Where is the Plus Icon in QuickBooks Desktop/Online and How Does It Work?

Plus Icon in QuickBooks

QuickBooks comes with efficient accounting features and tools that help you to manage your business easily and keep the financial records updated. With highly advanced features, one can perform difficult tasks with ease. One of the helpful features is Quick Create which can be seen as a Plus (+) sign. Most users have this question “where is the plus icon in QuickBooks?”. If you have the same question, you will get the navigation of this feature through this guide.

Besides highlighting where is the plus icon in QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, we will talk about how this feature (Quick Create) works. In case you are unable to find the Plus sign in your QuickBooks account, we will provide a couple of methods to solve the problem.

What is a Plus Sign Icon in QuickBooks?

Quick Create is one of the helpful features of QuickBooks. This feature helps you to perform certain tasks instantly. For instance, you can have access to invoices, expenses, credit memes, vendor credits, and more from this plus icon. As a result, it makes your task happen quickly while consuming less time. This should also be noted that to use this feature, you will have to complete a security validation.

The Quick Create feature also helps users to manage the account and data. If you are a newbie and are not aware of QuickBooks features then this feature will help you navigate through QuickBooks.

If you are wondering where is the plus icon in QuickBooks 2018 or other versions, we will enlighten you in detail.

Where is the Plus Icon in QuickBooks Online?

As you log in to your QuickBooks, the first page that displays is your homepage. We can also call it QuickBooks Dashboard(QuickBooks Dashboard Not Loading). From here, you can overview your business. In addition, you can keep track of the income and expenses and check which clients require a reminder when the payment is overdue. All in all, you can perform a day-to-day view of the bank balances. By connecting the credit card account and bank account, users can download the transaction into QuickBooks.

Plus icon in QuickBooks

If you notice the top right corner of the screen, it shows QuickBooks Navigation in four different icons. The very first icon (Plus icon). As you click on it, you will see four different categories, i.e., Customers, Employees, Vendors, and Others. Each category has different navigation features including the invoice, expense, pay bills, and more. From here, you can access multiple features just by clicking on the plus icon.

How Does Quick Create Feature Work?

As stated earlier, the Quick Create feature serves different purposes. If you are wondering what this feature does, you can have a look at the following details to know its benefits:

  • The Quick Create feature can be used to easily communicate with the customers.
  • By using this feature, you can create a credit memo, refund receipts or reports, and delayed credit receipts for the sales.
  • This feature also helps you in updating and receiving accounts along with in-depth details in no time.
  • If required, you can keep the vendor list updated using the Quick Create feature.
  • With the help of this feature, you can keep the bills, expenses, vendor credits, payments, credit cards, dues, and advances updated. This way you can access them easily.
  • This feature also helps you to keep a record of the business data. It also reduces the chances of the wrong entries.
  • Quick Create feature also increases more accuracy of tracking the company expenses. This will help you to keep the correct set of salaries of each employee along with other benefits to the employees.

Similarly, you can perform other tasks related to your business and manage the accounts and data in an organized way. QuickBooks provides a wide range of features to choose from and add the account under each category.

What If the Plus Icon is Not Working in QuickBooks Online?

Although the plus icon helps you to access the features quickly, you can still find some difficulties while using it. For instance, you may not be able to find the plus icon or the icon is not clickable. This may happen due to browser cache. Thus, you should try using QuickBooks Online in incognito mode.

To sign in to your QuickBooks account in a private window, you can try on the key combinations. In the following discussion, you will find a number of key combinations for different browsers. You can use these keys depending on the browser you are using currently.

  • Internet Explorer can press Ctrl + Shift + P keys together to open incognito mode.
  • In the Google Chrome browser, you can use Ctrl + Shift + N keys.
  • Safari users can press the Command + Shift + N keys to use the private window.
  • In Mozilla Firefox, you can use the Ctrl + Shift + P keys together.
Control shift

Once you access the private window, you can browse QuickBooks Online and log in to the account to access QuickBooks features. If it works smoothly then you can clear the browser cache and cookies to solve the problem.

In a Nutshell

QuickBooks serves amazing features to ease your accounting tasks while saving your time. If you click on the plus icon, you can have access to multiple features available in QuickBooks. If you are wondering where is the plus icon on the toolbar in QuickBooks, you should log in to the QuickBooks account and go to the top right of your screen. The first icon will let you create invoices, credit memos, refund receipts, access pay bills, and more. In case you face any difficulties while accessing this feature, we have also given you some troubleshooting steps.

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