How to Setup and Access QuickBooks Remote Tool?

Setup and Access QuickBooks Remote Tool

Remote access to QuickBooks is an absolutely desirable feature. In several situations, this feature of the Intuit software will add to the convenience of many businesses. With QuickBooks remote access, you can also assist your clients at any hour.

For ensuring convenience to your business too, as well as clients, getting remote access to QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Enterprise, and other versions of the software will be a great thought. Using hosting, the remote access tool, and other ways, you can learn with us how the setup methods have to be performed. Also, get to know the benefits of this feature, its security, and the costs involved.

To give you an overview of this post in the shortest time possible, we have prepared a summary. You can read it below.

What is QuickBooks Remote Access Tool?

Getting remote access to the QuickBooks software means that you can remotely connect to the software without being physically present near the machine on which it has been installed. Basic tasks like preparing the copies of files between the remote system and local system can be executed when you get remote access to it.

Benefits of Intuit QuickBooks Remote Access

Remote access to the QuickBooks software is preferred by many due to the tons of benefits it offers. We know as many as 10 benefits that you can enjoy with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions remote access. Let’s go through each of these benefits one by one.

  • With remote access to this software, you will not be required to travel to your client and use QuickBooks.
  • For keeping a track of the accountant’s activities, obtaining remote access to QB will be beneficial for managers and clients.
  • In situations wherein travelling isn’t possible, you can work on QuickBooks from your place.
  • Filles and complete folders can be transferred from one computer to another with remote access to QB.
  • This feature of the software allows several users to work on the same QuickBooks company file at the same time.
  • Remote accessibility enables you to use QB via both computer and mobile.
  • This feature will definitely add to your productivity wherever you are.
  • Apart from the usual work hours, you can access the system of your client anytime with this feature.
  • Between remote and local computers, files and folders can be copied as well as pasted.
  • Surprisingly, you can also print several documents via the remote system and a local printer.

Best Ways to Access QuickBooks Desktop Remotely from another Computer.

The first way involves the use of your web browser for remotely accessing the Intuit software. Second way, the QuickBooks Desktop Remote Access Tool can be utilized after downloading it. The third way will help you access QuickBooks Enterprise by choosing a hosting provider.

Moving forward, we will be telling you about the detailed methods to use these three ways and obtain remote access to the accounting software.

Method 1: How Can QuickBooks be Accessed Remotely via Web Browser?

For obtaining remote access to QuickBooks company file, you need to accomplish the setup required to do so. After signing in to your account, you can set a Nickname for the PC. Then press the Connect button and perform the steps that remain. You can familiarise yourself with these steps by reading below.

  • Open the remote system’s browser.
  • Visit the “QuickBooks Remote Access” website.
  • Ensure that you are signed in to your QB account.
  • Provide a “Nickname” for the computer and tick the box near it.
  • Press “Connect”.
  • Your desktop has to be authorized in the sixth step.
    You can select the “Passcode” option for this purpose. Alternatively, you can choose the “Phone Number” option. The code received via either of these options will have to be entered while you sign in to your QB account for getting remote access.
  • Select the dropdown menu for “Remote Access”.
  • Lastly, when the session is over, press “End QuickBooks Remote Access Session”.

The QuickBooks remote access setup will now be complete. You can start using it to finish your important tasks.

Method 2: How Can I Access QuickBooks Desktop Remotely?

To use QuickBooks Desktop remotely, one has to log in to the Intuit website. After this, visit the QuickBooks Remote Access website and log in to your account. Thereafter, you are required to click on the Setup Computer to download QuickBooks Remote Access Tool. After configuring the tool settings, you can continue using QuickBooks Desktop remotely.

  • Launch your web browser. Then visit the official site of “Intuit”.
  • To get remote access to QB, you will be required to sign up for it.
  • Go to the website of “QuickBooks Remote Access”.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Select “Setup Computer” for downloading the installation for the “QuickBooks Remote Access Tool”.
  • Input a nickname for your PC in “NickName”.
  • Hit “Next”.
  • Tick the options listed as follows:
    “Use Full-screen View by Default”
    “Disable this Computer’s Keyboard and Mouse”
    “Automatically Reduce Screen Resolution to Match”
    “Make this Computer’s Screen Blank”

Note: Every time you sign in to the QB remote access sessions, these options will get enabled.

