QuickBooks File Doctor won’t Open: How to Fix This?

Errorgenie-Quickbooks File Doctor

Designed by Intuit, the QuickBooks File Doctor tool is used to rectify errors or minor glitches occurring in QuickBooks or company files. The tool has numerous benefits. For instance, if you receive any issue with your company file, run QuickBooks File Doctor software. It will automatically scan the file and repair the error. However, there can be occasions when you receive a “QuickBooks File Doctor won’t open” error. Antivirus programs or misconfigured security settings can be the main reasons behind such errors. As a result, the tool stops functioning in the right manner.

If QuickBooks File Doctor has stopped working, you don’t need to panic. We will help you to understand its main causes. Along with this, you will get numerous ways to repair this tool.

Why is the QuickBooks File Doctor Not Working?

QuickBooks File Doctor software can be affected due to several reasons. Inappropriate actions taken by you may not allow the tool to function properly. If QuickBooks File Doctor crashes, the following can be the main causes:

  • When you attempt to operate the damaged or incorporated files, QuickBooks File Doctor may not respond.
  • The error can also appear when your files are misplaced, corrupted, or damaged and thus, cannot be opened.
  • If you miss out on some QuickBooks files during the time of installation, the error can hop up on your screen.
  • When you try to restore the file, it fails due to the error.
  • Even when you convert your old version of your company file over the network.
  • Affected or infected files can also be the reason.

Few Important Points on QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

When your QuickBooks File Doctor not working, you should first check your tool and be aware of its limitations. The tool might not work due to the outdated version. Let’s go through some important information about the tool:

  • QuickBooks File Doctor software should be updated to the latest version so it can function properly. If it is already updated then remove the tool and install it again.
  • This tool can be accessed with all QuickBooks Desktop editions and versions.
  • QuickBooks File Doctor service can be used on Windows computers. However, it does not support QuickBooks for Mac.
  • Although you can use this tool even with QuickBooks 2015, it will be great if you use the external tool.
  • One should have correct credentials to access the tool.
  • Also, the maximum file size is 1.5 GB. Using the file more than the required size may not allow you to use the tool properly.
  • Internet connection must be strong when using the QuickBooks File Doctor service.
  • Make sure you update QuickBooks Desktop before using the QuickBooks File Doctor service.

Note: QuickBooks File Doctor Tool can be used from the QuickBooks Tool Hub software. However, you can still use the File Doctor tool separately.

What to Do When QuickBooks File Doctor Crashes?

If the QuickBooks File Doctor is updated and yet you cannot use it properly, we have some helpful methods for you. To make your tool function and avoid the “QuickBooks File Doctor won’t open” error, you can repair the file from the No Company Open window, restore the corrupted QBW file, turn off the Antivirus service, and adjust the Antivirus settings if required. To make you aware of these methods, we are explaining each method with a detailed description.

Fix 1: Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool Manually

Sometimes, QuickBooks File Doctor Tool does not work due to minor problems. Thus, you should always try opening it manually before implementing any technical method. Through the No Company Open window, you can repair the files. Let us help you with the detailed steps to fix the “QuickBooks File Doctor won’t open” issue:

  • Launch “QuickBooks Desktop” and wait for the “No Company Open” window to be opened.
  • Then, select the “File” menu.
  • Click on the “Utilities” tab.
  • Select the “Repair File and Network Problems” option.
  • When you see the dialog box, press the “OK” button. This will let the “QuickBooks File Doctor” tool restart the app with admin rights.
  • Press the “Yes” button when the dialog box displays.
  • Now, click on the “wrench” icon to let the “QuickBooks File Doctor” tool open.
  • Click the “Continue” tab.
  • Here, you can mention the credentials to sign in to the file.
  • At this stage, the “QuickBooks File Doctor Tool” proceeds with file repair.
  • Click on the “File Diagnosis Only” from the “Advanced Settings” section.
  • Click the “Next” option.

As you execute these steps, your system may prompt you to launch the file. Thereafter, you can check if there is any issue or repairs required.

Fix 2: Recover the Backup of Damaged QBW File

It is always recommended to create a backup of the QBW file so you can retrieve the backup if anything goes wrong. If you encounter errors while opening QuickBooks File Doctor, you should open the file from the local backup. The backup file helps to replace the damaged file. Have a look at the following steps to resolve the “QuickBooks File Doctor won’t open” error:

  • First of all, launch “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Go to the “File” menu.
  • Select the “Open or Restore Company” menu.
  • Select the “Click Open or Restore a Backup Copy”.
  • Click on the “Next” tab.
  • After this, select the “Local Backup” option.
  • Press the “Next” tab.
  • Here, you will spot the drop-down tab through which you can browse the backup file.
  • Make sure you choose the file with the “QBB” extension. Now, hit the “Open” button.
  • Click the “Next” button.
  • When you will find the “Save In” drop-down, you can choose the preferred location to retrieve the files.
  • Also, add the name for the file and click the “Save as” option. This will save the file with the “QBW” format.
  • Click the “Save” option.

When you are done restoring the file, you will no longer face any errors. If QuickBooks File Doctor not working, you can use the Auto Data Recovery option or try out with other methods we are sharing in further discussion.

Fix 3: Turn Off the Hosting Mode & Configure Antivirus Service

Antivirus services often create conflicts between programs. By disabling the Antivirus service, you can verify if QuickBooks File Doctor is working correctly. If it requires any changes, you can configure the Security Firewall. This will let your system use remote connections. Continue pursuing these steps if you use McAfee service:

  • Launch “McAfee software”.
  • Then, select the “Web and Email Protection” option.
  • Now, navigate through the “Firewall”.
  • After this, select the “Ports and System Services” option.
  • Here, you can click the “Add” button.
  • Thereafter, go to the “Services Name” and type “eMule”.
  • Once done, go to the “Local TCP/IP ports” and type your “TCP” data for the QuickBooks.
  • Now, type your TCP data for the QuickBooks in the “Local UDP Port” section.
  • After this, go to the “Open ports to” option and click on the “All PCs” option.
  • Here, select the “Save” tab.

After performing these steps, you can restart the computer. Thereafter, launch the QuickBooks File Doctor tool if it is working properly.

If the above-mentioned method does not help you effectively, you can use the Auto Data Recovery (ADR) option. Once your file is generated, the QuickBooks ADR starts examining the file. Once the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery tool makes sure that there is no error in the file, it saves a copy of the file in the ADR folder as a backup. Later, it keeps taking backup after every 12 hours.

To Sum Up!

QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool to repair errors with QuickBooks. However, sometimes this tool needs repair. There can be several reasons due to which QuickBooks File Doctor crashes. However, you should make sure that your tool is updated and you are using the appropriate files. If you still encounter the same issue, use any of the methods we have stated above.

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