How to Delete a Customer or Multiple Customer in QuickBooks Online and Desktop Version?

How to Delete a Customer in QuickBooks

QuickBooks allows you to added a customers for keeping their record as well as executing several other tasks. After a point, you may not be dealing with certain customers. You may wish to delete these customers from QuickBooks. We’ll be pleased to guide you with respect to the same. In case you would like to delete multiple customers in the accounting software, we will share the ways for establishing that as well.

You may wish to delete your customers in QuickBooks that you are no longer dealing with. To delete them, you can utilize these methods will assist you in removing your customers in QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

How to Delete a Customer from QuickBooks Desktop?

Deleting customers in QB usually accounts for a short method. You can look for Customer and open the Customer Center via it. Right-tap on the customer that you don’t need. To remove it, press “Delete Customer Job”. For knowing the step-by-step way of removing your customer, please keep reading.

  • Start “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Tap on “Customers”.
  • Navigate to the “Customer Centre”.
  • Locate the name of the customer you wish to delete under “Customers & Jobs”.
  • Then visit the “Edit” menu.
  • Look for an option stating “Delete Customer Job”. Tap on it.
  • You will see a message asking “Are You Sure You Want to Delete this Customer Job?”. Tap on “Yes” to continue.
  • Then close the window
Delete a Customer from QuickBooks Desktop

Note: The “Delete Customer Job” option can be chosen only when no transactions or jobs are linked to your customer.

In case you are looking for how to delete multiple customers in QuickBooks Desktop, you can execute the steps 1 to 8 again.

Learn to Delete a Customer in QuickBooks Online Version

Not required customers can be deleted from QBO as well. The Edit option will assist you in doing so. To get to this option, you can first rush to the Customer Centre in the Customer menu. Accompanied by this, you can open Customers & Jobs to find the Edit option.

Alternatively, you can check out these 6 steps to know how to delete a customer from QuickBooks Online.

  • Launch “QuickBooks Online”.
  • Go to the menu titled “Customer”.
  • Tap the dropdown for heading to “Customer Centre”.
  • In the fourth step, prefer opting for “Customers & Jobs”.
  • Identify the customer you don’t want to keep and make a selection for it.
  • Via “Edit”, click on “Delete Customer: Job”.

Note: The method mentioned above will help you remove one customer from QuickBooks Online. Should you like to remove more than one customer, you can do this method again and keep repeating it until all those customers get removed.

How Do I Delete Multiple Customers or Inactive Customer in QuickBooks Online?

Certain QBO users may be having more than one customer that may not be needed. Thus, they may be thinking about how to delete multiple customers in QuickBooks Online. It will be essential to know that you may not be able to remove multiple customers or make them inactive in one go especially if you’re holding a new account which falls in a duration of 90 days. Fortunately, the data can be purged and you can start over. Doing so will bring your QBO account into the original state.

  • Open the accounting software.
  • Choose “Sales” available towards the left.
  • Click on “Customer”.
  • Pick the customer.
  • Press “Edit”.
  • Now, tap on the option stating “Make Inactive”. This option can be located at the bottom. Your customer will be deleted or made inactive
Delete Multiple Customers or Inactive Customer in QuickBooks Online
  • Then sign in to “QBO Company”.
  • Make changes to the “URL” by adding “/purgecompany”.

Note: After making changes to the “URL”, it should appear as “”, as an example.

  • On the upcoming screen, you will find a summary of everything that is being removed. For agreeing with the same and providing the confirmation, write “Yes”.
  • Then push the “Ok” tab.

To Conclude

As you would have observed, these methods carried short sets of instructions that require only less time to execute. We also explained to you how multiple customers can be removed from the accounting software. Hopefully, this blog would have been informative for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

In QuickBooks, to delete customers, we showcased all the methods that can possibly guide you. If you would like to know more, you can read the frequently asked questions or FAQs below. They’ll improve your knowledge with respect to this topic.

Q. Can I hide a customer name in QuickBooks?

Ans. QuickBooks users can hide their customer’s name by visiting the “Customer Center”. Here, the option of “Customers & Jobs” has to be preferred. After clicking twice on your customer’s name, you can pick the “Customer is Inactive” option. Then you can press “Ok”. The customer’s name will not be displayed now.

Q. How do I delete a customer’s name in QuickBooks?

Ans. Deleting a customer’s name in QB isn’t a tough task. After starting the software, open the “Customer Center”. Choose “Customers & Jobs”. The name that has to be removed needs to be tapped. Then choose “Edit”. Then go to “Delete Customer:Job” for removing the customer along with the name. In case you wish to remove the names of more customers, you can perform this short method again.

Q. What happens when you make a customer inactive in QuickBooks?

Ans. When you delete a customer in QuickBooks or make her/him inactive, that customer will be removed from the area of customers, reporting options, and other areas where he/she may be listed. In case a transaction exists for that customer, “Name (Deleted)” will be mentioned.

Q. Is it possible to remove a customer type in QuickBooks?

Ans. For removing the customer type in QB, a short procedure has to be followed. Find the list containing the customer types. The list will provide you with the access to edit or delete the existing types or introduce the new ones. After that, you can move to the section of “Customer and Vendor”. Look for the “Customer Type List” and press “Delete”. This option will be provided in the dropdown option.

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I was wondering how I can remove multiple customers at once. Thanks to this blog. It helped me to delete several inactive customers in QuickBooks.