How to Fix QuickBooks Install Error Code 1722

Errorgenie-How to fix QuickBooks Error 1722

The QuickBooks error 1722 gives an indication that the software’s files have corruption/damages. Since you need these files for a bunch of tasks, it becomes essential to find the fixes to the error. Long before the fixes are found, the cause of the error code 1722 should be determined. Mainly, the damages to the said files can occur when you do not install the accounting software in a proper way. Otherwise, certain issues present in your system or Windows computer may contribute to it. Having determined the most possible cause, you can apply a fix in accordance with it.

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 1722

The Installer of this accounting software can be the reason behind errors like 1722. However, the error code may not be restricted to this cause alone. Aside from this cause of the QuickBooks Installer code 1722, the following should also be known.

  • While downloading the software, it may have become damaged. Or, corruption may have affected it.
  • Your computer may not be working fine. Hence, its programs like QuickBooks may be affected. The glitch in it may be caused by viruses.
  • A system with damaged components such as the Registry may often lead to a problem of this kind.
  • The file of your PC may be corrupt.
  • A lack of QuickBooks updates may make way for error codes like this one.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 1722

It is simple to fix an error like this code 1722 in QuickBooks by ensuring that your PC’s components are working fine. For this, it is most important to make certain the Registry is not damaged on Windows. Or else, you can repair it. If you wish to get rid of the QuickBooks install error code 1722, then you may clean install this software. Additionally, you can restore your PC to a bug-free mode, implement the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, etc.

Fix 1: Repair the Registry on Windows

On your Windows PC, the Registry is similar to a component. It maintains a record of the information which is used for most of the processes that you do. It is likely that when this part is damaged, you will see certain problems in your system. On this system, when Intuit QuickBooks is installed, the damaged Registry may lead to a problem like the QuickBooks error code 1722. Therefore, to fix it, it is essential that you repair this part.

Note: Keep in mind that in the process of repairing the Registry, only those entries are fixed which are in relation to the 1722 error code.

  • Go to the “Taskbar” of your Windows system.
  • Using “Search”, look for “Disk Cleanup”.
  • Choose the same result and start running the disk cleanup process. See to it that the temporary folders/files get deleted.
  • This is followed by locating “PC Device Drivers” on Windows as well as updating them.

You can now remove Intuit QuickBooks. Then please install it once again from scratch. Find your QuickBooks License Number and enter it to access your account. Knowing that the Registry is functioning fine, you may continue using the software after accessing it without running into the error code 1722.

Note: As a part of this process, you can also launch the SFC scan. However, running this process individually can also be of use when you wish to fix the QuickBooks error 1722.

Fix 2: Using SFC via Command Prompt on Windows

A user may understand that corrupted system files can affect the installed programs. QuickBooks, being one such program, can also receive the effects of these. Thus, when you try to use the accounting software, it is possible that it may display the error 1722. Since the SFC scan is made particularly to deal with such files, there are high chances of troubleshooting this error via it.

To launch the SFC scan, you will need to use Command Prompt on your Windows PC. Once you open it, the following is what you need to do:

  • In “CMD” or “Command Prompt”, please input “SFC/scannow”.
  • This is accompanied by pushing “Enter”.
  • The command will help in running a process that will scan your computer. In the process, the affected files will be found and possibly repaired.
  • Later, you can exit the window.

Eventually, it is important that you shut down your system. Then you can turn it on again. This will cause the system to work with more efficiency since the files will no longer be corrupted. Having said this, the QuickBooks error code 1722 will also be repaired on running the program.

Fix 3: Get Updates for QuickBooks

It is significant to realize that software like QuickBooks needs updates to maintain its smooth functioning. So, from time to time, you need to see whether these updates have been downloaded by you. On failing to do so, the QuickBooks error 1722 may be the end result.

In case the current cause of the error 1722 is the unavailability of these updates, you should do the needful. You can update QuickBooks automatically or manually, depending on what you are comfortable with. As the process is complete, you can restart the accounting software. This error code may not appear this time.

