How to Update QuickBooks to Latest Release(2022) in all Versions?

How to Update QuickBooks to Latest Release(2021) in all Versions

Keeping QuickBooks updated can be great for your business. With the accounting software being updated, you can administer your business tasks with great speed and no flaws. If you wish to learn how to update QuickBooks or any of its versions, then we’ll be pleased to accompany you in doing that. We have tons of methods for updating QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, and QuickBooks Pro/Premier in Multi-user Mode. Additionally, we can help you update QuickBooks 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 to the latest release available. We’ll be using different ways like the automatic and manual approaches to update it.

Methods to Update QuickBooks

Browse through 3 interesting methods to get the updates for QuickBooks. The initial method will show you how to automatically get the updates. As you move to the next method, you will learn to immediately download these updates. In the last method, you’ll get to download these updates via the internet.

How to Update QuickBooks by Enabling the Automatic Update Option?

In QuickBooks, you will find an option for enabling the updates to get automatically downloaded. To access this option, you can click on Help and opt for Update QuickBooks. A window will open. You can pick Options in that window. After this, you’ve to press Yes. QuickBooks will now automatically receive the updates.

  • Launch “QuickBooks”.
  • Enter the menu of “Help”.
  • Select the option of “Update QuickBooks”.
Update QuickBooks by Enabling the Automatic Update Option
  • When the window of “Update QuickBooks” opens, select “Options”.
  • Click on “Yes” for turning on the automatic update option.
  • Then press “Save” and exit the software.

Remember: In case you wish to turn off the option to automatically update QuickBooks, you can press “No”. You should know that even after turning off the option, messages will be received by you for updating the service in case you wish to.

Update QuickBooks to the Latest Release via the Immediate Update Method

We know an immediate update method that will get the QuickBooks update downloaded in less time. For initiating this method, you can run the software and visit Help. Then you have to pick Update QuickBooks as well as Update Now. You can opt for the updates that you require and then hit a click on Get Updates.

Let us now head to the other steps by reading further.

  • Start “QuickBooks”.
  • The “Help” menu will be visible. Click on it.
  • Now, choose “Update QuickBooks“.
  • After that, visit the tab titled “Update Now”.
  • Now, pick all the updates which have to be downloaded.
  • Then push the “Get Updates“ button.
  • In case you wish to get more information concerning these updates, you can head to the column titled “Updates”. Then click on the link for “Maintenance Releases”. You will be directed to the “Changes” or “Improvements” page for knowing all the details.
  • Close “QuickBooks”.
  • Now, restart “QuickBooks”.
  • A window will emerge for installing the updates either now or at a later point. You can press “Yes” or “Install Now”.
  • In the last step, you have to restart your system after installing the updates.

Remember: It will be crucial to reinstall each update starting from the earliest date of the release to the latest one. In case you skip this and directly reinstall the accounting software, certain problems may arise in the QuickBooks company file. These problems can even cause your file to receive damages and may not open.

How to Download QuickBooks Update via the Internet?

In case you don’t know how to update QuickBooks to the latest release via the internet, this method should be opted for. You can simply visit the Downloads & Updates page of QB. Then you can input your Country, Product, and the Version of QuickBooks. You can search for the updates and press the button to download them.

  • Head to the QuickBooks “Downloads & Updates” page.
  • Click on the dropdown of “Select Country” and pick your country.
  • Tap the dropdown of “Select Product”. Then choose the product.
  • Now, the dropdown of “Select Version” has to be picked. Then click on the version of the software.
  • Then press “Search”.
  • Click on “Get Updates”.
QuickBooks Update via the Internet
  • The downloaded file has to be saved in a convenient location.
  • Launch the file after it gets downloaded.
  • After the file has been launched, the update has to be installed.
  • Lastly, restart your PC.

Remember: In case you wish to install the updates via a manual approach on your network, you can use another system for accessing the installation file on your system. Alternatively, you can also make use of a flash drive.

Methods for Updating QuickBooks Desktop

Moving forward to updating QuickBooks Desktop, we have got 4 great methods you can follow. These methods will help you in updating QuickBooks Desktop, Enterprise, and QB Desktop for Mac. These methods will be different based on the software’s version.

How Do I Manually Update QuickBooks Desktop?

