How to Fix QuickBooks has Stopped Working Correctly Problem or Database Server Error?

How to fix if Quickbooks Stopped Working and Not Responding

Has your computer been automatically shutting down? Is your system’s screen freezing plenty of times? In case such symptoms are being observed while using or installing QuickBooks, something may be bugging the software. Consequently, QuickBooks may not work. The QuickBooks has stopped working error can be the result of several conditions. To improve the performance of this accounting software, we have established certain fixes that you can trust. Whether you are a user of QuickBooks or QuickBooks Desktop, the accounting software of Intuit will start responding and smoothly function. For employing these fixes, you will be provided with every instruction you need.

Possible Problem Caused the Program to Stop Working Correctly in QuickBooks

Causes behind the error of QuickBooks mapi has stopped working, as well as the problematic message generated by it, have been listed as follows:

  • If the company name is too long, the software may not respond.
  • The QBWUSER.INI file being corrupted, damaged or missing, you may see this error.
  • QuickBooks may not work in case the hard drive is corrupted.
  • The programs files may be faulty.
  • The operating system of your computer may have received damages.
  • Conflicting programs is another reason behind the QuickBooks has stopped working 2015 error.
  • There may be a problem with the installation of the software.

How Do I Get Rid of the QuickBooks Has Stopped Working Error?

To deal with a problem like the QuickBooks Database Server Manager has stopped working, you can try any of the fixes shown below. These fixes include running the Install Diagnostic Tool, adding a new admin user for QB, rebooting or restarting your PC, etc.

1. Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to Repair the Software

The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool can be initiated from the tool hub of the software. The QuickBooks Tool Hub carries the option of Program Problems. As you reach this option, you’ll be able to start the install diagnostic tool. The tool will immediately run a process to repair the message “QuickBooks has Stopped Working, a Problem Caused the Program to Stop”.

  • On your system, look for the “QuickBooks Tool Hub”. Then launch it.
  • Pick the “Program Problems” option.
  • The selection of the “QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool” has to be done now.
  • While the tool is running, you are required to wait.
  • Your computer has to be restarted now.
  • Then reopen “QuickBooks”.

Important: In the introduction to this fix, you got to know that the QB Install Diagnostic Tool can run when you have the tool hub on your system. To learn the steps for downloading the tool hub, you can go to the first fix again. You can perform steps 1 to 6.

2. Try Renaming the QBWUSER.ini File on Your system

At times, the QBWUSER.ini file can get damaged due to multiple reasons. This file may be the reason why you are seeing the message “A Problem Caused the Program to Stop Working Correctly in QuickBooks”. Providing a different name to this particular file is the simplest approach you can take for settling the error message.

To change the name of the QBWUSER.ini file, its folder’s location can be traced. By right-clicking on this file, you can include “.old” behind its name.

  • Look for the folder in which the file titled “QBWUSER.ini” has been stored. Use the path given as follows:
    “Location: \Users[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks [Year]”
  • Right-tap on the “QBWUSER.ini” file. Then opt for “Rename”.
  • Include “.old” after the file’s name.
  • Next, change the name of the “EntitlementDataStore.ecml” file.
  • If the program starts running after you have renamed the “QBWUSER.ini” file or “EntitlementDataStore.ecml” file, try to access any sample QuickBooks company file. If you are successful in opening the sample file but the QuickBooks company file which you were originally trying to open is still inaccessible, you can copy and place it in another location or folder. Ensure that you do not copy and store it in the network location.
  • If your QB company file gets opened via its new location, the folder where it was kept earlier may be damaged. It is also possible that the permissions of that folder may be damaged.
  • Try logging into your file now. Also, ensure that there are no damages in the file.
  • Next, restore a former backup of the QuickBooks company file. This step should be done in case of a damaged file.

Important: We hope that QuickBooks start working now and you’re able to open the desired file. However, if the file cannot be accessed even now, then the actual problem may be with the installation of QuickBooks.

3. Make Another Admin User for the QB Software

Some of you may be frequently getting the QuickBooks launcher has stopped working error. In this instance, the best measure for you will be to assign a new admin for QuickBooks. Once this has been administered, reopen the company file using the new admin account. No trouble should be faced now.

