How to Reprint Checks in QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Desktop?

Reprint Checks in QuickBooks

At times, while you print a check, it may get jammed in your printer. This may cause the check to suffer certain damages. There can also be instances wherein a previously printed check may have been replaced by you. When situations like these surround you, reprinting the checks may seem like the best option to pick. Do you know the best ways to reprint them in this Intuit accounting software? In case you don’t, allow us to teach you how to reprint checks in QuickBooks.

This blog will cover a number of methods for reprinting checks, reprinting a batch of checks, reprinting paychecks, reprinting multiple checks, and reprinting single checks in QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online as well as QuickBooks Desktop.

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Take a quick look at the following to know the methods for reprinting checks in QuickBooks that we will be covering today:

How to Reprint Checks in QuickBooks?

For reprinting checks in QB, we have the quickest method you can follow. Using this method, you can navigate to the Print Check option in the software. After opting for Print Review, you can push the Printer tab for reprinting the check you prefer.

In case you would like to do this method by following the correct sequence of steps, then you should scroll down.

  1. Launch “QuickBooks”.
  2. Look for “Print Check”.
  3. Select “Print Preview”.

Note for Readers: In case you would like to print more than one check, select “Add More Checks”.

  1. The “Printer” tab has to be pressed. Now, the check or checks chosen by you will get reprinted.

How Do I Reprint a Batch of Checks in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks enables its users to reprint checks in batches. If you too would like to reprint them in batches, then first head to the report of Check Detail. Make a selection for the check you wish to reprint and click on the Print Later option. This is accompanied by pressing the Save and Close tab. By pressing + New, you can pick Print Checks for reprinting them in batches.

  1. When “QuickBooks” is running, choose “Reports” via the menu present on the left.
  2. Find the report of “Check Detail”.
  3. The check you would like to print has to be chosen.
  4. After opening one check, select “Print Later”.
Reprint a Batch of Checks in QuickBooks
  1. Push the “Save and Close” button.
  2. Click on “+ New”.
  3. Select the option of “Print Checks”.
  4. Choose a bank account via the dropdown option.
  5. Also, choose the checks which have to be printed in the batch.
  6. Prefer selecting “Preview and Print”.
  7. Press “Print”.

Note for Readers: The starting check should be correct for printing the checks in batches.

In case the 11 steps written above have been correctly executed by you, your checks will get reprinted in a batch.

How to Reprint Checks in QuickBooks Online?

A few readers have asked us “How do I print a checks in QuickBooks Online or reprint checks in QB”. So, in this part of the blog, we will be settling this query with the best method available for reprinting checks in QBO.

Initially, you can sign in to QBO and select the symbol of the Magnifying Glass. This is followed by writing the Transaction Number and Amount to search for the check. Via the Reports option, go to the Check Detail Report and reprint that check which you wish to.

  1. Start “QBO” and sign in to it.
  2. Press the icon of the “Magnifying Glass” or “+”. You can find it at the top.
  3. Input the “Transaction Number”.
  4. Enter the “Amount” or “Date” for finding the check.
  5. Press “Enter”.
  6. Pick “Reports” using the menu on the left.
  7. Look for “Check Detail Report”.
  8. In the eighth step, pick the check you wish to print.
  9. Click on “Print Check”.

In a short while, your preferred check will get reprinted in QuickBooks Online.

Methods for Reprinting Paychecks in QuickBooks

QuickBooks comes loaded with tons of helpful features. Using one such feature, you can reprint paychecks in the software. Now, we will be educating you about various methods to reprint the paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop. These methods will be inclusive of reprinting a single paycheck and multiple paychecks.

Let’s read further to know the details of these methods.

4.1) Method 1: How can I Reprint Multiple Paychecks in QuickBooks?

One of the most frequently asked questions by users is “Can you reprint checks in QuickBooks if they are more than one at once”. Some of our readers may also be wondering about the same. To resolve your question, we have outlined a method for reprinting multiple checks in the software. As an overview of this method, you can go to Transactions in QB and pick Paychecks. After deciding the paycheck you need to reprint, double-tap on it. Then press the Print Later option.

