Squarespace Integration with QuickBooks Online & Commerce: A Complete Guide

Squarespace Integration with QuickBooks

Both Squarespace and QuickBooks platforms are created to ease the user’s responsibilities while improving the user’s experience. Squarespace does not require coding to build a website whereas QuickBooks is a helpful accounting system to manage business activities. By integrating both apps, you can automate order processing and sync the customer data of Squarespace with QuickBooks. In addition, you can create invoices and process payments automatically in QuickBooks Online. However, one has to keep the right details for Squarespace integration with QuickBooks.

Therefore, we brought this guide that talks about the key benefits of QuickBooks Squarespace integration. It also includes the procedure of integrating Squarespace with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Commerce. Let’s read ahead!

Benefits of Squarespace and QuickBooks Integration

As you integrate Squarespace with the QuickBooks app, it gives several benefits. Please note, there are numerous apps that you can use as a connector for QuickBooks Squarespace integration. Hence, the benefits and performance may differ. Some of the common benefits are listed below:

  • Integration helps you to save time as it automatically shares the data between QuickBooks and Squarespace.
  • It also lets you connect several sales channels to QuickBooks while making sure that the stock levels are updated.
  • Users can easily sync the customer data of Squarespace.
  • With this integration, manual entry will not be required.
  • The process is automated, hence, no risk of human errors.

How to Perform Squarespace Integration with QuickBooks Online?

Squarespace can be integrated with QuickBooks Online to automate the process. All you just have to do is connect both platforms. Thereafter, you need to set your preferences and configure the integration. This will help you to process numerous tasks in the way you want them to. Once done, you can continue syncing your data. For more details, let’s find out how you can get started with QuickBooks Squarespace integration.

Step 1: Connect the Systems

To integrate Squarespace with QuickBooks Online, the first step is to connect both systems. Once you connect Squarespace and QuickBooks Online, you can click on the Manage button and move forward.

Step 2: Start Configuring the Integration

As you connect the apps, you can set some important preferences so the integration can work accordingly. The process of configuration comes up with multiple options such as synchronization options. Once you adjust these preferences, you can continue working with the main workflows.

Adjust the Synchronization Options

Before you configure the workflows, you will need to set up your Synchronization Options. For this, you are required to set up the following:

  • Email Sync Report Options
  • Account Timezone
  • Integrations Starting Date

Check the Workflows

As you set up the synchronization options, you will see the number of workflows. Please note that setting up these workflows is optional though you can still use them to complete the capabilities of the setup. The sync process will allow you to do the following:

  • The sales will be shared from the Squarespace account to QuickBooks Online.
  • The products will be sent from your Squarespace account to QuickBooks Online.
  • In case you have the inventory feature enabled in QuickBooks, then the QuickBooks Connector will be able to read this detail and update Squarespace.

To understand better, let’s go through each workflow and find out how you can use them to make the integration process effective.

  • Choose the first workflow to start your configuration process and sync the orders from Squarespace to QuickBooks Online. This will give you a set of settings for configuration so you can determine the basic behavior of integration.
    • First of all, click on the “Squarespace order statuses”. From here, the app will help you to restrive sales so you can sync them with QuickBooks Online. You may also want to sync sales in the Fulfilled or Pending statuses based on the nature of the business.
    • After this, you need to choose how you want Squarespace orders to be displayed in QuickBooks Online. In the QBO case, you can select if you want to send Squarespace orders as Sales Receipts or Sale Invoices in QuickBooks Online. Make sure you choose the appropriate option.
  • After this, you will see “Default Products” as well as “Advanced Options”. Here, you can adjust the advanced settings. For instance,
    • Order Number Prefix
    • Use SHipping Item
    • Discount Product
    • Gift Card Product
    • Original Customer/ Generic Online Sale Customer/Customer’s Organization
    • Automatic Invoice Numbers
    • Assign Sales to Location/Assign Sales to Class
    • DueDate Offset
  • If you are planning to sync your refunded orders from Squarespace to QuickBooks then you should enable the feature to create credit notes in QBO.
    • Choose the chart of accounts from where the payment amount is refunded.
    • Then, enter the “Refund Number Prefix”. This will allow you to add the desired credit note prefix.
    • After this, select the “Partial Refund Product” option and enter the product that is used to represent the partial amount refunds.
  • Now, you need to match Squarespace products with QBO. This will help you to integrate your sales with the account accounting system. With QuickBooks Squarespace integration, you will have two options for matching the products:
    • Name: Here, you need to match the “SKU” field of your product from Squarespace to the “Name” field of the product in QuickBooks Online.
    • SKU: Here, you have to match the “SKU” field of your product from Squarespace to the “SKU” field of the product in QuickBooks Online.
  • Once done, move to the “Tax Configuration” page. Here, you need to choose the corresponding sales tax in QuickBooks. Make sure you select it for each tax defined/created in Squarespace.