4. Access Your Company File Using Another Folder Location

QuickBooks has stopped working when opening the company file. What can I do to fix it?” You can use any other folder location to obtain access to your company file. This error will not bother you then.

Now, if you’re wondering how to access the file from another location, then you can visit the Computer window using a shortcut. You’ll find a file with the extension .qbw. You can locate the file by visiting the network drive. In the C: Drive, you can prepare a copy of your file in a new folder. Soon, you’ll get access to open the desired file.

  • The following keys of the keyboard have to be pushed at the same time.
    “Windows” key + “E” key
  • In the “Computer” window, locate the data file with “.qbw” as its file extension.
  • To locate a file on the network server, visit your network drive where the data file has been saved.
  • Right-clicking on the company file is the fourth step. Then pick “Copy”.
  • Open the “C: Drive”.
  • Add a “New Folder” in the “C: Drive”.
  • The “New Folder” has to be named “QBTEST”.
  • Click-open the “QBTEST” folder and paste your company file in it.
  • Launch QuickBooks. While launching it, press and hold the “CTRL” key.
  • Click on “Restore an Existing Company” via “C:\QBTEST Folder”.
  • Go to the “QBTEST” folder and access the company file.

5. Implement QuickBooks Refresher Tool

Formed by Intuit, the QuickBooks Refresher Tool functions excellently for diagnosing and fixing problems with this software. So, for problems like the QuickBooks Database Server Manager has stopped working error, using this tool will be the best thing to do.

For implementing the QuickBooks Refresher Tool, you’ll need to download it first. After installing it, you can run it to diagnose the issue. Using the same tool, you can fix the issue.

  • To begin, it will be essential to close “QuickBooks”.
  • The “QuickBooks Refresher Tool” has to be downloaded in the second step.
  • Save the file of the “QuickBooks Refresher Tool”.
  • Press “Run” to start the tool.
  • The “QuickBooks Refresher Tool” will diagnose the reason why QuickBooks 2016 has stopped working. Then it will take some time to repair the issue. You are requested to wait.
  • Now, start “QuickBooks”. Use it and ensure whether it is correctly working now.

6. Add New Admin on Windows

If a problem caused the program to stop working correctly in QuickBooks and you’re not sure what exactly that problem is, then you can add a new admin on Windows. Using the account of the new admin, you can visit QuickBooks and use it without facing any troubles.

Making a new admin account is simple. In the Control Panel of Windows, you’ll find an option stating Add or Remove User Accounts. Via Manage Accounts, you can make a new account in just a few steps. You can find these steps as you read further.

  • When your computer is running, head to “Start”.
  • Pick “Control Panel”.
  • Choose the link for “Add or Remove User Accounts”.
  • In “Manage Accounts”, opt for “Create a New Account”.
  • The field of “Account Name” has to be filled in.
  • Click on “Create Admin Account”.
  • Press the button stating “Create Account”.
  • Now, a new admin has been added. Using this admin’s account, you can open QuickBooks. The software will start working and also respond to your commands.

7. Open Windows Firewall via Control Panel and Make Changes

Some users have been seeing the QuickBooks has stopped working 2017 error after installing the updates for Windows 10. If the same is what you are seeing too, then we have incorporated a brilliant fix for you.

Below, we have suggested how you can visit the Advanced Settings of the Windows Firewall via the Control Panel. When you reach there, you can make certain changes. After these changes have been initiated, QuickBooks will start responding.

  • On your Windows 10 computer, locate and open the “Control Panel”.
  • Choose the option of “Windows Firewall”.
  • Tap on “Advanced Settings”.
  • Click on “Outbound Rules”.
  • Enter the tab titled “New Rule”.
  • Click on the checkbox for “Program”.
  • Press “Next”.
  • The path of this program has to be checked by you. Once done, the location of QB has to be copied.
  • Click on “Block the Connection”.
  • Choose “Public, Private or Domain”.
  • Change the name and press “Finish”.

8. Try Restarting/Rebooting Your Computer and Temporarily Turning off Antivirus

The error message “QuickBooks has stopped working 2014” can be done away with by following another simple approach. You can restart your system at first. You can also choose to reboot it instead of restarting it. After restarting or rebooting, the background activities will stop. Then you can run QuickBooks. It should start responding now.

