How to Fix Windows 10 QuickBooks has Stopped Working Error

Fix Windows 10 QuickBooks Stopped Working Error

Creating a huge interruption in your work, the QuickBooks software can stop working at times. Innumerable users count on this accounting software for managing their work. When it stops working on Windows 10, your day may not seem easier. To ease out the problem, this blog has been made available. The primary objective of this blog is to help you overcome the Windows 10 QuickBooks has stopped working issue. For establishing this objective, we have outlined the reasons why such an issue may be coming up on your Windows 10 computer. Then you can go through the various fixes given here to troubleshoot this issue on QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Point of Sale.

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Why Windows 10 QuickBooks has Stopped Working

To understand why QB, QBPOS or QuickBooks Desktop has suddenly stopped working, you should read these 3 reasons:

  1. You may have updated your Windows 10 computer.
  2. The program may be incompatible. Hence, QuickBooks may not be working on Windows 10.
  3. The entitlement service of Intuit may not be running on your system.

How to Fix the Error of QuickBooks has Stopped Working on Windows 10?

While using QB on Windows 10, if any condition causes the software to stop working, then you can first add a new user admin. If this doesn’t fix your problem, then you can change the QBWUSER.ini file’s name, verify compatibility, as well as enable sharing.

2.1) Fix 1: Add a New Admin User for Windows 10

It is quite possible that on Windows 10, QuickBooks has stopped working due to problems with the installation. Installing damaged Windows can easily generate such a problem. That is why we will suggest that you add a new admin user for Windows 10.

For making it, you are required to access the Settings of Windows 10. You will find them in the Start Menu. Then you can visit Accounts and pick the Choose Family & Other Users option. Now, you can easily add another user.

  1. Press the “Start” icon.
  2. Go to the “Settings”.
  3. Select “Accounts”.
  4. Click on the option of “Choose Family & Other Users”.
  5. Tap “Add Someone Else to this PC”.
  6. Administer the directions that are displayed on your screen. Within a short while, you will be able to make a new admin user for Windows 10.

Afterwards, you can open the QuickBooks software on Windows 10. There will be no more problems to report.

2.2) Fix 2: Assign Another Name for the QBWUSER.ini File on Windows 10

In the next fix for doing away with the error of QuickBooks has stopped working after Windows 10 update, we’ll opine that you make edits to the name of the QBWUSER.ini file. Along with this one, you can also make certain edits to the name of the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file. Your data will get removed and the error will also get cleared.

Prior to making the edits to the names of these files, you will have to open them. After locating them in their respective folders, you can simply right-click on each file and make the necessary edits. To know the location of the files, as well as the edits, which you need to make, please read the following 5 steps:

  1. First, you have to find the folder of the “QBWUSER.ini” file. You can utilize the path given below for this purpose:
    “\Users[Name]\AppData\Local\intuit\QuickBooks [XXXX]”
  2. When the file has been located, you have to right-click on it and then press “Rename”.
  3. Behind the name of this file, write “.old”.
  4. Next, assign another name for the “EntitlementDataStore.ecml” file.
  5. Now, when QuickBooks opens on Windows 10, click on any file to access it.

Please Note: When you attempt to make changes to the “QBWUSER.ini” file’s name, the data kept in the company files list, which was recently opened by you will get removed. For getting your files in the list, you can open them again.

2.3) Fix 3: Verify Compatibility on Windows 10

Checking the compatibility can also help in troubleshooting a problem as annoying as the error QuickBooks has stopped working on Windows 10. To verify the compatibility, you can right-tap on the program’s shortcut to enter its Properties. Here, the Compatibility option will be provided. You can pick a suitable version of Windows and press Apply. Afterwards, you can open QB and perform your tasks.

  1. Right-click on the program’s shortcut.
  2. Select “Properties”.
  3. Open the “Compatibility” tab.
  4. Pick Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1.
  5. Now, push the “Apply” button.
  6. Press “OK”.
  7. Finally, open the “QuickBooks” software.

If the QuickBooks software is working absolutely fine, then the problem which was preventing it from functioning will have been removed for certain.

2.4) Fix 4: Turn on Sharing on Windows 10

Disabling of the sharing access may be the reason why Windows 10 QuickBooks has stopped working. As you can guess, you just need to turn them on to exit this problem. For enabling the sharing access, you can search for Sharing in the Start Menu and then go to the option of Manage Advanced Sharing Settings. Make a selection of All Networks and press the arrow. After expanding the settings, you can press the button stating Turn off Password Protected Sharing.

  1. On Windows 10, go to the “Start Menu”.
  2. Type in “Sharing” in “Search”. Ensure that the “Windows 10 Sharing Access” has been enabled.
  3. Click on “Manage Advanced Sharing Settings”.
  4. Tap on the “All Networks” option.
  5. On the right, press the arrow pointing downwards.
  6. The settings will now get expanded. Locate the toggle button for “Turn off Password Protected Sharing”. Press the button.
  7. Press “Save”.
  8. Access the software. A connection with your company file has to be made.
  9. In case “QuickBooks” fails to open, verify the “Multiple Configurations”/”Configuration” of QB that hosts the database server. You can also verify the “Firewall Port Settings”. Lastly, you can see to it that the configuration of “File Sharing” has been correctly executed on your server.