Please Note: If the sales tax setting is not active on QuickBooks Online or the Automated Sales Tax option is enabled then you can skip this step.

If you want to create new items then you can enable this option by placing a check mark. Make sure you choose the “Expense Account” and “Income Account” for your non-inventoried items.

Important Note: For the inventoried item setup, QuickBooks will assign the COGS account only for the products but it will not sync the product price.

  • Now, go to the “Payment Configuration Settings”. From here, you can choose if you want your payment data to register against the sales from Squarespace within QBO.
  • Even if you prefer to map different payment methods for different clearing accounts then you can do this from the “Map Individual Payment Methods”.
  • After that, you can click on the “Save” button.
  • Besides that, if you want to share the order payment fees processed via Squarespace then enable this option. Make sure you configure this under the guidance of the accountant.
  • When you go to the “Payments” section, you need to configure the “Payment Methods” account for the following:
    • QuickBooks CA and US: Checking Bank or Credit Cards account.
    • QuickBooks UK and AU: Cash account.
    • Other regions: You can configure any account.
  • Another workflow will allow QuickBooks to read Squarespace items and then create them into QBO. After this, you can save your changes.
  • If you want to sync back your stock level updates from QuickBooks to Squarespace then choose its option. Please note, it will prompt you to match the item either by SKU or Name. Then, save the changes.

Make sure you enable this option only if you have set up the stock levels in QBO before the integration. Otherwise, you will end up wiping the stock levels of Squarespace.

Step 3: Start Syncing the Data

Now that you have set up the workflow, you are ready to sync your data across the apps. Remember when you turn on the auto-sync option, your account should start syncing every hour. If needed you can trigger the manual sync. All you need to click on the Sync Now option based on the Synchronization Options located on the Manage tab.

How to Use Squarespace Integration with QuickBooks Commerce?

If you are using QuickBooks Commerce and looking forward to integrating Squarespace, the following information is for you. To integrate Squarespace with QuickBooks Commerce, first, you will have to connect the apps. After this, you can retrieve API Key from your Squarespace platform. Thereafter, you can continue following the on-screen prompts to complete the integration process. Let us help you with detailed information:

Step 1: Connect QuickBooks Commerce and Squarespace

  • Launch the “QuickBooks Commerce” platform.
  • Then, go to the navigation bar and click on the “Browse Apps” button.
  • Here, start searching for the “Squarespace” app.
  • Now, select the “Get App” button. This will take you to the authorize page.
  • You can now click on the “Authorize” button.
  • When you see a “Squarespace” account on the site, select the “Allow” option to connect the website with QuickBooks Commerce.

Step 2: Retrieve API Key from Squarespace

  • Click on the Squarespace “Home” menu. From here, you can have access to the admin areas of the website, called panels.
  • Then, click on the “Settings”.
  • Select the “Advanced” option.
  • After this, select the “Developer API Keys”.
  • Now, click on the “Generate Key” option.
  • Then, add the “Key Name”.
  • From the “Permissions” section, place a checkmark for “Orders”. If preferred, you can mark the “Read Online” or “Read and Write” option.
  • After that, click on the “Generate Key” option.
  • When the pop-up appears with the generated API key, click on the “Copy Key”.

Important Note: Make sure you copy and save the unique API key for the records. Squarespace service doesn’t keep the API key for security reasons. After closing the window, you cannot retrieve it. However, if you lose the key, you will have to create another one.

Step 3: Finish the Installation

  • To complete the installation on the QuickBooks Commerce, you will need to pursue an in-app help widget. For that, you need to select the preferences from the “Setup Squarespace”.
  • Then, click on the “Price Settings” and decide the pricing.
  • After this, you can set “General Settings”. If required you can adjust these general settings from the “Squarespace dashboard” in QB Commerce.
  • Now, press the “Finish Installation” option. This will take you to the “Squarespace Dashboard” where you will see the “Errors”, “Settings”, and “Overview” tabs.

This is how you can complete the installation. Besides that, you will have to take note of certain things such as Order IDs, Initial Integration, Test Orders, Items/SKUs/Product Codes, Basic Access Authentication, and Allow Incoming Traffic.

To Sum Up

The integration process allows you to connect different platforms and automate your business activities. QuickBooks already is a helpful tool to organize your bookkeeping records while Squarespace automates order processing and syncs the customer data of Squarespace with QuickBooks. If you have no clue about this, here, we have shared some of the helpful ways for Squarespace and QuickBooks integration.

If you want to integrate other apps with QuickBooks to boost your business, the following guides may come in handy:

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