What is QuickBooks Error H202 and How to Fix it?

What is QuickBooks Error H202 and How to Fix it?

The QuickBooks Error Code H202 can be a cause of worry when you are unable to get rid of it. This article is good for fixing this error code in QuickBooks. Our experienced team has come up with multiple effective fixes to repair the error code. Covering everything that you require for rooting out the problem, here you will get to know about the meaning and causes of the error H202 in QuickBooks and QuickBooks Desktop. Then we will provide you with fixes that will really work in troubleshooting this error code.

What is the Meaning of QuickBooks Error H202?

The company files of QuickBooks are usually placed in server computers with multi-user networks. The remaining computer systems which may be connected via the network but may not be hosting QuickBooks company files will be referred to as workstations. When one of the workstations is not able to get access to the company file stored on the other system, the QuickBooks H202 error will be the consequence of this.

Why am I Seeing the QuickBooks Error Code H202 on My System?

Usually, the error code H202 in QuickBooks can be found when this accounting software is attempting to connect with the QB company file. However, the software and server may fail to connect with each other. The connection with the server may not get established due to the factors listed below.

  • The settings of the hosting configuration may not be correct.
  • The firewall of the server PC may have blocked the incoming as well as outgoing communication.
  • There may be problems with the DNS server.
  • The host computer’s IP address may be inaccessible to QB. Along with that, if the IP address of your company file isn’t provided to the software, then too the QuickBooks 2012 error code H202 may occur.
  • Internal services of the accounting software may not be functioning properly on the server PC.
  • The damaged .ND file could also be the culprit.

How to Fix QuickBooks H202 Error or Multi User Switching Problem?

To fix the H202 error in QuickBooks 2019, you can administer 9 measures. To know the complete guidelines for administering them, please scroll below.

1. Test the Connectivity of the Network

Let’s begin with testing the connectivity of the network as the first QuickBooks H202 error fix. For testing it, you can write cmd in the space provided in the Run dialog box. After that, you can ping the name of the server. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to complete the testing of the network.

Test the Connectivity of the Network to fix QuickBooks H202
  • Access the “Search” option by tapping on the “Start Menu”.
  • Input “Run”.
  • Then write “cmd” in the space provided in “Run”.
  • Press “Enter” to proceed.
  • The workstation’s server name has to be pinged. You can write the following:

Important: While performing the fifth step, see to it that space is provided between “Ping” and the “Server Name”. Along with that, care should be taken that you do not enter brackets while entering the server name.

  • Then tap “Enter”.

As the sixth step is administered, this fix will be complete. Should you find any loss of packet or observe a delayed reply, you will be required to mend the network. Or you can try the fix given in the next section.

2. Ensure that the QB Services are Functioning

To prevent the QuickBooks error h202 switching to multi-user mode, the services of the accounting software need to be running. You may wish to confirm whether these services are running. Via Run, you can open the Services window. You can locate the service titled QuickBooksDBXX by entering the Properties of this service, you can make Startup Type automatic and ensure that the service’s status displays Started or Running.

The same procedure has to be repeated for QBCFMonitorService. To know the steps that you’re required to do afterward, reading further will be recommended.

  • Open the “Search” bar and input “Run” in it.
  • Input “services.msc” in “Run”.
  • Push the “Enter” key.
  • The window of “Services” will display a list. Locate “QuickBooksDBXX” in it and press twice on it.

Please Note: In “QuickBooksDBXX”, “XX” will indicate the version of QB.

  • In the “QuickBooksDBXX Properties”, the “Startup Type” should be set to “Automatic”.
  • Ensure that “Started”/”Running” is mentioned as the “Service” status. If not, then press “Start”.
  • Click on “Recovery”.
  • Using “First Failure”, “Second Failure” as well as “Subsequent Failures” dropdown options, click on “Restart the Service”.
  • Hit the “Apply” option.
  • Then press “Ok” so that the changes are saved.
  • For “QBCFMonitorService”, perform steps 1 to 10 once again.
  • After that, launch QB on every workstation.
  • Then press “File”.
  • Pick “Multi-user Mode”.

When you’re able to open everything without getting interrupted by any error, the H202 error will have been settled.

3. Clear Multi-user Mode Problems with QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

By investing minimum effort, you can fix the H202 error mode in QuickBooks via the File Doctor Tool. Some of you may already know that for running the File Doctor Tool, the QuickBooks Tool Hub is essential. Once you download or update the tool hub as the prerequisite, selecting the tab of Company File Issues is the next step. This tab will give you the option of running the tool. Then you can open or browse the QuickBooks company file and initiate its scanning.

  • Turn off “QuickBooks” on your PC.
  • Download “QB Tool Hub” with a recent version, preferably “”.

Please Note: It is possible that you may already be having the tool hub of QuickBooks. However, its version may need to be updated. To identify the present version, visit the tab named “Home”. View the bottom-right part of the tab. The version will be listed here. If you can’t find it, then enter the “About” section. This section will also inform you about the version of the tool hub. You can update the version if it isn’t the latest one.