In case you receive no response from the accounting software, turning off your antivirus program will be the next thing to do. The antivirus program has to be turned off only for a temporary time period.

9. Remove the QBWUSER.INI File from Your System

Removing the QBWUSER.INI file from your system will delete every piece of information kept in the list of the company files which were earlier opened by you. Along with this information, the problem of QuickBooks 2011 has stopped working will also get erased from your system.

For starting this fix, you can head to the Organize option and pick Folder and Search via the Computer window. With the help of the Advanced Settings, you can display the hidden files as well as folders. In the C: Drive, you can find the QBWUSER.INI file and delete it.

  • Push the keys mentioned here to get to the “Computer” window:
    “Windows” key + “E” key
  • In “Organize”, choose “Folder and Search”.
  • Click on “View”.
  • Opt for the option of “Advanced Settings”.
  • “Hidden Files and Folders” has to be chosen.
  • Tap on “Show Hidden Files and Folders”.
  • Press “Ok”.
  • Launch “My Computer”.
  • Visit the “C: Drive”.
  • Go to the location mentioned here:
    “C:\Documents and Settings[Your User Name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks[Year]”
  • When you can see the “QBWUSER.INI” file, right-tap on the same. Then select “Delete”.

Important: The QuickBooks software will auto-create a fresh “QBWUSER.INI” file.

  • Now, visit “QuickBooks”.

The QuickBooks 2011 stopped working error shouldn’t persist after the twelfth step has been performed.

How Do I Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Desktop has Stopped Working Error?

In case the setup exe has stopped working when installing QuickBooks Desktop or while using it, you can employ 2 measures to fix it. These include the usage of the Quick Fix My Program and reinstalling the accounting software by performing a clean installation. Let us now know their guidelines.

1. Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop via Clean Installation

With the help of the clean install tool, you can uninstall as well as reinstall QuickBooks Desktop. When you reinstall the software, you will get a QuickBooks version with the latest update. As you start using this version, problems like QuickBooks has stopped working after login or its Database Server Manager isn’t working will not take place.

2. Launch Quick Fix My Program Using QuickBooks Tool Hub

While you try to run QuickBooks Desktop, if you receive an error informing that the software has stopped working, then the Quick Fix My Program is what you can count on. The QuickBooks Tool Hub comes packed with this program. So, to implement it, downloading the tool hub is recommended. Then you can open, install, and start the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file. In Program Problems, the option to start Quick Fix My Program will be located.

  • Check that “QuickBooks” isn’t open.
  • Now, get the “QuickBooks Tool Hub” downloaded.
  • Store the downloaded file of the tool hub on either “Windows Desktop” or in the “Downloads” folder.
  • Go to the “Windows Desktop”/”Downloads” folder. Find and access the “QuickBooksToolHub.exe” file.
  • Installing the tool hub is the next step. You will receive the instructions on the display for this purpose. Follow them.
  • After you’re done with the installation part, tap two times on the icon of “QuickBooks Tool Hub”. You will find it on the “Desktop”. You can also find this tool in the Windows “Start Menu” and launch it from there.

Important: Some of the QuickBooks users may have the tool hub on their Windows computers. Downloading the tool once again may not be necessary. Using an updated version of the software will, however, be helpful. Visit the “QuickBooks Tool Hub”. Press “Home”. At the lower-right, look for the tool hub’s version. You can also press “About” to check the same. In case the version isn’t the latest one, get the updates.

  • Visit the tool hub and click on “Program Problems”.
  • The “Quick Fix My Program” has to be opted for.

Important: When the “Quick Fix My Program” has been started, every process running in the background which is essential for QuickBooks will be closed. A process to quickly repair the problem will be started.

  • Then visit “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Access the data file.

For certain, the error message “QuickBooks has Stopped Working 2017” won’t appear after the tenth step has been done.

Moving Towards the End

Providing you with guidance for the technical problems you face is what we always promise. For the problem of QuickBooks not responding or stopped working, the fixes we displayed above will have eliminated any bugs in the accounting software. For certain, QuickBooks or QuickBooks Desktop will now be working with no issues whatsoever.

Our readers are also fond of our fixes for troubleshooting the QuickBooks H202 error. We are sure that you too will love these fixes and methods. Click now to read them all!

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