QuickBooks Error 103: Meaning, Causes, and Fixes Defined

QuickBooks Banking Error 103

Sometimes entering the wrong credentials or selecting the wrong financial institution can lead to the QuickBooks bank account error 103. The error is predominant with users that have not updated either their bank account or the QuickBooks software. On some systems, QuickBooks users may face code configuration issues or the browser may not have been configured at all. In view of these causes, we have some simple fixes that will help you in resolving the error 103 in QuickBooks. Changing the sign-in information and disconnecting an existing account are handy fixes to eliminate this issue in QuickBooks. Whereas for error code 103 in QuickBooks Online version, the fix of online verification of credentials can work wonders.

We will now give you a quick tour of all of the causes of the 103 error code and its fixes in this blog.
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What is the QuickBooks Error 103?

The QuickBooks bank account error 103 is a usual problem that is related to the bank account linking with your account in the software. The issue caused here is that the credentials entered in QuickBooks or QuickBooks Desktop are not being verified by the financial institution that has been selected by you. The error precisely means that QuickBooks is not accepting your request to log in.

Causes of the QuickBooks Error 103

There are various reasons that can cause the QuickBooks error 103. Some of them are related to hardware whereas others are related to software issues as you can see below:

  • This error can be caused by missing cookies that are important for online login to the bank website.
  • When the permission to activate hardware has been prompted, the access may have been denied.
  • Bugs may be present in the “.msi” files.
  • Code configuration issues in the 103 file could be the reason behind the error.
  • The absence of internet browser configuration is the next cause of the issue.
  • Usage of invalid username/password while connecting to the bank website for the first time may display the 103 error.
  • The user may have mistakenly selected the wrong bank name as there are many on the list.
  • Non-updation of the credentials to the bank website or in QuickBooks may lead to the QuickBooks Online error 103.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 103?

The QuickBooks bank account error 103 can be resolved commonly with simple fixes like changing the sign-in information or by connecting the QB account properly with your bank account. This error also occurs due to unprocessed dormant accounts and they should be removed from QuickBooks for easy integrations.

You can read more about these fixes below.

Fix 1: Make Changes to Sign-in Information

Changing the information about the sign-in details can help in the resolution of the QuickBooks error 103. To do so, firstly, click on Banking for the account that needs to be restored and then go for editing the sign-in info. Secondly, when you click on the link, it will navigate you to the bank website. On properly checking if you can view all the required details, you would be good to go with it.

  • Click on “Banking” from the left menu for the account to be restored.
  • Left-click on “Edit Sign-in Info”
  • Clicking the link will redirect you to the official bank website where a new window will pop up. Wait for this window to appear.
  • Make sure that you are able to see the account summary and other particulars without facing any issues.
  • Lastly, check if this method enables you to access your bank account via the website.

Linking the bank account with QuickBooks can be easily done when the QuickBooks error 103 bothers you. A user has to select the Transactions tab and go for the “Banking” option. Then choose Add an Account and search the name of your financial institution. Click on the message which provides you the option of a new connection with a different login. Keep the credentials of the account handy for sign in. This step will now enable you to sync and merge your Bank account with QuickBooks. Click on “Ok” when all the steps are done.

  • Select the “Transactions” tab and click on “Banking”.
  • Go to “Add an Account” and click on it.
  • Search the name of your bank with the help of the “Search Box” provided.
  • A message stating: “New Connection with a Different Login” appears.
  • Sign in with preferred credentials into the bank’s website.
  • Click on “Connect” as soon as the QuickBooks account has been linked to your bank account.
  • Check everything properly and click on the “Ok” tab to save the changes.

Fix 3: Disconnect an Existing Account

Some dormant accounts that are not in use should be scrapped in a particular manner when the QuickBooks bank account error 103 emerges. A user needs to identify these accounts from the list and edit them. This process as well as the previous one requires you to visit the Banking tab and select the account that needs to be disconnected.

  • Pick the “Transactions” tab and tap on “Banking”.
  • Select the account that needs to be disconnected.
  • Move the pointer to the “Pencil” icon and click on “Edit Account”.
  • Finish the process and click on “Save”.

How to Troubleshoot the Error Code 103 in QuickBooks Online?

The error code 103 in QuickBooks Online can be resolved by verifying your credentials. You can do this when you receive an error message associated with this particular error. Along with this, you can also contact the support service of QBO. Through this service, fixing the 103 error can be easier when its cause is not so easily identifiable.

Fix 1: QuickBooks Online Credentials Verification

For the online resolution of error 103 in QBO, it is important that the credentials of the bank, i.e, username and password are correctly entered. Also, when you find an error message along with this code, this fix can be applied. The pop-up error message will have a link that would be directing you to the website of the bank. You will be required to enter the correct login details and then successfully log out from the financial institution’s website. Visit the QuickBooks Online website and log in again using the same credentials, thereby, updating the sign-in information.

  • Click the link on the error message of the 103 code asking you to verify your credentials. This link will open up a new window, thus, connecting you to the bank website.
  • Enter your login credentials again.
  • Now, log out from the website of the bank.
  • Visit “QuickBooks Online”.
  • Upon logging in, you will have to enter the same credentials again.
  • Click on the button of “Update Sign in Info” to complete this fix.

Fix 2: Connect with QuickBooks Support

As you get bothered by the error 103 in QuickBooks Online, connecting with the software’s support service will be excellent. You will be required to provide some details after connecting to this service. The following details would be required by the QuickBooks support team for fixing this error:

  • Name of the bank
  • Bank Selected when the account was being set up
  • Upon successful login, the website that you have used to connect to your bank (Without QuickBooks Online) and the URL link
  • Account type that is being used such as personal, cash handling, business, etc.
  • Confirming whether the error code 103 is being displayed or if it’s 301

Note: The helpline number, (888)306-6999, gives 24*7 support for all USA users.

To Conclude

We are hopeful that this blog resolved the common problems faced as the error code 103 in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks emerges. The error is a hindrance to daily transactional activities by the client. Resolving this error via connectivity can help in smooth transactions between QuickBooks and the bank server. The steps mentioned for resolution for this error are easy and results can be achieved without getting into many technicalities.

To enhance your knowledge on entitlement deletion, you can visit our latest blog on steps to delete entitlement in QuickBooks Desktop. We are sure that it would be worth the read to resolve the related problems.

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