  • On the “Desktop” or in the “Downloads” folder, the downloaded file of the tool hub can be saved.
  • Select “QuickBooksToolHub.exe” by visiting the location where the file has been saved.
  • Read the on-screen directions to learn how to install the tool hub.
  • The tool hub’s “Terms and Conditions” have to be agreed upon.
  • Visit the “Desktop” and press twice on the tool hub’s icon once the installation is complete.

Please Note: If at all the tool hub’s icon isn’t available on the “Desktop”, search for the same in the “Start Menu”.

  • Press the tab of “Company File Issues”.
  • From the tab, prefer choosing “Run QuickBooks File Doctor“.
  • Tap the “QuickBooks Company File” via the dropdown. Or press “Browse and Search” to pick the file.
  • Opt for the “Check Your File” option.
  • Hit “continue”.
  • Input the “Admin Password” of the QB software.
  • Hit “Next”.
  • Wait till the scanning process is running.
  • On the new version of the software, you can choose “Repair the File for Your Existing Version of QuickBooks First” as an optional step or you can pick “Open the File in a Newer Version of QuickBooks”. After the update, the file may not open in the former version of the software.
  • In the end, update and make a backup of the software.

4. Attempt the Addition of Your Server to Hosts File of Windows

For the addition of the server to the host’s file, certain changes have to be made. You can enter a specific path to reach the file. Once you find it, tap it twice to open it. Then pick Notepad for opening the file. Then add the server’s IP Address as well as the Server Name. From the File menu, you can choose to save the file and then run the Company File with the help of the multi-user mode.

After doing this fix, the error code H202 in QB shall not be seen.

  • Use one of the paths mentioned as follows for accessing the “Hosts File” of Windows.
Addition of Your Server to Hosts File of Windows


Ensure that this step is done on the computer that is displaying the QuickBooks error H202.

  • Click twice on the “Hosts” file.
  • A prompt asking “How Do You Want to Open this File” will be received. Select “Notepad”.
  • Input the “IP Address” of the server after the “IP Address” which is at the end in the “Hosts” file. While you input the address, ensure that the “Server Name” is also added.

Please Note: For adding space between the “Server Name” and “IP Address”, press the “Tab” key.

  • Tap on “File”.
  • Press “Save”.
  • Select “Exit”.
  • Using the “Multi-user Mode”, access your “Company File”.

5. Ensure that Hosting is Set to Local Files

When hosting is set to your local files, you can see to it that no client system is able to host the same file. This will help you in preventing the QB H202 error. For accomplishing this fix, you can press F2 after opening QuickBooks. Then you will have the option to set hosting to your local files.

  • Open “QuickBooks”.
  • Push the “F2” key to access “Product Information”.
  • Click on “Hosting”, at the bottom-left, for “Local Files Only”. This option will be available below “Local Server Information”.

Now that hosting has been set for the local files, you can access and use QuickBooks as much as you want to. The QuickBooks error code H202 won’t be observed.

6. Try Making a New Folder for QBW File

For troubleshooting the QuickBooks H202 error, you can prepare one new folder. After changing the permissions to share this folder, as well as the company files, you can copy the QBW file. You can store the copy in the newly made folder. At last, you can enter the Multi-user Mode and access your file.

To be clearer about this fix, you can go through the 4 steps given here.

  • First, prepare one new folder on your server system.
  • Sharing this folder is the next step. Make changes to the permissions for sharing the folder as well as QB company files.
  • The “QBW” or “QuickBooks Database” file has to be copied and stored in the folder you have made.
  • Run the “Company File” via the “Multi-user Mode”.

7. Remove and Create .ND File Again

If you’ve gone through the causes of the H202 error in QB, you will know that damages in the .ND file can lead to it. So, this QuickBooks H202 error fix will guide you in eradicating this cause by removing and recreating this file.

You can write .ND in the Search box of Windows. You can access the file via the results. To delete the .ND file, you can right-tap and pick the option to do so. Then you can visit All Programs from the Start Menu. You can choose QuickBooks and QuickBooks Database Server Manager. This is accompanied by launching the scanning process. This process will help you get rid of the H202 error.

  • Press “Start” and access “Search”. Write “.ND” in it.
  • Tap “Enter”.
  • Right-tap on the “.ND” file in “Results”. Opt for the “Delete” option.
  • You will be asked to confirm your decision. Do as required.
  • Tap the “Windows” key.
  • Pick “All Programs”
  • Tap on “QuickBooks”.
  • Open the “QuickBooks Database Server Manager”.
  • Open the tab of “Scan Folder”.
  • Choose the “Add Folder” option.
  • Look for the folder of the company file.
  • Pick your “Company File” and press “Ok”. The
  • The Company File’s path will be in the folder which has the field of “QB Company File”.
  • Press “Scan”.
  • Press “Close” when scanning is over.

8. Try Restarting the Database Server Manager of QuickBooks

The QuickBooks 2012 error code H202 has been eliminated on several systems by starting over the QB Database Server Manager. For restarting the manager, you can input Services.MSC in Run and then stop QuickBooksDB17 (2007)/QuickBooksDB18 (2008)/QuickBooksDB19 (2009). Then you can press Start by right-clicking. To be familiar with all the steps, you can read further.