Here is a method that will help you learn how to update QuickBooks Desktop by following a manual approach. To manually do it, you can leave your Company File as well as the accounting software. Then you have to run the software as the administrator. You can visit the Help menu in the No Company Open window. Here, the option to update QuickBooks will be found.

  • Exit the “QuickBooks Company File”.
  • Now, leave “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Right-tap on the icon of “QuickBooks Desktop”. Choose “Run as Administrator”.
  • In the screen titled “No Company Open”, click on the “Help Menu”.
Manually Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • Now, opt for “Update the QuickBooks”.
  • Enter the tab titled “Option”.
  • Click on the option of “Mark All”.
  • Then press “Save”.
  • Visit the tab called “Update Now”.
  • Choose “Reset Update Box”.
  • Click on “Get Update”.
  • Soon you will receive a message stating that the update is complete. After receiving it, please exit “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Now, open “QuickBooks Desktop” once again.
  • In case a message stating “Install Update” is received, please press “Yes”.
  • Wait for the updates to be completely installed.
  • Then start over your system.

How can I Update QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to its Latest Version?

For updating QB Desktop Enterprise, you need to follow a series of steps. These steps will be inclusive of checking that your company file is fit for updating. Then you’ll have to install the accounting software’s latest version on your server. After that, the settings of the network and server have to be configured. This will be followed by removing the older version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Lastly, you can install the latest version on each of the workstations.

  • First, check that the “QB Company File” is ready to be updated. For this, sign in to the software as an administrator. This account will have a password.
  • Access the menu of “Company”.
  • Select “Users”.
  • Click on “Edit the Admin User”.
  • Edit the file’s name by removing the special characters and input “.qbw” as the extension.
  • Now, exit “QuickBooks”. Then start it over.
  • In the “Window” menu, click on “Close All”.
  • Click on “File”. Then opt for “Utilities” as well as “Verify Data”.
  • The message “QuickBooks Detected No Problems with Your Data File” will be seen. If there is an issue, you will be instructed to fix it and verify your data.
  • Exit every program, as well as the antivirus, that is running on your PC.
  • Click twice on the file that was just downloaded. Then click on “Server Install”.
  • Now, opt for “Database Server and QuickBooks Application”.

Remember: The update should be installed over the “QuickBooks” previous version in case you have got a server only. In case you have the complete program in addition to the QB Database Manager, the update can be installed over the former version or you can have both versions.

  • Use the directions shown on the display for installing the file.

Tip: In case any error message is found while installing the file, rebooting your PC and reinstalling the file should help.

  • In QuickBooks new version, launch the company file.
  • Now, you have to be logged in as the administrator. Your file will be backed up before getting the updates. Open your file afterward.

Tip: You may uninstall the software’s older version by opening the “Control Panel”. You can find the version in “Add or Remove Programs”. Then you can uninstall it by using the on-screen directions.

  • For configuring the settings of the server and network, go to “Programs” in “Start”.
  • Choose “QuickBooks” as well as “QuickBooks Database Manager”.
  • Choose “Scan Folders”. The folder where your file has been stored has to be added. Then this folder has to be scanned.
  • You can leave the “Database Server Manager” now.
  • For installing the software’s latest version on every workstation, first, remove its old version. Go to “Settings” in “Start”.
  • Choose “Add or Remove Programs” in the “Control Panel”. Find the old version here and remove it. You can follow the visible directions to remove it.
  • Now, download the recent version available for “QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise”.
  • Stop running programs. Also, stop the antivirus.
  • When the file gets downloaded, press it twice.
  • Click on “Server Install”.
  • Choose “Database Server and QuickBooks Application”.
  • Click on “Express”.
  • Tap on “Select the Custom and Network”.
  • Pick “I’ll be Using QuickBooks on this Computer, but the Company File will be Located on a Different Computer”.
  • Using the displayed prompts, complete the installation. Then launch your file in the software’s latest version.
  • Ensure that you’re logged in as the administrator and let your file back up.

How Do I Manually Update QuickBooks Desktop for Mac?

Moving to the third method, let’s check out how you can get the QuickBooks update downloaded on Mac. Before getting the update, you can do away with QB’s older version. Then you can visit QuickBooks Product updates and obtain the new version. You can choose the version of the software that you require and then use the Installer file for continuing ahead.