  • Then tick the apps you would like to remotely access on the PC.

Note: To remotely access the accounts of QuickBooks, a small sum of a monthly fee may be required.

  • Hit “Next”.
  • Ensure that the option of verification has been selected. You can choose to input a “Passcode” or a “Phone Number”.

Note: In case you are selecting the option of “Passcode”, you will have to enter it when you reach the login page every time you wish to open QuickBooks. If the option of “Phone Number” is being chosen, you will receive a call. The code needed for accessing QB will be given to you over the call. To sign in to your account each time, the code will have to be typed in.

  • Press “Finish”.

Method 3: Learn to Access QuickBooks Enterprise Remotely via Hosting?

To get remote access to QuickBooks Enterprise, a hosting provider has to be selected. For selecting this provider, you need to check parameters like SLA, security, pricing plans, etc. After that, you can migrate your data as well as the license of this accounting software. This is followed by signing in to the respective portal. Information such as password, username, etc., will be made available to you via your provider. Then the QuickBooks enterprise solutions remote access procedure will be over.

  • Choosing a suitable hosting provider is required as the basic step. Based on your firm’s size, budget, and the required features, you can select the provider. To pick a cloud provider, some parameters should be analyzed which the hosting provider should have in its services.
    • i. Pick a hosting provider Intuit has authorized for hosting the software.
    • ii. Ensure that the hosting provider has maintained suitable security standards.
    • iii. The hosting provider’s “SLA” should be checked for the presence of features like service terms, uptime, etc.
    • iv. Know for how many days your data’s backup will be kept by the hosting provider.
    • v. Look for the pricing plans of the hosting provider. Ensure that these plans fit your needs.
    • vi. Most importantly, ensure that the hosting provider offers reliable customer support at all hours.
  • Hosting “QuickBooks Enterprise” with the preferred cloud provider is the next step. In case the software’s license has been installed on the local desktop, migrate it, as well as your data, to the server of the cloud.

Note: In case a new licence has to be purchased, refer to the provider in case it is an “Authorized Commercial Host” of Intuit.

  • Use the “RDP Software” for signing in to the portal. You can also sign in to it via your browser. The credentials will be given to you by your cloud provider. Correctly enter them.

Note: You can use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone for signing in.

Now that the procedure for QuickBooks Enterprise remote access is clear to you, you can perform it and start using the accounting software.

Conclusive Lines

Growing your productivity at all hours, the QuickBooks accountant remote access feature is worth trying out. By providing remote access to this software, you can stay committed to your clients from any location. In times wherein travelling seems to be an unlikely option, you can remotely connect to this accounting software and finish all the urgent tasks. Using the methods and other information laid above, remotely accessing QB will require minimal efforts.

Should you like to know more about QuickBooks Errors, its features, usage, and fixes to rectify bugs in it, watch out for our upcoming blog posts.

Frequently Ask Question

Q. Is it Secure to Remote Access QuickBooks Desktop?

Ans. Activities like accounting are important for businesses. More important than that are the security concerns while performing such activities. Whether you are using QuickBooks Online or via the Intuit QuickBooks Remote Access Tool, problems with respect to security will not arise. Accessing QuickBooks by following either of these ways is not only secure but reliable as well.

Q. How Much does the QuickBooks Remote Access Cost?

Ans. QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks multi-user remote access is a very secure option to work on this accounting software from anywhere and at any time. However, to get remote access to the software or its several versions, a subscription fee can be involved. It can vary as per the plan you pick. While you attempt to get access to this service and sign up, you can check the exact cost and pick the plan that suits you the best.

Q. Can QuickBooks Be Accessed Remotely?

Ans. Yes, the QuickBooks program can be accessed remotely. However, you need to use the QuickBooks Remote Access Tool. This will allow you to connect with your remote system on which QuickBooks is installed.

Q. How to Access QuickBooks Enterprise Remotely?

Ans. QuickBooks Enterprise users can also access the program remotely. All you have to do is select the hosting provider by checking the parameters. After logging in to the account, you can migrate the data and license of the software.

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