How to Restore Deleted Customer in QuickBooks Online?

How to Restore Deleted Customer in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks stores your customers along with their details such as name, address, transactions, and so on. Over a period of time, you may delete specific customers or make them inactive. Usually, users do this when a particular customer is no longer required in the list and thus, you remove them from the account. In some cases, you may lose the customer from the list accidentally. However, QuickBooks allows you to restore the customers that have been deleted from your account. To know how to restore deleted customer in QuickBooks Online, continue reading this guide carefully.

The comprehensive guide explains how to restore deleted customer in QuickBooks Online. In addition, we will talk about restoring deleted vendors and transactions.

How Does QuickBooks Help Restore the Deleted Customer?

When you intentionally or mistakenly delete the customer from your QuickBooks account, the transactions related to these customers still remain in the company data reports. If it is required, you can restore these deleted customer backs to the list of customers. The best part about QuickBooks restoration for customers is that you just need to make the inactive customer active.

In simple words, when you make any customer inactive, it removes the name of the customer from the list but remains in your QuickBooks account. To get that customer back, you just have to select the option for Make Active. For more details, you can go through the following discussion.

How to Restore Deleted Customer in QuickBooks Online?

To restore deleted customers in QuickBooks Online, you will have to go through the Customers menu. Then, click on the Gear icon from the Customers Center section. Here, you can select the option for Include Inactive using the dropdown.

When you see the list of customers, you can choose the Make Inactive option for the selected customer. This way you can bring the customer back to the list. For detailed steps, learn here how to restore deleted customer in QuickBooks Online:

  • Navigate to the “Sales” menu located on the left.
  • Then, click on the “Customers” menu.
  • Now, select the “Gear” icon located above the column of the “ACTION” section.
  • Here, you need to select the “Include Inactive” drop-down menu.
How to Restore Deleted Customer in QuickBooks Online?
  • After this, you will see a list of customers you have put in an inactive status.
  • From this list, you can select the customer you wish to restore and then click on the “Make Active” option located under the “Customer Profile”.

By implementing these steps, you can restore the customers in QuickBooks Online that have been deleted from the list. For confirmation, you will also receive a message on your screen.

How to Retrieve Deleted Transactions in QuickBooks Online?

As we stated earlier, the transactions related to the customers still remain in the company data reports even if you remove the customer. There can be instances when you remove the transactions as well. However, QuickBooks provides you two different ways to restore the transactions in QuickBooks Online.

In the following discussion, we will show you to restore the transactions in QuickBooks Online using the most recent backup file and Audit Log.

Restore Transaction using the Recent Backup File

  • To get started, you need to restore the most recent backup data file.
  • For this, click on the “File” menu located on the top left.
  • After this, scroll down and search for the “Restore or open Company” option.
  • Now, click on the “Restore a backup copy” option.
  • Press the “Next” button.
  • At this point, you have to search for the latest backup copy on the computer.
  • After this, click on the “This location” menu.
  • Press the “OK” button.
  • Now, click twice on the backup folder or file.
  • Hit the “OK” button.
  • After this, select the location to store the backup file and folder.
  • Select the “OK” button.
  • Once done, open the file and check if you can see the lost transaction file.
  • Now, enter the data again using the details from the backup.

Restore Transactions using the Audit Log

  • Select the “Settings” option.
  • Then, click on the “Audit Log” option.
  • Now, select the appropriate events, user, and date using the “Filter” drop-down menu.
  • Hit the “Apply” button.
  • Click on the deleted transactions.
  • Select the “View” button located in the column of “History”.
  • In the “Event” column, you will see all the information related to transactions.
  • Here, you can use the details available in the “Audit Log” and enter the transactions again with the original date.

This way you can restore the transaction in two different ways. All you have to do is locate the deleted transactions and then re-enter the transaction details using the backup or backup history.

How to Restore Vendors or Contractors in QuickBooks Online?

Just like you restore customers, vendors or contractors can also be restored in QuickBooks. All you have to do is go to the Expenses menu, open the Vendors tab, choose the name of your vendor, click on the Edit button and select the Make active button for a specific vendor. To know step by step procedure, go through the following details:

  • Click on the “Expenses” menu.
  • Then, select the “Vendors” tab.
  • Now, choose the name of the vendor you wish to restore.
  • After this, click on the “Edit” button.
  • At this point, you can click on the “Make active” button from the “Vendor” information box.

When you are done following these steps, you will receive a confirmation message on your screen. You can press the Yes button to confirm your action.

To Wind Up

To keep the customer list organized, users tend to remove specific items from the list. However, you can restore them in the future when needed. Here we have explained how to restore deleted customer in QuickBooks Online. If you want to restore the vendor or transactions that you have deleted from your account, we have also shared a series of steps for that.

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