How to Integrate Teapplix with QuickBooks Online and POS?

Teapplix QuickBooks Integration

Teapplix helps you to manage online sales, multi-channel inventory, and accounting. If you integrate Teapplix with the QuickBooks program then you can sync orders from several marketplaces and shopping carts such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others. There are other benefits that you can get using Teapplix QuickBooks integration.

For instance, you can save money and time using inventory automation, advanced shipping, and order management programs. To know more about Teapplix QuickBooks Integration and its advantages, continue to read.

How to Setup the Teapplix QuickBooks Integration?

To integrate Teapplix with QuickBooks, you are required to go to the Teapplix account. Then, you can go to the QuickBooks tab and proceed with the Integration Setup. As you add a Teapplix.qwc, you will find the QuickBooks Integration Parameter window.

After you complete the setup for Teapplix QuickBooks Integration, you need to click on the Update QuickBooks Setup button in order to save your actions. Thereafter, you can export orders just by updating the Web Connector.

Step 1: Setup Web Connector

Web Connector is a free add-on. By using this add-on, you can automatically export the orders to QuickBooks without using any file.

As you are now aware that using the Web Connector is essential to run the QuickBooks integration. So here we will guide you to set up the Web Connector for QuickBooks integration.

Before you get started, make sure that you create a backup of your QuickBooks company files. This is an important step as you can restore the data in case you lose any files during the integration process.

Once done with taking up the backup, you can enable the sales tax in QuickBooks. If required then you can create Discounts and Inventory items to map the sales.

Step 2: Enable the Sales Tax in QuickBooks

  • Go to the “Edit” button.
  • Click on the “Preferences”.
  • Here, you need to make sure that the “Sales Tax Items” in the items ist matches the tax rate of the state including the local rates.

Create Discount items

Discount items represent fees. If you want Teapplix to track your fees then you need to create Discount items. Know more about why it is important to create a Discount for the exported orders.

Teapplix tracks the fees such as PayPal fees, eBay final value fees, and Amazon fees on your exported orders.
Such fees will be shown as a “Discount” on your exported orders.
Hence, it is important to create Discount items before you link them to Teapplix.

Create Inventory Items

Although creating the inventory items is optional. However, if you do so then it would be helpful for you to map the sales.

Step 3: Install Web Connector

  • Login to your “QuickBooks” account.
  • Open the “Web Connector” by going to the “File” menu.
  • Then, click the “Update Web Services” on your QuickBooks account.

Tip: Alternatively, you can download a standalone Web Connector for QuickBooks.

  • Download the “Web Connector “qwc file” teapplix.qwc.
  • Then, open the “QuickBooks Web Connector”.
  • Click on the “Add an Application” button located at the bottom right.
  • Add the “teapplix.qwc” file that you just saved.
  • Now, make sure that you leave the checkbox that says: “Allow this application to access Social Security Numbers”.
  • Then, click the “Yes Always” button in order to authorize the Teapplix Web Service.
  • After this, enter the password for the Teapplix account into the “QuickBooks Web Connector password” box.
  • Click on the “Teapplix Connector for teapplixsusan”.
  • Then, click the “Update Selected” option.
  • Click “Yes” if prompted to open a new browser window.
  • Then finish your setup process from the browser window.

Once you are done following these steps, your setup for Teapplix QuickBooks integration will be successfully completed.

QuickBooks Integration Parameters

As you add the Teapplix.qwc, you will find a QuickBooks integration Parameters page. It allows you to export the type of orders and cut off the date including the bank accounts and customer records.

If you are subscribing to the Teapplix Inventory Advisors and using the QuickBooks as your Inventory Master then you should choose the Shipped Orders in order to export to void order quantities that are counted twice by the Teapplix and QuickBooks program.

Sales Orders or Sales Receipts

Teapplix helps you to export the orders as sales orders, invoices, or sales receipts. If you are wondering what sales receipts and sales orders are then we will inform you.

Sales receipts are basically paid orders in your QuickBooks account. Both payment and invoices work like one object. Most users should export the orders as a sales receipt.

On the other hand, a Sales order is supported by QuickBooks premier or above edition. Although we don’t consider it as paid, you need to make it paid manually at least once in your QuickBooks account. The advantage of a Sales Order is that you can easily generate a purchase order to send invoices to customers.

Daily Summary Option

If you are a seller who receives a large number of orders in a single day, you should use the daily summary sales receipt feature provided by Teapplix. As you receive the orders, they get added with a specific date in order to create a single large order with line items. The line for equivalent items will automatically be combined.

Even when you choose the Customer: Job option then the line should be one per marketplace.

Teapplix creates two orders for each channel account in a day; one is taxable and another one is non-taxable. If you choose to use Payment Date as an order date the Teapplix automatically groups your orders depending on the date of payment. But, if you select the Ship date then Teapplix groups your orders depending on the date of shipment.

Note: Teapplix does not export the orders from Future or Today. Todays’ orders (ship date or payment date) can be exported the first time you launch WebConnector tomorrow.

