How to Setup and Print Checks in QuickBooks Desktop and Online Versions?

Print Checks in QuickBooks

Printing checks in QuickBooks can be useful for a range of reasons. This software allows you to print several types of checks. As per your requirement, you may wish to print individual checks, multiple checks, payroll checks, voucher checks, paper checks, etc. In case you’re not familiar with the exact methods to print them all, guidance can be found here. With the core expertise of our team, we have developed various methods that will cover everything you need to know for printing checks in QuickBooks.

A blueprint of this post on printing checks in Intuit QuickBooks can be explored as follows.

How to Print Checks in QuickBooks Online?

The users of QB Online do not have to go through any hassles when it comes to printing checks in the software. From its Home Page, they can opt for Quick Create and further choose Vendors. You’ll find the option of Check. After selecting the same, you will have to type in the required information. As you opt for Quick Create and Vendors once again, the option to print the check will be seen.

Let’s learn to print checks step-wise directions.

  1. Ensure that you are on the “Home Page” of “QuickBooks”.
  2. Select the icon of “Quick Create”.
  3. Choose “Vendors”.
  4. Now, click on “Check”.
  5. Enter the information required in the check fields. Ensure that the amount is being correctly filled in by you.
  6. Pick the right accounts for crediting as well as debiting.
  7. Select the icon of “Quick Create” once again.
  8. Click on “Vendors”.
  9. Choose the option of “Print Check”.
  10. With the help of the “Alignment Wizard”, you can make certain adjustments as per your preference.
  11. Click on “Finish Preview”.
  12. Then tap on “Print”.

How to Print Checks in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop entitles you to two methods for printing your checks. In case you wish to print only a single check, the first method will be satisfying. If multiple checks need to be printed, then you can print them in batches by following the second method.

Option 1: Printing an Individual Check

For printing individual checks in QuickBooks Desktop, you can look for Write Checks in the Banking menu. You can then pick that check you would like to print. After filling its Check Number, you can print it.

  1. See to it that the software is running on your screen.
  2. Select the menu of “Banking”.
  3. Opt for the “Write Checks” option.
Steps to print a Individual Check
  1. Find the check that is to be printed.
  2. Look for the field of the initial “Check Number”. Fill this field in case it is needed.
  3. Press “Print”.
  4. You will find three options for the style of the check. Select any one of the following options:
    i) “Voucher”
    ii) “Standard”
    iii) “Wallet”
  5. Choose your printer.
  6. Then click on the “Print” tab.

Option 2: Printing Multiple Checks or Checks in Batches

As per the requirement of certain users, multiple checks may need to be printed in QuickBooks Desktop. The method to print multiple checks will be slightly different than the former one. Initially, you can head to Banking for selecting Write Checks. This is accompanied by opting for Print Later. Then you can exit the window and visit File to pick the Print Forms option.

The remaining directions have been mentioned as follows:

  1. Launch “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  2. Initially, tap on “Banking”.
  3. Look for “Write Checks”. Then tap on the option.
    4 Select the “Print Later” option for every check you want to print.
  4. Leave the window of “Write Checks”.
  5. Go to “File”.
  6. Click on “Print Forms”.
  7. Choose one of the following options as per your preference:
    i) “Checks”
    ii) “Paychecks”
  8. In this step, you will be required to pick your bank account with respect to the check payment.
  9. Fill in the checkboxes for every check you want to print.
  10. Providing the “Check Number” is the next step.
  11. Select the style of the check.
  12. Click on the option of “Print”.

We hope that this method helped you understand how to print checks in QuickBooks Desktop in batches.

How to Print Payroll Checks in QuickBooks Online?

Different versions of QuickBooks Online are available. You can print the payroll checks in these versions of the software. However, the methods for printing them may not necessarily include the same approach. For the versions of this software like QuickBooks Online Payroll, QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced, Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced, Intuit Online Payroll Full Service, the methods have been cited in the following subsections.

Option 1: Printing Payroll Checks in QuickBooks Online Payroll

In order to print payroll checks in QuickBooks Online Payroll, you can go to the Payroll Settings via the Settings of the software. Navigating to the section of Printing, you’ll find an Edit icon. Select it. This is followed by choosing Preprinted QuickBooks-compatible Check Paper. Later you can select the Print 1 Pay Stub or Print 2 Pay Stubs option.

There are more steps that you need to administer. Let’s look at them below.

Note: This method for printing the payroll checks will be suitable for the users of QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium, QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite, QuickBooks Online Payroll Full Service, and QuickBooks Online Payroll Core.

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Tap on “Payroll Settings”.
Payroll Settings
  1. Press the icon of “Edit” in the section of “Printing”.
  2. Choose “Preprinted QuickBooks-compatible Check Paper”.
  3. Pick one of the options given as follows:
    i) “Print 1 Pay Stub”
    ii) “Print 2 Pay Stubs”

Note: In case you’ve never printed payroll checks before, click on “Align Check”.