  • Remove the software’s older version. Ensure that it gets completely uninstalled.
  • Reinstall a new version of the software. For this, you can go to the link for “QuickBooks Product Updates”.
  • Pick the version of “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Now, get the “Installer” file downloaded to your system.
  • Click twice on the “.dmg” file that has been downloaded.
  • Next, the icon of “QuickBooks Desktop” has to be downloaded to the folder of “Applications”. After this, you can start installing it.

How to Update QuickBooks Desktop for Mac via the In-product Update Method?

You can also use the in-product update method to find out how to update QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. To start, you can run the software and head to its dropdown menu. You’ll come across an option stating Check for QuickBooks Updates. If the updates are available, you can receive them by tapping on the Install & Update option.

  • In “QuickBooks Desktop for Mac”, press the dropdown menu.
  • Choose “Check for QuickBooks Updates”.
  • In case a new version of the software is available, press “Install & Update”.
  • An alert may be received for installing and relaunching the software. You can finish the updates. After this, QuickBooks will get auto-launched.

How to Update QuickBooks Pro/Premier in Multi-user Mode?

In case you’re using QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier and it is running in multi-user mode, then the updates will have to be installed on each computer. We’ll suggest that you first establish an internet connection on each computer and then go ahead with installing the updates. Alternatively, you can first install the updates on any one of the systems. After that, you can share the updates. The procedure to do so has been shown as follows:

  • Launch a shared QB company file.
  • Click on “Help”.
  • Select the “Update QuickBooks” option.
  • Opt for “Options”.
  • Then tap on “Yes”.
  • In the final step, press “Yes”.

Remember: These steps will enable you in sharing the updates you have downloaded to every computer. By default, the updates will be downloaded to the company file’s location in case the sharing option has been enabled by you. Also, note that the updates can be found via the directory as well as the folder wherein the accounting software’s copy has been placed. After this, the recently released updates can be installed for your file.

How to Update QuickBooks in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 2021 Versions?

If you’re using QuickBooks 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, or 2020, 2022 you can enter the Help Menu to find the option for updating the software. Followed by this, you can select Options from the window that opens. Afterward, you can press Yes to confirm your action.

  • Run “QuickBooks“.
  • Tap on “Help“.
  • The “Update QuickBooks” option has to be chosen.
  • Choose “Options” in the window of “Update QuickBooks“.
  • Now, press “Yes“.

Everything Considered

It feels great to help our readers whenever they need any kind of assistance concerning QuickBooks. Today, we helped you out with several methods for updating QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, and many other versions of the Intuit software. We shared with you different ways of updating the software. You learned the usage of the internet, automatic update option, immediate update option, in-product update option, etc., for getting the updates. We believe that you found these methods really interesting and worth administering. Keep coming back to our site for more useful methods and fixes.

Common FAQs on How to Update QuickBooks to Latest Release

How to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop with Subscription?

When you launch QuickBooks, a notice will appear if a new version is available. We make upgrading simple for you.
⦁ If you want to upgrade then select Upgrade Now.
⦁ If you want to keep your old version then select keep my old version
⦁ Then Choose Let’s Go (The Upgrade may take some time.)
⦁ After that QuickBooks Downloads, and Install.
⦁ When the Upgrade is Done then select Open QuickBooks.

How to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop without a subscription?

Don’t worry if you don’t see a message to update. It indicates that you bought QuickBooks one time.  With the help of a simple upgrade tool, you can upgrade your QuickBooks. 
⦁ Select Upgrade QuickBooks under Help.
⦁ Then click Upgrade, After choosing the version you wish to upgrade to.
⦁ If you want to keep your current Version you can choose Keep old version on my computer. 
⦁ Now Select Let’s go,
⦁ The updated version of QuickBooks is downloaded, installed, and activated for you. 

How to update QuickBooks 2022 Using the Discovery Hub?

⦁ Open the Discovery Hub,
⦁ Choose Upgrade to QuickBooks 2022
⦁ Choose to Upgrade anyway
⦁ If you wish to keep your old version of QuickBooks then Choose to Keep the old version on my computer if you want both versions. Otherwise, leave it empty.
⦁ When finished, then Select Open QuickBooks.

Does QuickBooks need to be updated every year?

No, It’s not compulsory to update QuickBooks Every Year. Most of the users are still using old versions.

Does it cost to update QuickBooks?

No, It’s Free. You will see the notification that an Update is available when you launch QuickBooks.

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