How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15106 or Update Error?

QuickBooks Error Code 15106

The error 15106 in QuickBooks and QuickBooks Desktop suggests issues with the payroll updates. Triggered by certain interferences, this error may be arising in the Intuit accounting software. As this error keeps popping up, you may be unable to smoothly work in QuickBooks. Making it easier for our readers to escape or prevent such a problem, we have devised brilliant fixes for the QuickBooks error code 15106. Along with QB, these fixes can be implemented for doing away with the problem on QuickBooks Desktop too.

What Does QuickBooks Error 15106 Mean?

When the software is hit by the error code 15106, it can mean that there is a problem with the payroll update. You’re likely to find a message mentioning “Error 15106: The Update Program Cannot be Opened” or “Error 15106: The Update Program is Damaged”. The error or this message may prevent you from updating the Intuit accounting software.

Causes of QuickBooks Update Error 15106

The top causes of the error 15106 in QB have been listed below.

  • Your PC’s antivirus may be blocking or interfering with the updating process.
  • Lack of admin rights can prevent you from reading or writing certain files. Consequently, this error may be seen.
  • QuickBooks update program may be considered as a suspicious activity by Spy Sweeper in case it exists in the antivirus software’s web root.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15106?

Disabling User Account Control has sometimes been useful for removing the error code 15106 in QuickBooks. Let’s see if this option can help you too in removing the problem. As you read below, you’ll be able to find all the steps for disabling UAC in Windows.

Fix 1: Turn off UAC or User Account Control

Turning off UAC or User Account Control can help in preventing the QuickBooks error code 15106. To turn off this option, you can open the Control Panel and visit the User Accounts via it. Opting for User Accounts (Classic View) will help in finding the Change User Account Control Settings. In the settings, you can use the slider to turn off UAC.

  • On your keyboard, tap the following keys at the same time:
    “Windows” key + “R” key
  • In “Run”, please write “Control Panel”.
  • Now, press “Ok”.
  • Select the “User Accounts” option in the fourth step.
  • Next, opt for “User Accounts (Classic View)”.
  • Find “Change User Account Control Settings” and select it.
  • In case a prompt appears, press “Yes”.
  • Select “Never Notify” by moving the slider.
  • Tap on “Ok”. Ensure that “UAC” has been turned off.

Note: In case you would like to turn on “User Account Control”, the slider can be moved to “Always Notify”. After this, you have to select “Ok”.

  • In the final step, please reboot your computer.

We hope that the error 15106 will not emerge once UAC has been disabled.

How to Fix Error 15106 in QuickBooks Desktop?

Let us now move to the fixes for the update error 15106 in QuickBooks Desktop. Using the following 5 fixes, you can repair the QuickBooks error 15106. We will not only mention these fixes to you but also guide you in executing every direction for the best outcomes.

Fix 1: Stop Your Antivirus Along with Renaming the QuickBooks Update Folder

In this measure, we’ll first show you how to stop your antivirus by visiting Processes in the Task Manager. After it has been stopped or uninstalled, we’ll assist you in renaming the folder of QuickBooks Update. After doing these two tasks, the error 15106 in the accounting software will not be seen by you.

  • To begin, please tap on the combination of these 3 keys:
    “Ctrl” key + “Shift” key + “Esc” key
Stop Your Antivirus Along with Renaming the QuickBooks Update Folder
  • In the “Task Manager”, go to the tab titled “Processes”.
  • Find “[Antivirus].exe.” in “Processes”.

Note: In “[Antivirus].exe.”, the name of your antivirus may be mentioned in place of “[Antivirus]”.

  • Click on the “End Process” option.

Note: You can also choose to uninstall the antivirus program in case it seems problematic. For doing so, tap on “Windows” and “R” keys in one go. Enter “appwiz.cpl” in “Run”. Press “Ok”. Find your antivirus in the list of programs. Select it and press “Uninstall”. Wait for a few minutes for the program to successfully uninstall.

  • Tap on the keys mentioned as follows at once for launching the “File Explorer”:
    “Windows” key + “E” key
  • Go to the location: “C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks(year)\Components”
  • In the case of 64-bit, prefer opening this location instead: “C:\Program Files(x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks(year)\Components”
  • You will find the “downloadqbXX” folder. Right-tap on this folder and then pick “Rename”.

Note: In the “downloadqbXX” folder’s name, “XX” will represent QuickBooks version’s year.

  • For renaming the folder, include “.old” at the name’s end.
  • Update “QuickBooks Desktop” once again.

