QuickBooks Abort Error- Easy Steps to Fix it


The inability to access a company file can mean that the QuickBooks abort error has occurred. Possibly known as error 1 too, this will further mean that because the file is inaccessible, it can neither be used nor its contents can be changed. Thus, due to the error, your actions will be aborted. This abort error can be a result of Windows-related problems. Other than this, the software may not be working in the absence of any updates. More such causes can increase the chance of this error or its message in QuickBooks. When you set out to resolve this error, you should also ensure whether the multi-user mode is problematic. With the main things taken care of, the aborting issue can be fixed.

Why does QuickBooks Keep Aborting?

QuickBooks is software that supports the multi-user mode. For companies, this is of great use as work on the files can be done faster and with more ease. Sometimes, however, when QuickBooks keeps aborting in multi-user mode, it can be assumed that the feature may not be functioning as usual. Hence, in this particular mode, the error may often impose challenges.

These causes can also help you understand why the accounting software application may keep aborting your actions:

  • Damages or problems may exist in your operating system, Windows, in particular.
  • There may be damage existing in your file.
  • Files such as QBWUSER.ini may have gone missing.
  • You may not have updated QuickBooks for a long time.
  • QuickBooks-related hardware bugs may cause the software to abort the actions in regard to your file.
  • Any interference from Firewall/antivirus may lead to the problem.
  • A corrupted hard drive can be the source of problems like the QuickBooks aborting application issue.

How can I fix QuickBooks Abort Error Message?

You can try fixing the abort error by turning off the multi-user mode. To access your file without any error, you can ensure that its name is correctly saved. With tools like QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, a user may easily troubleshoot such an error. At times, turning off the system’s Firewall or antivirus may help in resolving the abort error in QuickBooks.

Including these, the details of more fixes are provided below.

Fix 1: Disable Access to Multi-User Mode

When the multi-user mode has been turned on, users from various systems may access the company files. Any interruptions in the processor in these systems may affect the files. Hence, the QuickBooks abort error may be seen. You can simply restrict access to this mode for as long as the error does not get resolved.

  • In QuickBooks, tap on “File”.
  • Then you can head to “Utilities”.
  • From here, please find “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access”. Hit the option.
  • Then click on the box next to “Open a File in Multi-User Mode”.
  • Run the accounting software as usual.
  • Try opening a company file.
  • Perform certain actions on this file or make changes to it.
  • In case these actions or changes are successful, the QuickBooks keeps aborting in multi-user mode problem will have been resolved.

After you turn off this mode and the error is still found, it is possible that this feature may not be working correctly. Therefore, you can first fix the issue of QuickBooks not working in multi-user mode and then mend the abort error.

Fix 2: Change the Name of QBWUSER.ini

QBWUSER.ini is an important file of the software. It is vital that its name is correctly entered. On not ensuring the same, the file may not work. Thus, in an attempt to use it, you may run into the error 1 error aborting issue in QuickBooks. By changing the name of this file, you can expect the error to go away. Thereafter, this file can smoothly run.

  • Unhide the folder in which the “QBWUSER.ini” file is placed.
  • Then visit this folder on your Windows system.
  • Access the file. Right-tap on it and pick “Rename”.
  • Behind the name, insert “.old”.
  • While you do so, also find the file called “EntitlementDataStore.ecml”. Likewise, rename it.
  • Launch a QuickBooks company file.
  • Find out whether or not the error 1 abort issue is occurring. Then you can end the fix here.

Note: On finding that the QuickBooks abort error 1 is still prevailing, change this file’s location. It will be better to place it in a new local folder individually. After this, check the error one more time.

Fix 3: Aim for QuickBooks Restoration

Certain users may backup QuickBooks to flash drives or other such devices. This measure can prove to be immensely advantageous when problems like abort errors are seen in QuickBooks. Mainly, this is due to the reason that the backup can be utilized for restoring the version of the software which was not displaying the QuickBooks abort error message.

Thus, when you get the backed-up version of QuickBooks, you can access your files using the same. As you make changes to your files, your actions may not be aborted any furthermore.

Fix 4: Launch QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

For an error like the aborting issue, or its message, you can implement the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. It is suitable for detecting why the error is occurring. Based on the detection process, you can repair the QuickBooks aborting application error. However, ensure that when the tool is running, no other programs are open on your system.

  • Via the official source, get “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool”.
  • Open it from the saved location, following its complete installation.
  • Make use of the instructions provided by the tool for the aborting application issue’s detection.
  • Then let the tool fix the problem.

As the tool’s functioning comes to a halt, you can run the accounting software application. Open one of its files. If the abort error is no longer visible, then the tool will have dissolved it with success.

Fix 5: Turn off Antivirus

When you see the QuickBooks abort message, you may suspect your antivirus to be the leading cause. This is possible because antivirus programs may affect the applications on your PC in the process of functioning. You can simply do away with the error message by turning off the antivirus. Keep in mind that you temporarily turn it off.

Note: Before you implement this fix, please start over your system. In case this is not done, the programs running on your PC, currently, may prevent the effect of this fix. As a tip, you may also turn off Windows Firewall for the same reason.

Fix 6: Utilizing Quick Fix my Program

At times, you may see the connection to the software being lost. This can hint at some error in the accounting software itself which may also produce a message. When it does not get fixed, this software will start aborting actions on opening company files. Here, the fix to implement is in the form of the Quick Fix my Program. It will identify the software-related issues. Afterward, the QuickBooks connection has been lost abort is expected to be troubleshot.

Note: Before you use this program, please exit QuickBooks. Completely close it and then start it again.

  • For using “Quick Fix my Program”, please get the following:
    • “QuickBooks Tool Hub”
  • Moving on, open this program’s file to run it.
  • Enter the tab that says “Program Problems”.
  • From here, you have to come to “Quick Fix my Program”.

Let this program do its task. You will be required to use the accounting software once the task is over. The QuickBooks abort error message indicating that the connection is lost should not appear now.

Fix 7: Verification of Your Company File

It is always good to ensure whether there are any issues or damages in your company file. For this reason, its verification is suggested. In case you have not verified it as of now, this can hint at why QuickBooks keeps aborting. For this verification to happen, you can use the utility called Verify Data in the accounting Software.

  • See the “File” tab in the software and choose it.
  • Then you have to opt for “Utilities”.
  • The option will help you see “Verify Data”. This is to be pressed.
  • To continue, tap on “Ok”.

Wait for some time until the verification process is complete. The software may tell you what the issue with the file is. According to that, you can opt for further repairs or measures. Later on, when the issue has been fixed, the abort error in QuickBooks will not occur. Hence, QuickBooks will stop aborting your actions.

Tip: In the “Utilities” option, you can also find “Rebuild Data”. Assuming that file verification did not yield any successful results, then choosing this option will be recommended.

In Summation

The abort error can be largely problematic as it may prevent you from doing what you wish to do with your files. Understanding how important it is to use your company files, certain tools and programs are available to fix the QuickBooks abort error. Knowing how they have to be used when the error occurs will make it convenient to face the situation.

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