet Explorer settings. In addition, you should check the hosting settings on all the workstations and server computers. By checking the Webmail preferences, you can avoid email server issues as well.

Apart from this, you should keep your QuickBooks Desktop up to date, create ND files for each data file, and scan folders using the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. For your convenience, we are explaining each method with detailed steps.

1: Configure Hosting Settings on QuickBooks

It is important to validate the hosting services of your QuickBooks Desktop as the wrong setting can create conflicts between workstations and servers. To avoid such conflicts, you should disable the hosting on all the workstations. But make sure it is enabled on the server computer.

Disable Hosting on All the Workstations

  • Navigate to the “File” menu.
  • Then, click on the “Utilities” option.
  • Now, select the “Stop Hosting Multi-user Access”.
Disable Hosting on All the Workstations
  • In case you find the “Host Multi-user Access” option instead of “Stop Hosting Multi-user Access” then make sure you confirm it by selecting the “Yes” button.

Enable Hosting on a Server Computer

  • Press the “Windows” key.
  • Then, search for the “Windows Task Manager” through the Windows search bar.
  • Now, press the “Enter” key on the keyboard.
  • As the “Windows Task Manager” window opens, select the “More details”.
  • After this, switch to the “Services” tab.
  • Locate the “QBBDBMgrN.exe” file from the list.
  • To verify this file, you need to press the “Windows + R” keys.
  • As the “Run” dialog box opens, type “services.msc”.
  • Hit the “OK” button to continue.
  • At this point, you should press the “Q” key to highlight the “QBDBMgrN.exe” file.
  • Once found, start the service and click on the “Automatic Start” button.

When you are done disabling the hosting mode on workstations and enabling it on the server computer, you should check if you encounter a “QuickBooks POS client cannot connect to server” error.

2: Check the Webmail Preferences

Most users are bothered by email server issues. If QuickBooks cannot connect to email server, you should check the preferences in the Webmail settings. You can set the email service in your QuickBooks account if required.

  • To get started, open “QuickBooks Desktop” on your computer.
  • Then, go to the “Edit” menu located at the top left.
  • Now, click on the “Preferences” option.
  • From the “Preferences’ window, you can click on the “Send forms” located on the left.
  • After this, click on the email account that is being used and select the “Edit” button from the “My Preferences” section.
  • Then, go to the “SMTP server details” section.
  • In the “Edit email info” window, set your server name along with the port to the email settings.
  • After this, you can set up the email service in the QuickBooks account for the SMTP servers and ports.

As you execute these steps, the email settings will start allowing access to the server. To verify, you can attempt opening QuickBooks company files and check if you confront any email server issues.

3: Reset Internet Explorer Settings

Server issues can be recovered if you reset the settings of your Internet Explorer browser. By resetting the internet setting to the default, you can easily connect with the server. To perform this method, one has to continue reading the following steps:

  • Open the “Internet Explorer” web browser on your computer.
  • Then, go to the “Tools” menu located on the top right.
  • Now, switch to the “Internet Options” section.
  • Here, move to the “Advanced” tab.
  • At this point, you should click the “Restore advanced settings” button.
  • Once done, click the “OK” button to apply the action.

Now, you can close the browser and check to access the company file if you can connect with the server. If QuickBooks cannot connect to server, you can jump to the next solution.

4: Update QuickBooks to the Latest Version

Intuit releases new updates to enhance the user’s experience. Some of the updates are sent to fix certain bugs and errors. Therefore, you should check if there is any new update available for your software. To update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version, you can look through the following steps:

  • In QuickBooks Desktop, select the “Help” menu.
  • Then, click on the “Update QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Now, click the “Options” tab.
  • Choose the “Mark All” option.
  • Hit the “Update Now” button.
  • Select the “Get Updates” option.

After performing these steps, you can close the QuickBooks program. Now, you can reboot your Windows computer and check if you are still bothered by any server error.

5: Create the ND File

By creating the Network Data (.ND) file, you can resolve the issues related to the server. For executing this method, you are required to use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. As you add and scan the folder, the ND file will be automatically created. You can check the detailed steps:

  • Click on the “Windows” icon.
  • As the Windows search bar opens, type “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” and open it when it appears in the result.

Note: If you are unable to locate QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your computer, you may need to reinstall the QuickBooks program. Once you complete the QuickBooks installation process, you can launch the QB Database Server Manager.

  • In the “QuickBooks Database Server Manager”, start browsing the location where your folder of the company file is stored.
  • Once you hit the “Add folder”, click on the “Scan now” button when all the folders are successfully added.
  • After this, you can start scanning your company files.

When the process of scanning is completed, you are supposed to check if the ND files are now generated for each data file.

6: Scan Folder using QuickBooks Database Server Manager

QuickBooks Database Server Manager helps to scan the company file folders stored on your computer. If QuickBooks POS cannot connect to server, you should organize the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to avoid server issues.

  • Open the “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” on your Windows computer.
  • Then, remove the existing folder.
  • After that, add the company file folder in the “QuickBooks Database Server Manager”.
  • Now, click on the “Start Scan” button to scan the folders.

When the process is finished, you can close the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. This way you can keep your folder scanned and organized.

To Wind Up

Hosting the company files in QuickBooks is a convenient feature, however, it may create issues with the server. If your QuickBooks is facing issues related to a remote server or email server, we suggest you configure the hosting settings. By adjusting webmail preferences and internet settings, you can get rid of the “QuickBooks POS cannot connect to server” error.

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