  1. Press “Save”.
  2. Tap on “Done”.
  3. Via the “Payroll Menu”, the “Employees” option has to be selected.
  4. Click on “Paycheck List” given in “My Payroll”.
  5. After choosing all the paychecks that have to be printed, press “Print”.

Option 2: Printing Payroll Checks in QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced

For the users of QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced, here is a 10-step approach that should be followed. As a part of it, you can rush to the Settings to select Payroll Settings. Make a selection for Paycheck Printing. Moving forward, opt for Preprinted QuickBooks-compatible Voucher Check Stock.

Then you can follow the remaining prompts. You can find these prompts as you read ahead.

  1. Select the “Settings” of the software.
  2. Choose “Payroll Settings”.
  3. Click on “Paycheck Printing” in the section of “Preferences”.
  4. Opt for “Preprinted QuickBooks-compatible Voucher Check Stock”.
  5. Choose one of the following options:
    i) “Print 2 Stubs”
    ii) “Print 1 Stub”
  6. Press “Ok”.
  7. In the menu of “Payroll”, choose “Employees”.
  8. Tap on “Paycheck List” in “My Payroll”.
  9. Opt for the paychecks which have to be printed.
  10. Press “Print”.

Option 3: Printing Payroll Checks in Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced

In case you are wondering how to print payroll checks in QuickBooks Online’s Payroll Enhanced version, make sure that you read the complete method shown here. Via the Setup option, you can find Preferences. In this option, the Paycheck Printing Settings will be given. Accompanied by picking Preprinted QuickBooks-compatible Voucher Check Stock or Blank Check Stock, you can print the payroll checks.

The full method has been outlined below. It will be suggested to read all the directions prior to performing the method.

  1. Click on “Setup”.
  2. Choose “Preferences”.
  3. Tap on “Paycheck Printing Settings”.
  4. Click on “Preprinted QuickBooks-compatible Voucher Check Stock”/”Blank Check Stock”.
  5. You will see two options mentioned as follows:
    i) “Print 2 Stubs”
    ii) “Print 1 Stub”
    Select one of these.
  6. Hit “Ok”.
  7. Select “Payday”.
  8. Click on “Paycheck List”.
  9. Ensure that the paychecks that need to be printed have been chosen.
  10. Click on “View Print”.
  11. Click on the icon of the “Printer”.

Option 4: Printing Payroll Checks in Intuit Online Payroll Full Service

In the final method of this section, we will make you familiar with how to print payroll checks in Intuit Online Payroll Full Service. To do so, you can first prepare the printing preferences. Once they have been set, you’ll find the option of View Paycheck List. Here, you can find the payroll checks which have to be printed. Then you can push the Print button for closing this method.

  1. First, establish the printing preferences.
  2. Click on “View Paycheck List”.
  3. Opt for all the paychecks for printing.
  4. Click on the “Print” tab.
  5. Press the icon of the “Printer” to go ahead with the printing.

The payroll checks will get printed after the fifth step has been completed. View them to be sure that the prints are clear and correct.

How to Print Voucher Checks in QuickBooks Online with No Voucher Portion?

Should you like to print voucher checks in QBO without the voucher portion, you can use the method outlined in this section. First of all, you can select the New option. Afterwards, you can pick Print Checks. Then click on Print setup and make a selection for Standard. You will see an option stating Yes, I’m Finished with Setup. Select it and then follow the instructions which remain.

To know what these instructions are, you are requested to read below.

  1. In QBO, click on “New”.
  2. Choose “Print Checks”.
  3. Click on “Print Setup”.
  4. Choose the “Standard” option.
  1. Tap on “Yes, I’m Finished with Setup”.
  2. Press the arrow below “On First-page Print”.
  3. Pick the option to print one check.
  4. Choose the check for printing it.
  5. Ensure that the preview option is selected by you.
  6. Finally, hit the “Print” tab.

How to Print a Paper Check in QuickBooks Online Payroll?

This method will assist you in finding out how to print a paper check in QuickBooks Online Payroll. On this version of the Intuit software, first, click on Employees. Alternatively, you can click on Payroll. Followed by selecting Run payroll, you can opt for the pay schedule. Via the icon of Direct Deposit, you can locate the Paper Check option for printing it.

  1. Select the menu of “Employees” or “Payroll”.
  2. Click on “Run Payroll”.
  3. In case multiple pay schedules are being used by you, choose the one required.
  4. Press “Continue”.
  5. Click on the icon of “Direct Deposit” for your employee.
  6. Tap on “Paper Check”.
  7. Fill in the pay cheque’s information of your employee.
  8. Click on “Preview Payroll”.
  9. Tap on “Submit Payroll”.
  10. Provide the number of the cheque.

Note: The cheque number will be essential in case blank cheque stock is being used for printing.

  1. Click on “Print Pay Cheque”.

Note: The option of “Print Pay Cheque” will be made available only after you have decided what the cheques will be printed on.

