QuickBooks Password Reset Tool: Simple Procedures to Download and Use it

QuickBooks Password Reset Tool Guide

For maintaining a number of accounts, having a password becomes essential. More essential than that is to remember every password. The same is the case for the QuickBooks company files. For accessing these files, the correct password is needed. Sometimes the user may lose or forget the right password. Occurrences like these have been taking place for long. Overcoming such occurrences, the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool was introduced.

Emerging to be very effective, the Automated Password Reset Tool of QuickBooks or QuickBooks Desktop can be correctly used when you have the procedures you need. With the expertly crafted procedures shown here, you can learn the complete usage of the tool in a short duration.

What is QuickBooks Password Reset Tool?

One of the highly functional tools, the Automated Password Reset Tool of QuickBooks has been made to help you out in situations wherein you have lost or can’t remember your password. The users of this accounting software would know that for accessing the company files, knowing the correct password is required. When the correct password isn’t present with you, this tool can be installed on your system. The features of this tool are such that you can conveniently form a new password for the QuickBooks company files.

For using this password reset tool, information like postcode, license number, phone number, contact number, etc., is essential. Once this information is with you, the tool will provide you with a verification form. As you reach the final step of the verification, your new password for the file will be ready.

How to Use QB Automated Password Reset Tool?

Restoring access to all your company files of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Desktop, we’ll help you reset the password. We have devised 2 methods to get the QuickBooks 2008 Password Reset Tool downloaded and utilized on your computer. Now, let’s grow your knowledge of the tool with these step-by-step methods!

Method 1: How Do I Use the Automated Password Reset Tool in QuickBooks?

Executing the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool download procedure is essential before you can use it. After writing the QuickBooks version, Business Info, and License Number, you can comply with the License Agreement. Soon, you’ll be able to download the tool. Then you can opt for the company file for which a new password has to be established.

To grasp every detail of this procedure, let’s scroll below.

  • Look for the “QB Automated Password Reset Tool” over the web.
  • When found, enter the “Version” of QB. If you don’t know the correct version, press the combination of “Ctrl” key and “1” key or the “F2” key. In “Versions Used”, several codes will be visible. “V24” will refer to the 2014 version and “V25” will indicate the 2015 version. Choose the appropriate version and enter it.

Make a Note: The version of the software you choose should be the same as the one last used for accessing the company file. Also, this version should exist on your machine prior to using the tool.

  • Input the “Business Information” for the accounting software.
  • Add your “License Number”.
  • Press “Submit”.

Make a Note: The information you include should be the same as the one provided in the system of Intuit. The “Access Token” will be given to you only when you enter the correct “Email Address” that matches with the original one.

  • Next, the “License Agreement” has to be complied with.
  • Push the “Download” button.
  • Then press “Download Now”.
  • Use the “Desktop” as the location for storing the “QBPasswordReset.exe” file. Then open it.
  • Obtain the “Access Token” by accessing your mail.
  • Go to the “QuickBooks Products Menu”. Select the software’s “Version”.
  • Press “Browse for Company File”.
  • Pick the file for resetting its password.
  • Set up a “New Password”. Then confirm it too.
  • Choose the option of “Reset Password”.

To check that this procedure has been effective, access your file using the newly formed password. To again draw this benefit of the tool, input the information in the verification form one more time. Then you can reset the password for another file of QB.

Method 2: How to Use the Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop?

For accessing the company files of QuickBooks Desktop, in case you’re unable to recall the password, resetting it will be a good option. QuickBooks Desktop has been formed to serve this crucial purpose. For different versions of Windows, this tool will not disappoint you when it comes to resetting the password for the software.

So, you can initially download this tool and select the software’s version. After that, you can provide the required information like License Number, Contact Number, Business Information, etc. Your email address will receive a token. Using this token, you can set the password again.

Pro Tip: If you’re using QuickBooks Desktop 2020 or a later version, this tool may not be compatible. You can open the software, choose “I Forgot My Password”, and perform the additional prompts.

  • First, the “Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop” has to be downloaded.
  • Choose the “Version” of the accounting software.

Make a Note: In case you don’t find it installed, resetting the password of QuickBooks Desktop may be difficult.

  • Input the “License Number” of QuickBooks.
  • Provide the “Business Info” which was used at the time of QB registration. Then press “Next”.
  • The “Contact Number” you enter should be of ten digits. Ensure that you do not add any extension at the number’s end. At its beginning, avoid using “1(+1)”. “+1” will automatically get added to the contact number in case “United States” is the chosen country. When this happens, choose “Select Country” and manually edit your number. Then save it. After doing this, you may receive a message informing “The Details You Provided didn’t Match”. To remove it, you can visit “https://camps.intuit.com” and sign in.
  • Check that the following information has been correctly entered:
    • i) Name of the Authorized User (This is not case sensitive)
    • ii) Email Address of the Authorized User
    • iii) Primary Mailing Address and Zip Code
    • iv) License Number below Products and Services (No dash will be required)
    • v) Phone Number below Account Details

Make a Note: Every piece of information you enter should match with the original one, especially the “Email Address”, “Phone Number” of the main business, and primary contact’s “Zip” or “ZIP Code”. You will receive the “Access Token” on the primary contact’s email ID.

  • When the “License Agreement” is seen, accept it.
  • Now, the password reset tool will get auto-downloaded. As an alternative, you can press “Download Now”.
  • You will find two options: “Run” and “Save”. Select “Save” and store it on the “Desktop”.
  • Run the tool.
  • Fill in the “Token Number” sent to you on the given email address.
  • Press the dropdown for “QuickBooks Desktop Products”. Ensure that the “QB Version” is the same.
  • Click on “Browse for Company File”.
  • Pick your “Company File” for which the password has to be reset.
  • Provide the right “Company File Admin User Name”.
  • Set a “New Password”.
  • Confirm the “New Password”.

Make a Note: The password you form should be temporary. QuickBooks Desktop will request that you reset the password one more time after accessing your company file.

  • Press “Reset Password” to finish this procedure.

Make a Note: After the seventeenth step, signing in to your file will be possible. For generating a fresh token, you will have to fill the form once again.

Finally, it can be Said…

Meeting your needs, the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool gives you a time-saving way of resetting the password of your company files. Of course, there are other ways too to set up a new password for your QuickBooks files. We will still recommend you to use a tool as efficient as this one should you like to invest as little time as possible.

To ensure that you grasp the complete meaning of the contents authored here, we followed a simple approach. We hope you have no doubts with respect to the purpose, usage, and functioning of this tool. In case you need additional assistance for anything, you can go through the related blogs.

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