How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15222 or Payroll Update Error?

QuickBooks Update Error 15222

Indicating a problem with the payroll updates, the QuickBooks error 15222 may be caused by your system’s antispyware. This error in the Intuit software can also result because of differing causes. Should you require assistance to remove it, we’re right here for that. The sole purpose of this blog is to help you in overcoming and preventing this QuickBooks error code. We will help you in identifying the right causes of this error code to enable the implementation of the best measures for resolving it. Our simple yet powerful fixes for the error 15222 in QuickBooks will see to it that the accounting software gets back to normal and enables you to use it as usual.

What Does the Error Code 15222 Mean in QuickBooks?

The QuickBooks update error 15222 can be observed while a user downloads the desktop updates or payroll updates. As has been reported by certain users, an error message stating the details of the problem may also be observed. This error can indicate browser incompatibility on your system. Dealing with the incompatibility issues will give you a way to remove the error.

Why am I Seeing the QuickBooks Error Code 15222?

  • Your system’s antivirus/firewall may be causing certain problems. These problems may be generating the error.
  • Internet Explorer may not have been set as the default web browser.
  • The digital signatures may not be functioning on your system.

How Do I Fix Error 15222 in QuickBooks?

Learning to fix the QuickBooks update error 15222 may not be as tough as it may seem especially when the best fixes are available here. We’ll provide you with all the necessary directions to perform fixes like checking your internet connection, using the File Doctor Tool, etc., to stop seeing the problem in the software.

Fix 1: Include QB Domains & Processes in Security Programs Exclusion List

When QB domains and processes are added as exceptions in the exclusion list of security programs, there will not be high chances of seeing the QuickBooks update error 15222. To include them as exceptions, you can access your PC’s antivirus program after closing QB. In Resident Shield, you’ll come across the option of Manage Exceptions. Using this option, you can make the changes.

  • First, turn off “QuickBooks” in case you are using it.
  • Launch your antivirus program.
  • Click twice on “Resident Shield”.
  • Click on “Manage Exceptions”.
  • Choose “Add Path”.
  • Use the path given as follows: “C:\Program Files\Intuit”
  • Press “Ok”.
  • Then, click on “Save Changes”. Now, QuickBooks will be added as an exception in your system’s firewall.
  • In case an external firewall is being used on your system, certain domains will have to be included in its settings as exceptions. These domains have been mentioned as follows:
    • i. “”
    • ii. “QBW32.exe
    • iii. “”
    • iv. “”
    • v. “qbupdate.exe”

When the domains and processes of QuickBooks have been added to the exclusion list, run the software. Ensure that the problem no longer exists.

Fix 2: Attempt the Installation of Digital Signature in Internet Explorer

One of the reliable fixes for repairing the QuickBooks error code 15222 requires you to install the digital signature in Internet Explorer. For installing this in Internet Explorer, access the Windows File Manager. Use its address bar to access the QB folder. Here, you can open the Properties of the QBW32.exe file. Using the tab of Digital Signature, you can start the installation.

  • Launch the “Windows File Manager”.
  • In the manager’s “Address Bar”, enter the location given as follows: “C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks”
  • Tap the “Enter” key.
  • Go through the “QuickBooks” folder to look for the “QBW32.exe” file.
  • Enter the “Properties” of the “QBW32.exe” file by right-clicking on it.
  • Visit the tab titled “Digital Signature”.
  • You will find a list of signatures. Locate “Intuit Inc” and then click on “Details”.
  • In the window of “Digital Signature Details”, select the option of “View Certificate”.
  • Click on “Install Certificate” in the window of “Certificate”.
  • Press “Next”. Keep pressing it till you reach the option of “Finish”.
  • Tap on “Finish”.
  • Start over your Windows computer.
  • The final step requires you to update the “QuickBooks” software.

In case QuickBooks gets successfully updated, you should consider checking that the error has been settled.

Fix 3: Make Internet Explorer Your Default Browser

We often tell our readers to set Internet Explorer as their default browser to stop seeing the QuickBooks error 15222. We’ll suggest the same to you as well. To set it as the default web browser, Internet Explorer has to be opened and the Tools option has to be selected. After choosing Internet Options, you have to go to Programs and pick the Make Default option.

  • Start with running “Internet Explorer”.
  • Go to “Tools”.
  • Click on “Internet Options”.
  • Visit the tab titled “Programs”.
Make Internet Explorer Your Default Browser
  • Select the option of “Make Default”.
  • Press “Ok”.
  • Install the updates for “QuickBooks” once again.

Now that Internet Explorer has been made the default browser and QuickBooks has been updated, the error shouldn’t be seen again.

Fix 4: Check Your Internet Connection

A faulty internet connection is one of the big causes that can result in the QuickBooks error 15222. Therefore, to resolve it, you’ll have to check your internet connection. You can run various internet-based apps. If these apps do not run, then the internet connection may have certain faults in it. At times, certain device-related problems may also prevent your internet from functioning. In our suggestion, please run the internet on any other system if possible to be sure of the cause. Get your internet connection repaired or replaced if it doesn’t work in the best way.

Fix 5: Use QB File Doctor Tool via QB Tool Hub

The QuickBooks File Doctor Tool is popular among the accounting software’s users for many reasons. In a big number of situations, this tool has helped in mending problems faced by these users. You can also launch it via the QuickBooks Tool Hub to do away with the QuickBooks error code 15222. In the tool hub, the option of Program Problems will help you in running the File Doctor Tool.

Remember: For implementing the File Doctor Tool, you’ll require “QuickBooks Tool Hub (Version”. If you have the tool, then visit “Home”/”About” for checking the version at the bottom. Please update the tool hub if the version is different. Should you like to download the tool hub from the start, please keep reading.

  • Ensure that “QuickBooks” is not being used on your system. If it is being used, then close it.
  • Search for “QuickBooks Tool Hub“.
  • The “QuickBooks Tool Hub (Version” has to be downloaded in the third step.
  • After the downloading process comes to an end, the file has to be saved. The “Desktop” and “Downloads” folder are 2 preferable locations for saving it. You can pick either of them.
  • Once saved, access the “QuickBooksToolHub.exe” file.
  • To start and finish the installation of the tool hub, you will see the instructions on the screen.
  • The “Terms and Conditions” have to be accepted in the seventh step.
  • Jump to the “Desktop”.
  • Press the tool hub’s icon twice.

Remember: If the “Desktop” doesn’t show you the tool hub’s icon, then visit the “Start Menu”. In “Search”, enter “QuickBooks Tool Hub” and open the same.

  • When the tool hub opens, select “Program Problems”.
QuickBooks Tool Hub Program Problems
  • “Run QuickBooks File Doctor” has to be picked.
  • Please opt for “Repair the File for Your Existing Version of QuickBooks”.
Repair the File for Your Existing Version of QuickBooks
  • Press “Next”.
  • Then open QB to check whether this fix worked.

Concluding Thoughts

We hold the expertise to remove QuickBooks errors of various kinds as well as its versions. Our knowledge also comprises the causes for understanding the QuickBooks update error 15222 in a better way. We also know the best fixes to remove the error and shared the same with you on this page. We hope that you’re no longer facing difficulties while using the accounting software.

At some point, if you face the QuickBooks error 80070057, then do come back to easily get rid of it. With complete fixes and causes, our post will help you in deleting this error code.

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