QuickBooks eCommerce Integration: Best eCommerce Platforms that Integrate with QuickBooks POS, Online, & Desktop

QuickBooks eCommerce Integration

Whether you are planning to open the online store or already running it through different channels, one of the toughest challenges is to manage the huge amount of data generated by these operations. Updating item details, pulling orders, generating invoices, adding payments, updating inventory in your QuickBooks account can be very hectic for you. Therefore, you should use the QuickBooks eCommerce integration as it offers great help to your online retail business.

Tracking the information or adding the data manually can be very counterproductive. Thus, you require a system with strong features. If you integrate an eCommerce platform with QuickBooks Online, you can ease your business activities by automating the tasks. To know more, read this guide.

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In this guide, we will provide the best eCommerce platforms while explaining their key features. Depending on your business requirements, you can select your eCommerce service and integrate it with your QuickBooks account to improve your online store.

How Does eCommerce Integration Improve Customer Experience?

The Internet allows you to run retail stores and take your business further. However, it depends on how well you are performing. No matter if your business is small or large, you will be unable to complete the online shopping race if you do not integrate.

Working on two different platforms (eCommerce and QuickBooks) in isolation, you are left with a large amount of data to keep a track of items, orders, customers, inventory, tracking data, and shipping. And, when you enter such data manually, it is obvious to make mistakes that can affect your business in certain ways.

For instance, if you enter the wrong shipping address while adding the details manually, this may create problems when the customers will not get the package in the meantime. In case the inventory does not update automatically when selling the items then there can be a risk of overselling.

Certain situations can bring your business impression down. As a result, you lose the trust of customers and with all of this, the number of sales decreases.

Therefore, integrating QuickBooks with any of the best eCommerce platforms benefits you in certain ways. By doing so, you can automate your tasks and smooth your business in terms of adding details and selling products.

What Are the Best eCommerce Services for QuickBooks Integration?

Finding the best eCommerce platform can be difficult as most eCommerce platform offers a variety of features. This should be totally based on your business and budget for what platform you should go for.

In the following guide, we will list a number of eCommerce services that can be integrated with QuickBooks Online, Point of Sale, and Desktop. Each of the services has different facilities. Some of them offer free themes for designing for your website while others provide unique features such as inventory management, mobile optimization, order processing, choice of payment gateways, marketing tools, and order processing.

Let’s go through each platform and see what it brings if you integrate them with the QuickBooks program to level up your business.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms that can be integrated with the QuickBooks app. Once you connect your accounting software with an eCommerce platform, you can access the business information from one platform without having to switch from QuickBooks to Shopify or vice versa.

Key Features of Using Shopify for QuickBooks POS and eCommerce Integration

Shopify as an eCommerce platform serves a number of features that ease your task while operating your business. Some of the advantages and features are specified below:

  • Fast and secure payments help you to build a strong base for customers.
  • It provides a built-in payment gateway feature.
  • Shopify connects the domain name to an online shop that creates a seamless image.
  • Users have the flexibility to choose the third-party payment gateway. However, it depends on the needs.
  • It allows you to set up an online store.
  • Users can build a brand.
  • With Shopify, you can create logos by using stock images in high quality.
  • Users get social media engagement.
  • Selling can proceed via different channels such as web stores or social media.
  • Use POS software and hardware to support in-person sales.

When you integrate Shopify with the QuickBooks POS (learn for QuickBooks POS Remote Data Sharing), your data automatically gets added to the accounting software. This eCommerce platform is the best solution for all sizes of businesses in order to handle high sales numbers.

  1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce has its own advantages to integrate it with QuickBooks. Especially if you are a WordPress website user then WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform you can choose.

Key Features of Using WooCommerce for WordPress eCommerce QuickBooks Integration

WooCommerce requires some effort to set up as it is a WordPress plugin. Once you connect this plugin with your QuickBooks accounting software, it offers you numerous benefits that we are listing below:

  • With WooCommerce, you can set up the online store and can have proper control over the platforms since it is open-source.
  • By using multiple extensions, you can personalize it according to the business requirements.
  • WooCommerce provides a secure payment gateway for your customers so that they can make payments online for the orders.
  • All the WooCommerce data of transactions automatically syncs with your QuickBooks platform.

Integrating WooCommerce with QuickBooks using the WordPress plugin requires a domain name, WordPress theme, and hosting. All these should be installed before you install WordPress. However, if you have installed WordPress already then the entire process will go smoother.

  1. Volusion

Another eCommerce platform, Volusion comes with incredible built-in features that are essential for operating the web store. If you do not prefer to use coding expertise then Volusion can be a good eCommerce platform to go for.