  1. Click on “Print Pay Stub”.

Note: By selecting the “Print Pay Stub” option, you’ll be able to print the pay stub but the check will have to be written by hand.

  1. Click on “Finish Payroll”.

How to Align Check Printing in QuickBooks Online?

While printing checks via QuickBooks Online, some of you may have noticed alignment problems. This may have happened in case the alignment settings were not checked by you prior to printing it. Therefore, the goal of this section will be how to adjust check printing alignment in QuickBooks Online. To begin, you can navigate to Transactions and opt for Expenses. After selecting Print Checks, head to Print Setup. After performing a couple of steps, the alignment option will be seen. You can make adjustments to the alignment and print a sample check.

  1. In QBO, you will find “Transactions” available on the left panel. Enter it.
  2. Select the option of “Expenses”.
  3. Press the button for “Print Checks” or “Cheques”. You will find this option at the top-right corner.
  4. Select “Print Setup”.
  5. Next, you have to tap on the button for “No, Continue Setup”.
  6. On the subsequent screen, press the button for “No, Continue Setup” once again.
  7. The page of “Fine-tune Alignment” will now be seen. The grid box needs to be dragged to the location hinted by the amount of the dollar.

Note: As you perform the seventh step, the horizontal, as well as vertical, will get changed.

  1. On the left, at the bottom, select “View Preview and Print Sample”.
  2. Press the icon of “Print” in the print preview.
  3. On a plain paper, a sample of the check will get printed.
  4. Ensure that the alignment of the sample check is correct.

Note: In case the alignment of the sample check doesn’t seem right, then you can opt for fine-tuning it. Press “Close”. Visit the grid once again. Then make the necessary changes. Print another sample of the check and ensure that its alignment is satisfying. In case of any flaws, you can make the necessary changes by following the same steps as have been mentioned in the note.

  1. Select the “Finish Setup” option.
  2. Make the changes given as follows and apply them:
    i) Set “Page Scaling” to “None”.
    ii) See to it that the options “Center” and “Auto-Rotate” have not been ticked.
    iii) The option of “Choose Paper Source by PDF Page Size” needs to be chosen.
  3. In case “Adobe 10.1.2” is being used by you, ensure that the following options are in place:
    i) Below “Page Size & Handling”, pick “Actual Size”.
    ii) Also, make a selection for “Choose Paper Source by PDF Page Size”.
    iii) Below “Orientation”, click on “Auto Portrait/Landscape” for selecting the same.
  4. Go ahead with printing the check once the alignment has been correctly administered.

Note: As has been reported by certain users, while they use “Chrome”, the upper half of the checks seem flawless. However, alignment issues have been observed in the bottom half of the checks. Should such an occurrence emerge in your case as well, go to “Chrome”. Write “Chrome://plugins” in its “Address Bar”. Go through the “Chrome Plugins” given in the list. Turn off “Chrome PDF Viewer”. Turn on “Adobe PDF Plug-in for Firefox and Netscape”. Then you can leave “Chrome”. Afterwards, you can access QuickBooks Online and perform the printing process. Adobe will open. Ensure that the settings are the same as those mentioned in the fourteenth step.

Final Words

Putting in our earnest efforts, we educated you about numerous methods to print checks in QB, QBO, and QuickBooks Desktop. We hope that while implementing these methods, no difficulties were faced by you. For the success of these methods, ensure that you don’t miss any of the directions provided above. Also, when you’re done with printing these checks, carefully observe them to be sure of the correct alignment.

We’ll also recommend you to read our posts on QuickBooks remote access and QuickBooks error H202 fixes. The procedures and fixes given in these posts will greatly impress you.

FAQs – How to Setup and Print Checks in QuickBooks Desktop and Online Versions

What are the requirements for printing checks in QuickBooks Desktop?

You will need the Check Number as a significant requirement for printing the document in this accounting software. For batch printing, the information regarding your bank account will be needed. Thus, before you find out how to print checks in QuickBooks Desktop, be sure to collect the said information.

Is printing checks from QuickBooks in a batch possible?

You can find out how to print checks in QuickBooks in a batch. Specifically while using the Desktop version, you can go for the “Write Checks” feature. When it displays your checks, you will notice checkboxes next to them. Select the required boxes to print these documents in a batch.

How to print checks in QuickBooks Desktop?

You can print single, as well as multiple checks, on QuickBooks Desktop. In either case, the option “Write Checks” will be utilized. For an individual check, add its number in the available space, and press “Print”. For batch printing, you can tap on the option called “Print Forms”. Then choose the checkboxes for all the checks to get printed.

How to print payroll checks in QuickBooks Online?

There is an Online Payroll version of this software. In that, to print payroll checks, move to “Payroll Settings” given under “Settings”. Select the type of paper for this purpose. Mention the type of the pay stub. Soon, you will be headed to the “Payroll Menu”. It will help you further understand how to print payroll checks in QuickBooks Online Payroll. 

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