How to Fix QuickBooks Error OL 332 During Online Banking Action?

QuickBooks Error Code OL 332

As QuickBooks is accounting software, it can help one to integrate online payment gateways. These online payments are directly done from the banks associated with each user/customer. Sometimes, due to the wrong customer ID or pin, an error message may be shown on the screen. This is what we call the QuickBooks error OL 332.

Even though re-entering the customer banking details might resolve the issue, it’s best to learn more about the OL 332 error. An in-depth study will reveal several other possible causes for the error message to be displayed. In addition, it will also talk about the troubleshooting ways with which a user can resolve the OL 332 QuickBooks error.

Causes of OL 332 QuickBooks Error

The major causes of the QuickBooks error code OL 332 are given below:

  • If the customer’s ID or PIN number entered is wrong, during the online banking transactions(Delete Expense Transaction in QuickBooks), then the user won’t be able to proceed further.
  • The bank’s server may be facing troubles.
  • An issue with the internet connection might raise the problem.
  • If some of the QuickBooks files are corrupted, the 332 error will be displayed.
  • Sometimes, malware or viruses can damage certain files related to QuickBooks. As the transaction portals are highly secured with multiple authentication layers, the payment will be blocked asap and show this error.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error OL 332?

Deactivating the bank feeds in QuickBooks is a quick way of fixing the error OL 332. After they have been deactivated, you can wait for some time before reactivating them again. You can also run Verified Utilities. In addition, a special company file can be made in QuickBooks. This file can be used for testing. After the test has been conducted, the QB error code OL 332 should stop appearing.

1: Deactivating Bank Feeds and Again Reactivating them

Since the QuickBooks platform is used to get all the banking transactions, you need to keep the bank feeds installed and enabled.
Sometimes, the bank feed connection issues can cause the error OL 332 in QuickBooks. So, deactivating and reactivating the secured connection might solve the problem.
In the coming steps, we have described the entire process of deactivating the feeds and again reactivating them.

Deactivating Bank Feeds

  • Open the “QuickBooks” platform and click on the “List” tab.
  • A dropdown will appear from where you need to select the “Chart of Accounts” option.
Deactivating Bank Feeds
  • The entire account list will open up. Select an account and right-click on it.
  • You need to select the account showing the error. Select the option for “Edit Account”.
  • After this, click on the “Bank Feed” settings and press on “Deactivate All Online Services”.
  • Once the accounts will be deactivated, click on the “Save” button and close the entire platform.

Reactivating the Feeds Again

  • Again, open the application and move to the “List” table. Click on the “Chart of Accounts” from the dropdown.
  • From the list of accounts that will be displayed, select the erroneous account.
  • Right-tap on the name and pick the “Edit Account” option.
  • A new page will open for editing the account. From here, click on the option saying “Set up Bank Feeds”.
  • A dialog box will pop up asking “Yes” or “No”. Press “Yes”. It will close all the windows of QuickBooks which are still open.
  • On the new page, enter the bank details like bank name, account number, holder name, and others.
  • Click on the “Continue” option.
  • Another window will pop up. Here you need to enter the “Username” and “Bank Password”.
  • After entering the details, click on the “Connect” option. As the connection will be established, merge the new bank details with the old one via the “Link” button.

2: Execute and Run Verified Utilities

Another way of troubleshooting the QuickBooks error code OL 332 is by running the Verified Utilities. In QuickBooks, you will see the File menu. Use it to go to Utilities. Then choose the Verify Data option. After this, you can head to press the Yes button. Soon, you will be able to start Verified Utilities and the error OL 332 will be fixed.

  • First of all, open the desktop window of “QuickBooks”.
  • Move to “File” from where a dropdown will be generated.
  • Click on “Utilities” and then on the “Verify Data” option.
  • A popup will open up where you need to press on “Yes”. It will close all other open windows on QuickBooks.
  • A scan will be initiated for the data files. If no error is found, then click on the “Ok” button and exit the window.
  • However, if an erroneous data file is present, then the “Rebuild” process needs to be initiated. For this, again move to “File”. From the tab dropdown, choose “Utilities” and then opt for “Rebuild Data”.
  • Click on the “Ok” button.
  • Press “Save”. It will create a backup memory. The rebuild process will start. You will get a notification on the screen once the Rebuild process is completed.
  • Click on the option of “View Results”. If no error is found, then you need to try other approaches.

3: Create a Special Company File for Testing

In this fix, we will suggest that you make a special company file for testing purposes. The test file will help you to identify where the QuickBooks error OL 332 has occurred. A scan will be initiated through the file. Once the testing is complete, you will know whether the problem is from the bank’s side or with any of the company files of QuickBooks.

For creating a new test company file, closely follow these steps:

  • Open “QuickBooks” and open the “File” tab.
  • From the dropdown, select “New Company”.
  • You will be asked to enter certain details like the name, type, category, purpose, and others. Enter them.
  • Fill in the details and then click on the option of “Create Company”.
  • You might have to wait for some time and allow QuickBooks to create the new file.
  • Once the creation is completed, click on the option of “Start Working”.
  • You will be asked to fill in the bank details in the new test file.
  • Once the connection is made between the bank and the new test company file, try to download the transactions.
  • If the files get downloaded easily, it will indicate some flaws with the original “Company File” that you were using.

4: Enable the TLS 1.2 Internet Security Protocol

TLS or Transport Layer Security is a new protocol like SSL. It can help you in securing the transactions in case malware is present in the system. To enable the TLS 1.2 protocol for fixing the error code OL 332 in the QB software, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Press “Windows” and “R” keys. It will open the “Run” window.
  • In the dialog box of the “Run” window, you need to type “INETCPL.CPL”.
  • Press “Enter”. The “Internet Properties” page will open.
  • Once the box appears, move to “Advanced Settings”.
  • Scroll down the page to reach where the security details are present.
  • Deselect the “TLS 1.0” option if it has been ticked beforehand.
  • Once done, check the box saying “Use TLS 1.2”.
  • Click on the “Apply” button in the left-down corner.
  • Then tap on “Ok”.
  • Once done, close all the windows and restart your system.

After restarting, check whether the QuickBooks error OL 332 is appearing again or not.


The QuickBooks error code OL 332 is one of the most troublesome issues that the users can encounter too often. Sometimes the bank server doesn’t respond to the transaction requests and this can cause this error. In such cases, you just have to wait till the servers are up. You should also check the internet connection to check whether or not it is giving good speed for QuickBooks to work. If not, then you might be shown the error OL 332 on your home screen. Sometimes, deactivating and reactivating the bank feeds also helps in resolving the issue. So, make sure to understand the main cause of the problem to choose the best approach.

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