Fix 2: Sign in as the Administrator for Running QuickBooks Desktop

The second fix for overcoming errors like the QuickBooks update error 15106 will direct you in opening the software with the admin rights. Many-a-times it has been witnessed that when a user is not signed in as the admin and runs QuickBooks Desktop, errors like this one can emerge.

The steps shown here will let you know whether or not you’re signed in as the administrator. If not, then these steps will help you in doing so. Afterwards, you can run the software with no errors emerging this time.

  • Push the keys given below at the same time:
    “Windows” key + “R” key
  • Input “Control Panel” in “Run”.
  • This is followed by clicking on “Ok”.
Sign in as the Administrator for Running QuickBooks Desktop
  • Move to the “User Accounts” option.
  • Again select “User Accounts”.
  • Your name should be visible here. Check whether “Administrator” is mentioned below your name.

Note: The sixth step will help in ensuring whether or not you’re signed in as the “Administrator”. In case “Administrator” is mentioned below your name, you can move to the seventh step. However, if “Administrator” isn’t mentioned below it, then sign in to your system with the admin rights and then perform the next step.

  • Exit “QuickBooks Desktop” if it’s open.
  • Then right-click on the icon of the accounting software for choosing “Run as Administrator”.

Fix 3: Remove and Reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop Software

This fix is about removing and reinstalling the software. The process can be initiated by opening the list of programs using the Run dialog box. The list will carry QuickBooks Desktop. You can remove it after finding it in the list.

Note: When you redownload and reinstall QuickBooks using the steps given below, you will require the “License” and “Product Number”. Ensure that you have these pieces of information with you.

  • At the same instant, push the two keys shown below:
    “Windows” key + “R” key
  • Input “appwiz.cpl” in “Run”.
  • Hit the “Ok” tab.
Remove and Reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop Software
  • Go to the list of programs.
  • Choose “QuickBooks Desktop” and tap on “Uninstall”.
  • Wait for some time so that the program can completely get uninstalled.
  • Then redownload “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Install and set up the software using the instructions seen on the display.

After it gets reinstalled, open it and check for the presence of the QuickBooks error code 15106.

Fix 4: Use Selective Start up for Installing QuickBooks Desktop

Selective startup is often used for installing QuickBooks Desktop. When the software is installed this way, troubleshooting the QuickBooks error 15106 will not be hard. If you would like to run Selective Startup, you can write MSConfig in the Run box and find General. Here, you’ll see Selective Startup. After opting for it, you can administer the remaining prompts to reinstall the Intuit software.

  • Backup your “QuickBooks Company File”, “Product Number” and “License Information”.
  • Launch “Run” using the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously.
  • Input “MSConfig” in “Run”.
  • Push “Ok”.
  • Find “General”.
  • Click on “Selective Startup”.
  • Choose “Load System Services”.
  • Select “Service”
  • Then the option of “Hide All Microsoft Services” has to be selected.
  • Click on “Disable All”.
  • Then deselect the “Hide All Microsoft Service” option.
  • Click on “Windows Installer” from the services you can see and select it.
  • Next, press “Ok”.
  • Move to the window of “System Configuration”.
  • Press “Restart”.
  • In this step, “QuickBooks Desktop” has to be uninstalled/installed.
  • Open “Run” as mentioned in step 2.
  • Write “MSConfig” in “Run”.
  • Tap on “Ok”.
  • Click on “General”.
  • Now, pick “Normal Startup”.
  • Again press “Ok”.
  • Press “Restart” given in “System Configuration”.

Fix 5: Update QuickBooks Desktop Again

The last fix is about re-updating the accounting software. With the latest updates installed, you shouldn’t be troubled by the QuickBooks update error 15106. After closing the software, as well as its files, you can run it as the administrator. Then via the screen of No Company Open, you can navigate to Help. This section will help you in updating QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Exit the accounting software if it is open.
  • Close your “Company Files” which are being used.
  • Move to “Start”.
  • Find “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Right-tap on its icon. Now, pick the “Run as Administrator” option.
  • Go to the screen of “No Company Open”.
  • Click on “Help”.
  • Choose the option of “Update QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Click on “Options”.
  • Then tap on “Mark All”.
  • Press “Save”.
  • Choose “Update Now”.
  • The checkbox for “Reset Update” has to be selected.
  • Finally, pick “Get Updates”.


QuickBooks errors can occur time and again as a result of certain conditions. Likewise, the error 15106 too can occur. Its causes explained to you in this post would have assuredly helped you in understanding why the error occurs. We hope that the fixes devised in this post accomplished their purpose and that QuickBooks is running on your system with no flaws in it.

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