  • Launch “Run”. Use the shortcut keys “Windows” and “R” for opening it. The keys have to be pressed at the same time.
  • Write “services.msc” and select “Ok”.
Restarting the Database Server Manager of QuickBooks
  • Right-tap on QuickBooksDB17 (2007), QuickBooksDB18 (2008) or QuickBooksDB19 (2009). Click on “Stop”.
  • Then right-click for choosing “Start”.
  • Exit the window.
  • View the extensions for the file types which are known.
  • Right-tap on “Windows Start” and pick the “Explore” option.
  • Select “Tools”.
  • Pick “Folder Options”.
  • Click on “View”.
  • The “Hide Extensions” have to be cleared for the box of “Known File Types”.
  • Press “View” again.
  • Opt for “Show Hidden Files and Folders”.
  • Ensure that the box for “Hide Protected Operating System Files” is clear.
  • Press “Yes” when the “Warning” window appears.
  • Push “Ok”.
  • Then exit the “Windows Explorer”.

9. Implement QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

We will now be implementing the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool for repairing the H202 error. You can download, install, and run this tool. It will display an IP Address which you can note down. Then you can turn on the ports in the section of Firewall Status. The remaining guidelines will be provided as you keep reading ahead.

  • Download the “QB Connection Diagnostic Tool”. Then finish its installation.
  • Start this tool and scan the folder of the company file.
  • Jot down the “IP Address” you can see.
  • In the section of “Firewall Status”, certain ports will have a button stating “Open Ports”. Enable them.
  • Perform the prompts visible on the display.
  • Then access your file from the system which was reflecting the H202 error mode in QuickBooks.

How Do I Troubleshoot Error H202 in QuickBooks Desktop?

To get rid of the H202 error mode in QuickBooks Desktop, the firewall settings can be manually configured. As you read the fix mentioned below, the details for configuring them will be revealed.

1. Manually Configure the Settings of Firewall for QuickBooks Desktop

Now, we are going to discuss how you can manually configure the settings of the firewall for the QuickBooks Desktop software. We believe that the QuickBooks error h202 switching to multi-user mode error will not persist after configuring them.

To initiate, you can open the Windows Firewall using the Start Menu. In its Advanced Settings, you can pick Inbound Rules. After choosing New Rule, you can pick the Port option, followed by choosing TCP. Then you can input the ports. When the configuration for both Inbound and Outbound Rules is complete, you can enable the multi-user mode in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Tap on “Start”.
  • In the field of “Search”, input “Windows Firewall”.
  • Click on “Windows Firewall”.
  • Press “Advanced Settings”.
  • Right-tap on “Inbound Rules”.
  • Press “New Rule”.
  • Click on “Port”.
  • Tap on “Next”.
  • Pick “TCP”.
  • For each field of local ports, input the following as per the year version of QB:

QuickBooks Desktop 2017: “8019, 56727, 55373-55377”
QuickBooks Desktop 2018: “8019, 56728, 55378-55382”
QuickBooks Desktop 2019: “8019, XXXXX”
QuickBooks Desktop 2020: “8019, XXXXX”

Please Note: For QuickBooks Desktop 2019/2020/later versions, a dynamic port is used. In the “Start Menu”, you can find “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” and open it. Via the tab of Port Monitor, pick the QB version. Then jot down the “Port Number”. Its format should be mentioned as “8019, XXXXX” where the dynamic port number is represented by “XXXXX”. Use this number for port exceptions.

  • Tap on “Next”.
  • Click on “Allow the Connection”.
  • Press “Next”.
  • Choose every profile when prompted to do so.
  • Tap on “Next”.
  • After making a rule, enter “QBPorts(Year)” as the name.
  • Press “Finish”.
  • Do all the steps again but this time you have to choose “Outbound Rules” as the fifth step.
  • Then run “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Ensure that the “Multi-user Mode” is on. Additionally, you can run the software using the host PC’s network.

If the H202 error in QuickBooks 2019 or another version is observed, make firewall exceptions for the QB programs.

Briefly, to Conclude

We hope that the various parts of this post helped you in overcoming the QuickBooks error h202 switching to multi-user mode. Our powerful fixes will have assisted you in removing this error by now. In case you are facing any other errors with respect to this software, you can explore more such blogs with us.

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Basil Bruce
Basil Bruce
1 year ago

It is super easy. I only used one method and the error got fixed. So happy to read this blog. It has so much to read but surprisingly I didn’t need to read much as the first two methods were enough for me.

1 year ago

I am a newbie to using the QuickBooks program and viewing an H202 error was very scary for me. My internet connection was completely fine but I had to set the hosting to local files and it worked for me. Now there are no annoying errors on my screen.

Bonita M. Wills
Bonita M. Wills
1 month ago

Actually, I often read about QuickBooks just to be more aware. It was long back when I randomly found what the QuickBooks error H202 is. Since I was already aware of why it occurs, I was able to troubleshoot it much quickly.

25 days ago

The Quickbooks error h202 might seem to be something very big. But it can be sorted in very simple ways. I don’t know whether all of these fixes will work but a few of them certainly did when the error was there in our computer systems.