Customer: Job

When your Teapplix account exports the order, you need to configure the Customer:Job settings. You can follow these steps to know how you should fill out this section:

  • Do not create- You can leave this “Customer:Jobs” line blank.
  • Create one per marketplace- You can link it with one record based on the marketplace. For instance, your eBay orders that used a single customer will be called eBay Sales, and Amazon orders using a single customer will be called Amazon Customer. This way you can view the Amazon sales from the single customer record.
  • Create one per order- With this option, you can create a secluded QuickBooks customer record for each of the orders. In case the name of the customer already exists then you can use that name. For each FBA order, you have to create the customers for your Amazon FBA depending on the image.

This is how you can classify the sales under the customer record. If there are repeated customers then you will see the sales under the customer record. There can be instances when there are two same names of customers but they are actually different customers. To avoid confusion, Teapplix offers more options using which you can keep their identity unique by using the Name and Email address or Name and Phone number.

There is only one downside of using this option that QuickBooks can only handle a limited number of customer records. It fills up quickly for larger sellers.

Export and Re-Export Order

If you want to export or re-export the orders to your QuickBooks account, you can use the Web Connector to get the job done.

Go through the following steps to understand clearly.

Export Your Orders

  • To export the orders from your Teapplix to QuickBooks program, you need to start the Web Connector tool.
  • Make sure you keep the QB company files open.
  • Then, select the Update Selected option on your Web Connector in order to begin the export.

Note: When you leave the QuickBooks company files remain open and the Web Connector tool running then Web Connector performs the Update Selected option by default once a day. If required then you can modify the interval. All you need to type a different number in the Every_Min field.

Re-Export Orders

  • To re-export the orders into the QuickBooks account, you need to login into your Teapplix account.
  • Now, click on the “Order History”.
  • Then, search for the orders.
  • From the export result, you can re-export the order by clicking on the “Re-Export” link.

As you follow these steps, the orders go back to your Unexported Order queue. This is how you can export and re-export the orders from Teapplix to QuickBooks.

How to Integrate Teapplix in QuickBooks Online?

Teapplix can also be used in QuickBooks Online. If you use QuickBooks online service then you will find the features quite similar to the QuickBooks Desktop. The only difference between these two (QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online) is the setup process. However, a few features cannot be found in QuickBooks Online version that you can access in QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Set Up: To integrate Teapplix with QuickBooks Online, you have to keep an account for Teapplix. This should be noted that the Teapplix account can be linked either with your QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online company files. Hence, you need to make sure that if you are going to integrate Teapplix with QuickBooks Online then unlink the Teapplix from QuickBooks Desktop.

Thereafter, you can click on the integration section and follow the options. As you select the Online option, click on the Connect to QuickBooks option. This will automatically link your account with Teapplix. Thereafter, you can export your orders from different marketplaces.

How to Integrate Teapplix in QuickBooks Point of Sale?

Teapplix supports QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) so if you are planning to integrate Teapplix with QuickBooks POS then the workflow will be quite similar to the QuickBooks integration.

Point of Sales as an Inventory Master

The primary reason one would want to integrate QuickBooks POS with Teapplix is that you can use it as an inventory master.

  • Teapplix can export the web order to QuickBooks POS in order to deduct inventory.
  • QuickBooks POS will inform Teapplix of the inventory cost and quantity.

Remember as you connect Teapplix with QuickBooks POS, you don’t integrate Teapplix with QuickBooks any longer and the financial data will be passed from QuickBooks POS to QuickBooks.

Procedure of Setup

To set up Teapplix with QuickBooks POS, first, you need to download a separate QWC file and then add it to the Web Connector. It is called teapplixpos.qwc file. Thereafter, you can follow the same integration as you followed for the other versions.

Item Name

Unlike QB integration, you decide what field in QuickBooks POS should be treated as inventory (items Name/SKU) in your Teapplix. Choices such as ALU, Item Number, or Name are made on the Integration page.

Other Differences with Teapplix and QuickBooks Integration

  • Discount, Shipping, and Tax are hardwired into QuickBooks POS. They don’t require items.
  • There are no class inventory sites.
  • It does not support the inventory assemblies.
  • You cannot choose Account when you create the Sales Receipt in QuickBooks POS. In such cases, you will have to create a Sales Receipt and set it to check payment.
  • You will not find Discount-type items in QuickBooks POS and thus you cannot export the fee value by default from your orders. In case you want to export the fee value then you need to contact the Technical support team to set up the fee item. And, this fee value can be exported to the Discount field in the Sales Receipt/Sales Order.
  • The primary reason to integrate Teapplix with QuickBooks POS is inventory tracking. If you have enabled the Inventory Advisor subscription then make sure that you have selected QuickBooks as an Inventory Master as well.
  • With Teapplix QuickBooks integration, you cannot import from your QuickBooks POS to Teapplix so in case you have any order that requires shipping then you should enter them into the web shopping cart instead of POS.

Conclusive Lines

Teapplix is a quite helpful platform as you can easily perform certain tasks such as managing online sales, multi-channel inventory, and accounting. By integrating Teapplix with the QuickBooks program, you can even sync orders from a number of marketplaces and shopping carts such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others. In this guide, we have shown you the whole procedure for Teapplix QuickBooks integration on QuickBooks Online, Desktop, and Point of Sale.

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