Resolving QuickBooks Error PS060 while Using Payroll Service

Errorgenie-How to fix QuickBooks Error PS060

Issues relating to a payroll subscription are seen when the QuickBooks error PS060 shows up. Payroll is a part of the software that can simplify multiple processes for companies or business owners. Hence, subscribing to it is important. On the contrary, when the subscription is problematic or has expired, this payroll error PS060 may come up. In some instances, it may be accompanied by the message “Current Enhanced Payroll Service is Unavailable”.

Other than this, some issues in your computer may also trigger the problem. The occurrence of this error or its message will hinder your work. In addition, your payroll tasks may also receive an impact. Given the scenario, company owners would want to maintain a flow in their processes. Therefore, the fixes to this QB error should be looked into, depending on the root of the problem.

Reasons behind QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060

The inability to renew your subscription to QuickBooks Payroll is the main reason why the error PS060 may come to the surface. Without subscribing, the feature may neither work nor let you access your payroll-related information. 

Aside from this reason, such an error can make way for its presence because of these too:

  • A user may have enabled the auto-renew option for this subscription. However, the card details needed to go ahead with the payment may be incorrect.
  • Intuit’s platform may be dealing with server-related problems. Thus, you may find the PS060 error.
  • Certain services/features of the software may be blocked. This can happen due to a third-party program on your PC.
  • You can find the issue in QuickBooks Desktop too. It arises specifically when the software version is not updated and is probably 3 or more years old.

How do I fix QuickBooks Error PS060?

The QuickBooks payroll error PS060 can be fixed by removing browser-related problems. This can be done by adding the correct settings as well as deleting the temporary files. Other than this, you can rely on Intuit’s server to be up and start working. With such measures applied, the PS060 error code in QB will be resolved. 

Fix 1: Remove Internet Problems by Correcting Settings

It is common to change the settings of your browser. Sometimes though, this can lead to QuickBooks payroll errors like PS060 when the software is launched online. Finding the fault in the settings is a time-consuming process. For a simpler fix, you can resort to the restoration of the default settings. With a browser like Internet Explorer, the fix can be more impactful. 

  • Run “” via “Internet Explorer”.
  • Then you can go to “Tools” on the browser.
  • Tap on “Internet Options”.
  • Go to “Advanced”.
  • Find a feature that says “Reset/Restore Defaults”.
  • Hit the “Apply” tab.
  • Afterward, please press “Ok”.

The fix may not work and the QuickBooks error PS060 may still show when Google is unable to load in step 1. While you try to run the site of Google, in case any internet problem arises, please check whether the network’s settings are properly configured. After you ensure this, you can try this fix again. The payroll error may hopefully be removed then.

Fix 2: Delete IE Junk Files

Junk or temporary files get collected as you use Internet Explorer. The browser may also be a preferred choice of users for running QB. The collection of these files, in that case, may cause interference in the software. That is why you may find the QuickBooks payroll error PS060 when using IE. The sooner you remove these files, the faster this payroll error will be troubleshot.

  • Assuming that IE is open, please enter the tab called “Tools”.
  • Then you have to move to “Internet Options”.
  • After this, please proceed to “General”.
  • From the said tab, locate the section called “Browsing History”.
  • Here, you will see “Delete”. Press this button.
  • Choose all the options given below:
    • “Temporary Internet Files”
    • “Website Files”
  • Hit the option of “Delete”.
  • Then you can press “Ok”.

Now that the junk files will no longer reside in Internet Explorer or IE, you may start the accounting software. Please use the payroll feature. Verify whether or not the PS060 has been fixed.

Fix 3: Wait for Intuit Server to Respond

One of the causes of the error PS060 is a server problem on the part of Intuit. The accounting software is featured via this platform. Therefore, it is important to understand that the PS060 payroll issue may be encountered when Intuit’s server is itself not responding or is unavailable. Presuming that this is the actual cause, you can only wait till the time the server starts working.

Below, is how you can ascertain that the QuickBooks error PS060 is emerging because the server is hinted at:

  • Visit the website of Intuit. Find out whether you are able to access it.
  • Switch between browsers and then try to access the said website.
  • Use a different device or system to be certain that the site of Intuit is loading.

