How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1327?

Errorgenie-How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1327

QuickBooks Error 1327 signifies that during the software’s installation, a problem occurred. Other than this, it may mean that the system’s drive letter is faulty/invalid. Largely, it can indicate an interference or disconnection between the software and the system especially when you install QuickBooks. This is also the reason why you may see a message saying error 1327 invalid drive QuickBooks when such a situation happens. Installing the accounting software is one way of both preventing and fixing the error 1327. In addition, you can use more measures to get rid of a problem like this one.

What are the Causes of QuickBooks Error 1327?

In QuickBooks, error 1327 can be caused by various reasons and one of them is the corruption of the Microsoft .NET framework. Sometimes, its poor configuration can also lead to such an issue.

In addition to this, you may find the QuickBooks error 1327 drive not valid due to the following too: 

  • Maybe your Registry settings are incorrect on Windows. 
  • A cable connection issue between your computer and peripherals may have occurred.
  • Your storage device might be corrupted.

Troubleshooting the QuickBooks Error 1327

You can try troubleshooting the error code 1327 in QuickBooks by starting the repair of the .NET framework on Windows. You can do this by either installing the latest version of it or just reinstalling it. You can also repair the system’s registry settings. In order to fix the error 1327 in QuickBooks, a user may look for any kind of loose wire/connection to the computer and secure it properly. In addition to these, try to install the QuickBooks software when your device/computer is not connected to the internet.

Fix 1: Repair .NET Framework 

At times, you might need to repair Windows .NET Framework. This can be required when the 1327 error is occurring. Especially when the software crashes or if you cannot install newer versions of the framework, then repairing the current one will be suggested. You can use the Program and Features in the Control Panel utility to fix this problem instantly. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to start the repair of this framework and troubleshoot the error 1327 invalid drive QuickBooks:

  • Go to the “Taskbar”. 
  • Click on the “Search” icon.
  • Now, type “Control Panel” in the “Search” dialogue box and hit “Enter”.
  • Once you enter the panel, look for the “Programs” tab and press it.
  • Entering “Program and Features” is the next step.
  • Then select the “.NET Framework” version from the visible list.
  • Tap on “Change/Uninstall” to open a dialogue box that includes a “Repair” option. Click on this option.
  • Now, push the appearing “Next” button to proceed.

As soon as you get done with the repair of the framework, please run QuickBooks to verify the presence of the same error code.

Fix 2: Ensure Correct Windows Registry Settings

Registry issues can occur if any malicious application or malware is left on a PC. These issues can further contribute to the error 1327 invalid drive QuickBooks. Knowing the root cause of the error or a message produced by it, you can immediately fix the Registry on your Windows PC.

Tip: Before you start this process, it is suggested that you take a backup of your system’s Registry. This will come in handy when any loss of information occurs due to this fix.

  • Push the “Windows” key and “R” key together to open “RUN”.
  • Just type the command “Regedit” in the provided space. 
  • Tap the “Enter” button.
  • Now, you will be greeted by a pop-up window asking permission to open the
    “Registry Editor”. Select the “Yes” button.
  • After doing so, a dialogue box will appear. Navigate for this specific key: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders”
  • Now, find out the specific entries starting with the same drive letter which was mentioned in error 1327 drive, not a valid error message.
  • Replace the incorrect device name with the correct drive name “C:\”.
  • Next, please save the changes you made. 
  • Boot the computer after this.
  • Then try to reinstall the “QuickBooks” software. Also, update QuickBooks for a better experience afterward.
  • After doing this whole process, just go back to the Registry to look at the modification you recently did.

Following this, there will be low chances of the error 1327 QuickBooks code appearing again. Still, to verify, try using the software for a while.

Fix 3: Remove the Mapped Network Drive

Mapping a drive may seem like a simple fix to your storage needs. This is because you can use it to access the data stored on a relevant server in a much quicker way than possible otherwise. However, you have to take into consideration that at some point, you will have to either remove this drive or reconfigure/re-establish it. This is suggested due to the possibility of the drive leading to the error 1327 when you have QuickBooks installed on the system.

