What is QuickBooks Error 1625: Learn About Its Causes and Fixes

QuickBooks Update Error 1625

In QuickBooks, the error 1625 is a problem relating to the software’s update. “This Installation is Forbidden by System Policy” is the message displayed when the system faces the error 1625 in QuickBooks Update. This means that there might be one or multiple issues with the system which is hindering QuickBooks from smoothly operating at the time of updating it. Logging in to the admin account and then making changes is the primary action to be taken to resolve the QuickBooks Error 1625. When you use this account for updating the software, you may not find this issue again.

What is Error 1625 in QuickBooks: Learn About Its Causes

A message stating “This Installation is Forbidden by System Policy” pops up often in QuickBooks as the update Error 1625 comes. This error is very critical and needs to be resolved immediately as it hinders the update of QuickBooks.

The possible causes of the QuickBooks update error 1625 are listed below:

  • The Windows Installer Backup file may have been deleted by some action of another program.
  • A virus or malware may have damaged the Windows registry or installer-related program files.
  • The Windows registry might be corrupt due to changes done to the installation setup files.
  • The installer may prevent the user from refreshing the program.
  • The user may have not used the admin account to log in.
  • The Windows installer framework may be damaged or corrupt.

How to fix QuickBooks Error 1625?

To fix the QuickBooks error 1625, the gadgets in your PC may need an update in the driver software. Secondly, checking the Windows settings configuration may end this bug. The account control configurations also need to be checked so that error 1625 can be resolved. Finally, the registry editor settings need to be rechecked if the error persists.

Fix 1: Update Gadget Drivers

Updating the gadget drivers can help you fix QuickBooks error 1625. In this method, the user needs to check the drivers that are out of date. You will need to go to the websites and download the latest version of these drivers. Update the same after the installation and reboot the system to check if the fix has worked.

  • Check for drivers that are out of date on your PC.
  • Open the websites corresponding to the driver and download the latest version of the same.
  • Install the driver update that you just downloaded.

This will boost the system performance and also help in the resolution of the QuickBooks error 1625.

Fix 2: Checking Windows Settings Configuration

Checking the configuration of Windows settings is essential when issues like the error 1625 in QuickBooks update occur. Since this error can occur in QuickBooks on Windows 7, 8, 10, and XP, we have explained how you can check the configuration on each one of them as follows:

For Windows 7, 8, 10

  • Go to the “Run” window by hitting the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously.
  • Type “Gpedit.msc” in the search box.
  • Hit “Enter”.
  • Navigate to “Local Computer Policy Window”.
  • Select “Computer Configuration”.
  • Search for the “Administrative Templates”.
  • Go to “Windows Components”.
  • Select “Windows Installer”.
  • After this, when you have applied for vendor-signed updates, left-click on the option which prohibits non-admins.
  • Disable the same and click on “Ok”.

For Windows XP

  • Open the run window and type in “Gpedit.msc”.
  • Hit “Enter”.
  • Follow the path to “Local Computer Policy”.
  • Go to “Computer Configuration”.
  • Navigate and select ”Administrative Templates”.
  • Navigate to “Windows Components”.
  • Click on “Windows Installer”.
  • After this, when you have applied for vendor-signed updates, left-click on the option which prohibits non-admins.
  • Select “Disable” and click on “Ok”.

Fix 3: Check User Account Control Configurations

User Account Control or UAC is a tactical technique to register a win over the QuickBooks update error 1625. MSConfig is to be typed in the search box of the start menu as a first step to execute this fix. Next, a UAC window will pop up when Continue is hit. Go to Tools and highlight Change UAC Setting and select Launch. Here, the user needs to select the Never Notify option and restart the system for the changes to reflect.

  • Open the “Start” menu.
  • Type “MSConfig” and press the “Enter” key.
  • The User Account Control window will pop up when “Continue” is clicked.
  • Go to “Tools” and highlight “Change UAC Setting”
  • Click on “Launch”.
  • Select the “Never Notify” option.
  • Restart the PC to make the changes fully functional.

Fix 4: Setting up Software Restrictions Policy Checks

Software restriction policy is related to a set of protocols that controls and identifies the computer programs running in the Windows environment. Checks are an important part of the error 1625 in QuickBooks Update’s resolution. For implementation, begin by hitting the Start button and heading to the Control Panel. Follow the path of clicking on Admin Tools and selecting the option of Local Security Settings. The next step would be to right-click on Software Restriction Policies which would be blank. When the options are opened, choose the New Software Restrictions Policy and click on Enforcement. Move all the users apart from the Admin and hit the Ok button. Once done, restart the system to fix the QuickBooks error 1625.

  • Press the “Start” button.
  • Go to “Control Panel”.
  • Click on “Admin Tools”.
  • Select “Local Security Settings”.
  • Choose “Software Restriction Policies” and right-click on the same.
  • In the options, click on “New Software Restrictions Policy”.
  • To bring things to action, click on “Enforcement”.
  • Move all the users except the “Admin”.
  • Opt for “Ok”.
  • Restart the system again.

Fix 5: Configuration of Registry Editor Settings

Registry Editor allows a user to modify registry-related keys and subkeys which would help in fixing the error 1625 in QuickBooks Update. Firstly, navigate to the Start button and enter Command in the search box. Press Enter. Simultaneously, press Ctrl, Shift and Enter in unison. A permission box will pop up. Once you accept, click on Yes. A black box will pop up again. Type Regedit and tap on Enter. Right-click and go to the Export option. Rename the file as Windows Installer Backup and export by hovering over to the selected branch. Save the file now with the .reg extension and hence the file would be ready to use.

  • Hit the “Start” button.
  • Enter “Command” in the search tab and press “Enter”.
  • Press the “Ctrl”+“Shift”+“Enter” keys simultaneously.
  • On being prompted by a permission box, click on “Yes” and accept the permission.
  • A black box would be seen where “Regedit” must be typed and entered.
  • Right-click and find “Export” in the menu.
  • Assign a name to the backup file as “Windows Installer Backup”.
  • Export the range box by hovering to the selected branch.
  • Save the file with the “.reg” extension.

Finally, you will have the “Windows Installer Backup” ready. Using this, there will be fewer chances of seeing the error 1625 in QB.


In this blog, we came across the causes of the error 1625 in QuickBooks. However, as we read here, there can be several causes of this error. We mentioned these causes and also suggested various ways to fix them. We believe that by now, the error 1625 would not be occurring in the software.

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1 year ago

QuickBooks error 1625 would often come up when I was using the software on Windows. Eventually, I found out that the Registry was damaged because of which other problems also began. In a way, yes, fixing the Registry can be great.

1 year ago

Very late i got to know that my PC affected virus. Many programs were not working and quickbooks also. The quickbooks error 1625 is fixed now. I updated the antivirus and the virus was removed.

Emmy Jackson
Emmy Jackson
1 year ago

I’m not so good with configurations and then Windows 10 is new to me. I recently got the update and hence, was not aware of the right configurations. As soon as I got this correct, the QuickBooks error 1625 code didn’t come back.