Fix 4: Try Clean Installation of the Accounting Software

A clean installation is a process via which QuickBooks is removed and then downloaded again. It is believed that one of the causes of error 1722 is the faulty installation of QuickBooks. Therefore, when you try this fix, the QuickBooks install error code 1722 may go away. 

Presuming that you have QuickBooks Tool Hub installed on your device, you can use the tool dedicated to the task. The right way to implement the use of the Clean Install Tool for this error’s removal is given below:

  • Initially, you have to run “QuickBooks Tool Hub”.
  • Look for a feature that says “Installation Issue”.
  • Through it, you have to locate the “Clean Install Tool” option.
  • On pressing it, you will be asked to enable permission. Kindly hit “Yes”.

The final step will cause the accounting software to be deleted from your device. Then it will be installed again in the proper way. The process will be auto-executed. Later on, you only need to run QuickBooks. It should work without displaying the install error 1722.

Tip: The QuickBooks install error code 1722 can also occur when the software’s installation is incomplete or any damages happen in the process. As the issue arises due to such a cause too, you can implement the above-shown fix.

Fix 5: Initiate System Restoration via Backup

From time to time, certain users have the habit of creating a backup of the data stored on their systems. When a computer error causes some applications to work in an unusual manner, the computer can be restored to a certain point at which no error was present. This is done via the saved backup. Thus, when the QuickBooks error 1722 arises, the same backup can help in attempting the restoration.

On a Windows system, this is how you can start the restoration process and fix the 1722 error code.

  • Enter the “Start Menu”.
  • Then you have to key in “System Restore” in the menu’s search space.
  • On tapping “Enter”, “System Restore” will start running.
  • Via this window, you can find a space where ”Administration Password” needs to be added.
  • After you add it, make sure that the information has been written without any error.
  • Moving further to restore your PC, employ all the directions shown by the wizard.

You will be able to go ahead and complete the system restoration process. Then it is suggested to open QuickBooks. Perform the activity which was resulting in error 1722. Hopefully, the error may not come up now.

Fix 6: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Due to issues with the installation process or the Installer, you may find the error 1722. In this instance, you should access the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. It can deal with a problem that is a consequence of a similar cause. 

You can find the tool in QuickBooks Tool Hub. Assuming that you have already installed it, please execute these directions to fix the QuickBooks Installer error 1722:

  • When “QuickBooks Tool Hub” is working, enter into the following tab:
    • “Installation Issues”
  • You will now see “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool”. Press the button to activate it.
  • The configuration of the tool will start. Tap on “Yes” to proceed. This is a vital step for accepting the terms of the software’s “License Agreement”.
  • Then you have to push “Proceed”.
  • After the tool fixes the cause of the error 1722, your computer needs to be rebooted.

To end this fix, you can launch the accounting software. Next to rebooting the computer, the software should successfully work. Hence, an issue like the QuickBooks Installer error 1722 may not be witnessed.

To Conclude the Above

Error codes like 1722 may cause interferences in your company’s work or processes. However, they may not sustain for a long time. Speaking of this particular error, you should know the causes due to which it can exist in the software or your PC. Additionally, by knowing the relevant ways to fix the QuickBooks error 1722, you can keep the software interference-free by quickly resolving it.

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Brinda R. Mead
Brinda R. Mead
1 year ago

I’d highly suggest everyone that when you install quickbooks, please ensure a good network. Mine was fluctuating so much that the install was affected. Im pretty sure that the quickbooks error 1722 was coming due to this.

James F. Ellis
James F. Ellis
1 year ago

Last time when I got another error in the QuickBooks, I removed it. I uninstalled it. Then I installed it from scratch. Then registering took longer. It was time-taking but that error solved. Quickbooks install error code 1722 also solved when I did all of this. It is just that the whole thing can take hours.