Key Features of Using Volusion for QuickBooks eCommerce Integration

Volusion, with its unique built-in features, lets you experiment with your online store. If you are wondering what could be the features offered by the eCommerce platform then read the following:

  • Volusion provides an easy-to-use website builder using which you can easily implement themes to build an online store.
  • You can customize your store with a coding experience.
  • Safe payment gateways for the customers.
  • This eCommerce platform allows you to add video content with the products so that your customer can have a better experience viewing or knowing about the product information.
  • With the suggested products feature, your customers can find more products that they might be looking for.
  • Share and manage your data between Volusion and QuickBooks platform.
  • Using the mobile app, you can easily manage the eCommerce business from anywhere.
  • It improves the selling experience with SEO tools, integrated payment methods, and inventory management.
  • Volusion also provides different price points based on the features you require.

With QuickBooks eCommerce integration, you can freely automate the business that eventually saves your time by sharing or managing the data automatically between invoicing, eCommerce, and inventory management.

  1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce can also be integrated with QuickBooks as an eCommerce platform. With this integration, you can customize your website for a better seller and customer experience. Moreover, it does not require coding expertise.

Key Features of Using BigCommerce for QuickBooks Point of Sale eCommerce Integration

BigCommerce platform is simple to use and the integration process does not require much effort. In addition, there are a number of features that can make your business even smoother than earlier.

  • With the helpful features of BigCommerce, it eliminates the struggle of bookkeeping and manual data entry.
  • You can use the templates for the online store so that it can load the page quickly. This helps customers to navigate through the pages smoothly and find your product with detailed information.
  • It also offers the option to choose from a range of paid or free themes.
  • If you integrate BigCommerce like QuickBooks eBay Integration and WePay QuickBooks Integration, you can sell the products on several platforms including Amazon and eBay.
  • Customers can proceed with multiple payment modes.

All in all, connecting BigCommerce and QuickBooks gives you an amazing experience with sales. In addition, it makes the customer’s experience secure and smooth with the shopping.

  1. Magento

Magento is one of the popular eCommerce platforms available for online retailers. This cloud-based eCommerce option supports in-store, mobile, and email sales. You can even customize your online store as it is open source.

Key Features of Using Magento for QuickBooks Online eCommerce Integration

Magento Open Source is free to download and it comes with a lot of helpful features that can benefit you in your business. Here, we are listing other key features of integrating Magento with QuickBooks.

  • Magento works for all business sizes. It becomes easy for you to scale the online retail store when ready without switching the platforms.
  • The open-source comes with expenses that include hosting, domain names, add-ons, and payment processing.
  • Third-party developers provide alluring themes for the Magento store including both free and paid themes.
  • Paid themes offer more functionality that is worth the expense.
  • The built-in feature provides inventory management, mobile optimization, order processing, choice of payment gateways, marketing tools, and order processing.

Integrating Magento with QuickBooks has a lot of perks, however, it may not be for everyone. If you set up the store with Magento, it can be very complicated in comparison to other eCommerce services especially if you are not a programmer on the small business payroll or do not understand programming.

Which eCommerce Platform is Suitable for You?

We have talked about the five best eCommerce services that can be integrated with QuickBooks to make your business grow. But how would you know what eCommerce service is best for your business?

There can be different aspects of business and thus it is not necessary that every eCommerce platform is suitable for building your online store. Therefore, you should compare the features of eCommerce services and check which service is easy to use for the integration. This will help you to know which eCommerce integration is best for your business.

By comparing the price, you can make it easy for you to decide. Because if your business is small in size then paying for a costly eCommerce platform will be expensive for you. In such a case, you can go with the cheaper platforms that offer helpful features. Many eCommerce service providers offer monthly fees depending on the sales volume and feature it has.

You should also check the transaction fees or if the domain and hosting price are included or separated.

Tip: If you are not tech experienced then you can select the eCommerce service that does not require coding so that you can easily set up and handle your store. By using add-ons, plugins, and integrations, you can customize the retail store without using any coding.

For those who have programming capability on the staff then the options offered by technical solutions might be just the ticket. In such cases, search for the platform that can be integrated with QuickBooks so that it can simplify your record keeping.

To Sum Up

When you integrate the business software from cloud payroll software and accounting to eCommerce platforms saves money and time while improving accuracy. QuickBooks is already an adaptable option that can be integrated with many software programs and apps. So, you can pick any of the specified eCommerce platforms for QuickBooks eCommerce integration and level up your business. This will help you to maximize your sales and ease your task by automating them.

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