Particularly for removing the drive, you can use these directions:

  • First, go to “Desktop” on Windows.
  • Look for the icon labeled “My PC.” Now, take your cursor on top of the icon. Then press the “right” button on your mouse or trackpad.
  • Select the “Map Network Drive” option.
  • Make sure that you uncheck the “Shell File” option. 
  • Now, hit the “Ok” button for confirmation. 
  • To complete the process, restart the computer/laptop.
  • Next to restarting, try to install the QuickBooks software from the start.

In this way, you can fix the QuickBooks error 1327 drive not valid since the mapped network drive may not long result in issues.

Resolving Error 1327 in QuickBooks Desktop

In the versions of QuickBooks as well, you may see the 1327 error. Speaking of the error 1327 QuickBooks Desktop, you can fix it by appropriately installing the software. Then you can also see to it that the connection between your system and other storage devices is proper. Moreover, a user can try switching to a new user account on Windows and then install the accounting software to avoid this error.

Fix 1: Install QBDT without the Internet

As you may understand, error 1327 is an installation bug. It is possible that this bug may show up when you install QBDT with an internet connection turned on. This time, you can try installing it without this connection. This will reduce the chances of interference. Hence, the error 1327 in QuickBooks Desktop may not be seen afterward.

  • First, open “RUN” on your PC with Windows. 
  • Type “Control Panel” in the provided space.
  • Press the button for “Enter”.
  • Find the drop-down menu labeled “View by”.
  • Go over to this menu and click on the downward-facing arrow button.
  • Tap on the “Small Icons” option.
  • Look for the option labeled “Network and Sharing Center” and select it.
  • Hit the “Change Adapter Settings”.
  • Right-click on the all-listed options in the settings. 
  • Opt for the “Disable” option for all the adapters.
  • At the time at which you hit the option, you will get a pop-up message stating “Your Connection is Lost”. Keep it that way for a while.
  • Minimize this window. 
  • When you are sure that you are not connected to the internet, install “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • After finishing the installation process, go back to the minimized window. 
  • Then activate your internet connection.

This fix is best for Windows users. In case you wish to install QuickBooks on Mac to fix the error 1327, you may use a USB drive.

Fix 2: Establish a Proper Connection between PC & Storage Devices

While installing QuickBooks Desktop, the error 1327 there can occur due to connection issues. It is important to check that the cables and other related parts are connected properly before starting the installation process. Also, check the devices used for USB or Flash installation of the software. If they are working properly and have been connected with proper connectors, then you may not find the error 1327 QuickBooks Desktop issue again.

Fix 3: Install QuickBooks with New Windows User Account

The current account on Windows may have certain bugs. When you access QuickBooks Desktop via it, these bugs may affect the processes relating to the software. Hence, the error 1327 may come up. You can simply prepare a new account. Using this one, you can install the accounting software in an attempt to get rid of the issue.

For Windows 10 & 11, these steps are helpful for QBDT’s installation.

  • If you are using the QuickBooks Desktop software, then go to the “Search” bar.
  • Now Type “Settings” in it and hit the “Enter” button.
  • Identify the “Accounts” option and press it.
  • Go for the option labeled “Family & Other Users” in the same tab.
  • Choose the “Other User” option. 
  • Then hit the “Add Account” button.
  • After this, complete the whole process by filling in all the credentials step-by-step.
  • Reboot your PC and log in to it with the newly created account. 
  • Then install the software.
  • Finally, the presence of error 1327 in the QuickBooks Desktop needs to be checked.


Based on the occurrence of this error, it can be said that installing QuickBooks properly is very important. When this is not ensured, issues like the QuickBooks error 1327 can often arise. With this, it is hoped that you will try to be more careful with the installation process. In case the error still shows up, the fixes given here will assist you.

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Amila Smith
Amila Smith
1 year ago

I’m not such a technically skilled person. But I remember having encountered error 1327. That message that the drive was invalid was pretty annoying. This was when the drive had no issues internally or externally. But when I repaired the .NET framework, that message never came back. I guess error 1327 invalid drive in QuickBooks was actually due to this framework.

Martin J
Martin J
1 year ago

It wouldnt have been possible for me to fix that quickbooks error 1327 without resetting the registry. I went through the settings all over again since the actual default wasnt that easy to find. The software is working fine now.