How to Fix the QuickBooks Desktop has Stopped Working Windows 10 Error?

If you’re a user of QuickBooks Desktop and the software fails to work, you can clean install it. The problem of QuickBooks has stopped working after Windows 10 update will not be seen when this fix has been properly used.

3.1) Fix 5: Using Clean Install to Remove and Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop on Windows 10

In this fix, you’ll need to execute a number of steps for uninstalling the software, implementing the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool, and reinstalling the software. We believe that this fix will be sufficient for troubleshooting the problem of QuickBooks not working. The uninstallation process can be executed by visiting the Control Panel. To get knowledge of the full process, let’s read more.

  1. Open “Run” on Windows 10. You can directly open it or press the “Windows” and “R” keys in one go.
  2. Write “Control Panel”.
  3. Press “Ok”.
  4. “Programs and Features” has to be picked.
  5. Tap on “Uninstall a Program”.
  6. A list of software will be seen. You have to select “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  7. Tap on “Uninstall”. Go through the prompts in case they get displayed on the screen. Execute the prompts in the correct manner.
  8. Open Intuit’s website to get the “QuickBooks Tool Hub”.
  9. Download the tool and visit the location where its file has been stored.
  10. Install the tool and follow the prompts.
  11. Press “I Accept”.
  12. Open your “Desktop”. Then open the tool from there.
  13. Opt for “Installation Issues”.
  14. Opt for the “Clean Install Tool”.
  15. The version of the software has to be chosen. The version should be the same as the previous one.
  16. Press “Continue”.
  17. Wait for the message shown as follows:
    “Please Install Your Copy of QuickBooks to the Default Location”
  18. Press “Ok”.
  19. The folders have to be renamed. In case the software is inaccessible while doing so, please visit the “Task Manager” via the “Taskbar”.
  20. Click on “Processes”.
  21. Look for the column titled “Image Name”.
  22. Choose the following:
  23. Tap “End”.
  24. Wait for receiving a warning message. Then press “Yes”.
  25. Now, place the “QuickBooks Desktop CD”.
  26. Perform the prompts you receive.
  27. Enter the “Product Number” and “License Number” when the installation process is over.
  28. Administer the on-screen prompts again.
  29. Press “Next”.
  30. Choose the installation type and tap on “Next”.
  31. Select “Install”.
  32. Now, launch “QuickBooks Desktop”.

Now, the accounting software should work as good as new without you coming across the problem of QuickBooks has stopped working on Windows 10.

How to Fix the QuickBooks Point of Sale has Stopped Working Error on Windows 10?

On QBPOS, when the software isn’t working, you can start the Intuit entitlement service. Learning to start this service has been made simpler in the following part. Let’s read it.

4.1) Fix 4: Pick an Appropriate Version of the Intuit Entitlement Service on Windows 10

In case QuickBooks 2017 has stopped working on Windows 10, you can choose an appropriate version of the entitlement service of Intuit. For choosing the same, you can type in the command msc in Run and then pick the Intuit Entitlement Service V8. You can enter this service’s Properties by right-tapping on it. After clicking on Startup Type, you can opt for Automatic (Delayed Start). This is followed by starting the preferred services.

  1. First, ensure that QuickBooks Point of Sale is not open. In case it is running, then close it.
  2. Now, let’s open “Run”. Use the keys mentioned as follows for opening it.
    “Windows” key + “R” key
  3. Write “msc” in “Run”.
  4. Either press “Ok” or the “Enter” key.
  5. Click on “Intuit Entitlement Service V8”.
  6. Right-tap on the version.
  7. Now, access the “Properties”.
  8. Click on the dropdown for “Startup Type”.
  9. “Automatic (Delayed Start)” has to be preferred.
  10. In case the service hasn’t started, press “Start” to launch the service.
  11. Then press “Ok”.
  12. Exit the window of “Properties”.
  13. Also, exit the window of “Services”.
  14. Launch “QuickBooks Point of Sale” once again.

In a Nutshell

We hope that the fixes given above by our skilled team helped you in dealing well with the problem. Accomplishing the primary objective of the blog, we’ll advise that you always remember these fixes. If at all this problem is seen again in future, you’ll be able to fix it in less time.

Also, consider reading the ideal fixes to resolve the QuickBooks error H202 with the complete instructions available. For coming out of a situation in which you don’t remember the password of your company files, the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool will help you. Click here to learn the usage of this tool.

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2 years ago

I was scared when my QuickBooks program stopped working suddenly. Luckily I came across this blog and solved the error easily.