QuickBooks Error 179: Why it Occurs and How to Fix

QuickBooks Error 179

The QuickBooks error 179 is a usual error in the software. This issue occurs due to the non-connectivity issue of the QuickBooks program and bank servers. As an outcome of this problem, users can face issues while making any transactions with the bank and financial transactions can come to a shut-down. Getting rid of this error is important for the completion of all your financial transactions.

In order to resolve the 179 error, it is important to log out of all the accounts and clear off your browsing data. The additional fixes are discussed below in this blog which can help in the effective termination of the QB error 179.

What is the QuickBooks Error 179?

The error 179 in QB is generally encountered when there is some issue with logging in to a bank server. Also, this error results in website crashes, unsuccessful transactions, etc. The bank is unable to receive any kind of data from QuickBooks as there is a hindrance in connectivity. The QuickBooks error code 179 creates a mess within your account systems as organizations have to check balances several times a day and make many transactions.

Causes of the QuickBooks Error Code 179

There are numerous reasons why the QuickBooks error code 179 occurs. The possible reasons are listed as follows:

  • Missing entries in the database may be causing this error.
  • Your missing company file from the admin system can be the source of error 179.
  • This error can result from invoices(Learn to Create an Invoice in QuickBooks) and bills that have been posted in negative values.
  • Your listing may have missing names and data regarding the user.
  • Invalid balance sheets can also cause this trouble.
  • The QuickBooks rebuild error 179 can emerge due to problems running in the Rebuild Utility of the software. After this utility has been used, you may see this error resulting afterward.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 179?

The QuickBooks error 179 can be easily resolved with simple fixes. Clearing multiple browser logins or logging out from your online banking account is the primary fix for this error. To overcome this error, we will also need to use the utility of clearing browsing history as it will clear the cache which interrupts the connection.

The upcoming section will give you a detailed overview of many other available fixes for error 179 in QuickBooks. So let’s get started!

Fix 1: Export QuickBooks Backup Key

Exporting the QuickBooks backup key is very simple and excellently works for removing the error 179. Type Command in the Windows Search box. Press the Control, Shift, and Enter keys together. This will lead to opening up a dialogue box. Just click on Yes. In the black box, type Regedit and press Enter. The Registry Editor window will open up. In continuation, select error 179 and right-click on it. Select the option to Export. After this, Select the QuickBooks Backup Key from your computer and pick a folder. Once you click on Ok, the registry key will be replaced by an older version of QB. Open the browser and fill in the details as required by your bank to continue.

These points would be an easy go-through for these actions to repair the QuickBooks error 179:

  • Click on “Start”.
  • Type “Command Prompt” and hit “Enter”.
  • Now, type “Regedit” in the pop-up window.
  • Select “Error 179” and press “Export”.
  • Select “QuickBooks Pro Backup Key” and select a folder.
  • On clicking on the “Ok” button, the registry will be replaced.

Note: This registry is an older version of QB.

  • Open “Internet Explorer”.
  • Visit your bank’s website.
  • Enter the correct credentials to access the software without the error code.

Fix 2: Logging out from Your Online Banking Account

To make this fix work for the QuickBooks error code 179, firstly, log out from the bank’s website. This specifically includes all the logins that are made. Secondly, there must be a thorough check if anyone has been using the same credentials to log in. Finally, use the admin panel to log in to the bank account. After this, the error code will be resolved.

  • Log out from the bank’s website.
  • Make sure that everyone has logged out.
  • Do not use the same credentials to log in again on this website.
  • Enter the valid credentials via the “Admin Panel” and log in to the bank account.

Fix 3: Clear Multiple Browser Logins

This is the most common fix for the QuickBooks rebuild error 179 which includes the basic step of signing out from all the bank websites and accounts. This has to be done by all the users and then they are required to log in again with the same credentials in QuickBooks.

The steps involved in this process of resolution of rebuild error code 179 are as follows:

  • Sign out of the bank’s website on any internet browser window.
  • If someone else is using the same account credentials or anything related to that account, then ask the user to log out as well.
  • Enter the correct username and password as mentioned in the bank’s website in QuickBooks.

You may check for the error 179 in QuickBooks after this. The error may not persist.

Fix 4: Clear Your Browsing Data

As we all know that on browsing a website, cookies might get downloaded. They can hinder the proper functioning of the web browser. This may be the reason behind seeing the error 179 in the QB program.

To fix the error 179, in Google Chrome, select Settings and then navigate to More followed by More Tools. In order to avoid the QuickBooks error 179, it is important to know how to clear the browsing data of a web browser. Therefore, you can now select Erase Browsing Data along with other options like Cache and Cookies. Then log in again with the bank credentials.

The steps below would help in the execution of the task.

  • Open “Google Chrome”.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on “More”.
  • Tap on “More Tools”.
  • Select the “Erase Browsing Data” option.
  • Pick all the options like “Cache”, “Cookies”, etc., as per your choice.
  • Click on “Clear Browsing Data” once all the options have been selected.
  • Login to the bank’s website using the required credentials.

After logging in to your account on this site, you will not be facing the 179 error any longer.

Fix 5: Access the QBwin.log in Windows

In Windows, you can find QBwin.log. By accessing it, you may be able to receive help in fixing error 179 in QuickBooks. To access the same, a path is required. Usually, you can open the C Drive for finding the location of QBwin.log.

The QBwin.log file is present in:

  • Open and use file explorer.
  • To find the “QBwin.log” file, the following location can be used:
  • “Location: C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks\log\XX.X\QBwin.log”

Note: In place of “XX.X” in the location mentioned here, you will see the QB accounting software’s version.

Fix 6: Updating the Financial Institution

In this resolution, it is important to select the bank/financial institution and update/refresh it. By doing so, there will be lower chances of seeing the error 179 in the QuickBooks accounting software. Later, you may log in again using the correct credentials.

These steps will come in handy for this purpose:

  • Open “QuickBooks” and go to “Tools”.
  • Select “Online Centre”.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the bank details that you need to update.
  • Push and hold the “Ctrl” + “F3” keys.
  • Select “Contact info” above “Online Centre”.
  • The bank that needs to be updated must be selected.
  • Update and refresh the system.
  • Now, the user needs to input his/her profile and information related to branding under the current status and update it as required.
  • Press “Ok” and click on “Update”/“Send”.
  • Enter correct login credentials.

To Conclude

This blog sums up the causes of the most common QuickBooks error. Here, we learned how to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error 179. Accessing the QBwin.log in Windows and doing the updation of the details in the financial institution are the fixes to be carried out when logging out of all systems of the bank or clearing browsing data does not help. This is how you can understand and resolve the error 179 and work out your way through it.

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