Following implementing all of these, should the site not respond or be inaccessible, then it can be said for certain that the server is problematic. Hence, the error or its message may be coming up in QB.

How to Resolve Error PS060 in QuickBooks Desktop?

You may attempt to resolve the PS060 error in QBDT by using the correct payment information for auto-renewal. Otherwise, you can add fresh details every time you wish to subscribe to the payroll feature. Running QuickBooks Desktop’s recent version is also suggested. It can go a long way in preventing problems like the issue of PS060 in QuickBooks Desktop.

You can learn the additional details of both fixes by reading further.

Fix 1: Get the Latest QBDT Version

Intuit releases versions for QB so that the users can access advanced features and be more convenient on the whole. Speaking of QuickBooks Desktop, versions are available for this as well. Instances, wherein users keep using the old versions of QBDT, show that the end result is a problem like the error code PS060 in QuickBooks Desktop. By comprehending this, it can be a feasible suggestion to get the latest version available for the accounting software. On using the payroll feature via this version, the PS060 error may not bother the users.

Fix 2: Verify the Details of Your Credit Card

Users may commonly prefer their credit cards to purchase a QuickBooks payroll subscription. Entering all the details of the card every time the subscription has to be renewed can be inconvenient for some of them. Therefore, the accounting software lets the users enable auto-renewal. The feature can work well when the card details have not been replaced with any incorrect details. 

Given that the details now comprise any piece of incorrect information, the subscription shall not be renewed. Hence, payroll errors like PS060 may arise. For a reason like this one, verification of this information is vital.

When you are using QuickBooks Desktop, you can remove the payroll error by verifying the details in the following manner:

  • Enter the window for “Product & Services” in QBDT.
  • Then you have to choose the payroll feature for which you have a subscription.
  • Please navigate to “Billing Information”.
  • In this step, view “Payment Method”. Press “Edit” given near this.
  • Add all the details associated with your credit card or the payment way chosen.
  • Review and save these details.
  • Now, you can push “Close”.

At the end of this, it is essential to find out that the QB Payroll subscription has been renewed. As it starts working, the error PS060 in QuickBooks Desktop will stop making its presence.

Tip: The PS060 error or its message can additionally occur when you are adding a credit card incorrectly. Therefore, when you add your credit card account in QuickBooks, it will be an excellent idea to review the information. As this is done, the right details will be utilized for making payments associated with the features of QB. In one way then, you will also be able to prevent this error.

Things to Remember before Troubleshooting PS060 in QuickBooks

An internet service that works without flaws, interruptions, or stability issues is a key requirement for fixing the QuickBooks error PS060. When this is not ensured by a user, the error may not be resolved. Furthermore, new issues may be witnessed. 

There are additional points too that the user should keep in mind. Let us look at these below:

  • Prefer the Single-user Mode of the software. The preference should be particularly made when you are updating the payroll service or QBDT.
  • Opt for Internet Explorer to fix this payroll issue with more ease.
  • See to it that you have all the details or information needed to renew your subscription.
  • The following needs to be correctly set on your system:
    • Date
    • Time

Words in Summation

QuickBooks payroll errors like PS060 send an indication that there is an issue with your subscription. With reference to the causes of PS060, its non-renewal can be majorly responsible for its presence. By knowing the other causes too, you can deal more effectively with the QB error. The issue is likely to be resolved faster when the fix chosen aims at removing the cause from its roots.

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Alyce Dennis
Alyce Dennis
1 year ago

quite hard to imagine quickbooks going wrong because of internet issues! i checked the settings but they seemed fine. Nevertheless the quickbooks error ps060 was just there, interfering my work. anyway i restored the settings and also cleared the cache to fix it.

Marilyn P. Adams
Marilyn P. Adams
1 year ago

Believe it or not but several times I’ve got this ps060 payroll error when the subscription ended. I get the service renewed quickly now to prevent QuickBooks Payroll error ps060. I still feel something is wrong the software. I might get it checked by professionals just in case something else is causing it.