To know the other steps, please read the following:

Note for Readers: When you reprint multiple paychecks in this accounting software, you can stay assured that the wage records of your employees will not get affected.

  1. To start with, run “QuickBooks”.
  2. Enter the tab of “Transactions”.
  3. Tap on the “Paychecks” option.
  4. Look for the paycheck you wish to reprint and click twice on it.
  5. Select “Print Later”.
  6. Press the “Save & Close” option.
  7. The above-listed steps have to be repeated for every check which you haven’t marked for printing.
  8. Ensure that you first tap on the print forms. Afterwards, you can click on the paychecks.
  9. See to it that every paycheck that has to be printed has been check-marked.
  10. In closing, press “Ok”.

4.2) Method 2: How Do I Reprint a Paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop?

To assist you in reprinting a single check in QuickBooks Desktop, you can make use of two options. The first option will teach you the method to reprint a single paycheck via the Lists option. You can also reprint it by accessing the Employees Menu. To do so via the Employees Menu, you can follow the method provided in the second option.

The guidelines for both options have been given in the upcoming subsections of the post.

4.2.1) Option 1: Reprinting a Single Paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop via the Lists Option

This subsection will answer the query “How do I reprint a check in QuickBooks Desktop using the option of Lists”. At first, you can run the software and locate Lists. Once located, you can select this option. Go to COA or the Chart of Accounts. Pick that account which you are using for payroll and double-tap on the same. Then look for the paycheck and reprint it at last.

  1. Access the menu bar after opening “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  2. Select “Lists”.
  3. Opt for the “Chart of Accounts”
Single Paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop
  1. Locate the account which is used by you for payroll. Click twice on this account.
  2. Tap twice on the check that is required to be reprinted.

Note for Readers: Ensure that you are selecting the correct paycheck prior to reprinting it.

4.2.2) Option 2: Reprinting a Single Paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop via the Employees Menu

Coming to the second option, here you can see the method for reprinting a single paycheck using the Employees Menu. This menu can be found as and when you run the accounting software. By entering it, you can choose Void Paychecks or Edit. This is accompanied by writing the Date in the box for Show Paychecks from and through. Now, you can look at the paycheck and move forward to reprint it.

  1. Run “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  2. Head to the menu of “Employees”.
  3. Choose “Edit” or “Void Paychecks”.
  4. You will find a box stating “Show Paychecks from and through”. Input the “Date” of the paycheck in this box.
  5. For viewing the paycheck, tap twice on the “Name” of the employee.
  6. The option of “Print” has to be pressed.
  7. Hit “Ok”.

The task of reprinting the single check will come to an end.

4.2.3) Method 3: How can I Reprint Multiple Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop?

Let’s find out how to reprint checks in QuickBooks Desktop, in one go, when they are more than one. Navigating to the Employee Center, you can choose Transaction. Next, you can pick all the checks and tap twice on the one which needs to be reprinted. After saving and closing this, you can perform these directions again for those checks which you haven’t marked for printing. The File menu will present you with the option of Print Forms. After clicking on it, you can opt for the Paychecks option and reprint them.

  1. Begin with accessing “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  2. Visit the tab of “Employee Center”.
  3. Click on the tab of “Transaction”.
  4. Using the column on the left, select the paychecks.
  5. Click twice on the paycheck which has to be reprinted.
  6. Choose “Save and Close”.
  7. Repeat the steps from 1 to 6 for the checks which have not been marked for printing.
  8. Enter the menu of “File”.
  9. Click on “Print Forms”.
  10. Choose “Paychecks”.
  11. After selecting every paycheck that has to be reprinted, press “Ok”.

Once these directions have been administered by you, multiple paychecks will get reprinted.

Thoughts in Summation

Reprinting checks is the best solution for you when you have lost a check that was previously printed by you. You can also reprint them when these checks are in a damaged condition. QuickBooks enables you to reprint both single and multiple checks. Additionally, you can also print paychecks via this software and its other versions like QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. The methods that we presented to you in this blog will have surely helped you in reprinting these checks in the accounting software.

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