QuickBooks Server Error: Identifying Causes and Measures to Resolve it

QuickBooks Server Error

The QuickBooks server error usually suggests a problem between a program on your PC and the Update Manager of this Intuit accounting software. The problem between the two can arise when the updates for Windows are happening in the background of your system or when the Update Manager is itself causing conflicts. Simple measures for removing this QuickBooks error are inclusive of completely installing the updates that are pending for Windows, using the Reboot.bat file, mending the problems in the software, etc. In case such an error arises on QuickBooks Desktop, you can exit the programs which are running on your machine.

This is just an overview of the server error in QuickBooks, its causes, and the measures to get rid of it. To receive more information about it, you can read the complete post.

What is QuickBooks Error When Contacting the Server?

The server error in QuickBooks can indicate a certain problem between the Update Manager of the software and any other computer program. As a result of the error, you may see the “Error: Server Busy” message displayed on your screen. The program being busy, you may not be able to complete your actions. Therefore, removing the QuickBooks server error becomes essential.

What Causes the QuickBooks Server Busy Error?

The 8 reasons mentioned as follows may be responsible for causing the error in QuickBooks when contacting the server:

  • The conflict may have been created by Intuit Pro Series (US).
  • The program which the software needs to work with may be requiring your response.
  • QB Desktop as well as the components of the accounting software may not have been closed in the correct way.
  • The resources for the network needed to start the accounting software may not be sufficient.
  • There may be several systems for file hosting of the accounting software.
  • Windows updates may be getting installed in your system’s background.
  • The updates for the software may have been blocked by the security software or firewall.
  • The QB Update Manager may be conflicting with certain programs.

What is the Fix for QuickBooks Server Error?

We have identified 3 easy-to-apply measures that you can use for settling the QB server error. These measures will guide you about launching the Reboot.bat file, checking whether or not the Windows updates are getting installed on your system, and repairing the QuickBooks software. To gather the details, please read beyond.

3.1) Fix 1: Launch Reboot.bat File

We often suggest our readers to implement the Reboot.bat file when a problem like the server error in QB emerges. Running this file can fix the error along with the error message generated by it within a few minutes.

3.2) Fix 2: Ensure Whether Windows Updates are Getting Installed

In case any updates are pending or in the midst of getting installed, the QuickBooks server busy error may emerge. Using the Taskbar of your Windows computer, ensure whether or not any updates are being installed. In case you find that an update is getting installed or requires to be installed, proceed and complete updating it. In case you do not find any updates, you can perform the next fix.

3.3) Fix 3: Repair the QuickBooks Software

Repairing the accounting software is the third best way to get rid of the server busy error. To repair the software, you can initially restart your machine and ensure that QB is not receiving any interference. After preparing a backup of your company files, you can launch the Installation Wizard to initiate the repairing procedure.

  • Start over your system. Ensure that QuickBooks is not encountering any interference from any unnecessary program.
  • Back up the company file of the accounting software.
  • Open the “Installation Wizard” to start repairing the software.

Please Note: This fix will be suitable for the users of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 who are encountering the QuickBooks error when contacting the server.

How to Troubleshoot the Server Busy Error in QuickBooks Desktop?

The QuickBooks server error can occur in several versions of the accounting software. QuickBooks Desktop is one among these versions. To prevent and remove it, you can ensure that no component of QB Desktop is open. In addition, you can turn off all the running programs on your system and remove the Update Agent that is responsible for displaying the error message.

4.1) Fix 1: Exit the Components of QuickBooks Desktop

For exiting the components of QuickBooks Desktop, you can initially exit every Data File. This is followed by exiting the software. Then run the Task Manager via the Taskbar and enter processes to end every task. Once this is done, you can reopen the accounting software as well as the data file.

  • Begin with exiting every “Data File”.
  • Then leave “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Now, accessing the “Taskbar”, right-click on it for picking the option of “Task Manager”.
  • Find and visit “Processes”.
  • Now, go through the tasks mentioned as follows:

In case any of these tasks can be found, select them one at a time and hit the “End Process” tab.

  • Launch QB Desktop.
  • Access your data file at last.

4.2) Fix 2: Exit All the Open Programs

In the second measure for the QuickBooks server busy error, you can shutdown all the programs that are open on your system. The steps and tips listed below will help you in exiting them. Soon, your system will start functioning as usual and QB will not encounter this error while using it.

  • In case there is an urgent need for keeping the program opened, any dialog box should not remain open in it.

Please Note: In case you are using “MS Word” and you witness a dialog box stating that the work needs to be saved, do the needful and exit the box. Keeping it open can also result in the server busy error in QuickBooks.

  • Programs like “Vista Security”, “Google Desktop”, “Pivot Software Control”, and “Norton” should also not be kept open. These programs can also result in this QB error.
  • In case Selective Startup is being used, “IntuitFCS” should be stopped.
  • Should you suspect that “Webroot Spy Sweeper” is resulting in the QB error, you can disable it for a temporary time period . As an alternative to temporarily disabling it, you can enter the “Gamer” mode for using it while QB Desktop is being used.

4.3) Fix 3: Remove the Update Agent of QB that is Displaying the Error Message

Doing away with the QuickBooks error when contacting the server can be easier when you exit the Update Agent of the software that is constantly showing the error message. To remove the agent, visit All Programs and pick Startup. Right-clicking on the option of QB Update Agent. Select Delete as well as Delete Shortcut. To understand the remaining instructions, you can read more.

  • Open “Start”.
  • Head to “All Programs”.
  • Choose “Startup”.
  • Find “QB Update Agent”. Right-tap on it.
  • Pick the option of “Delete”.
  • Select “Delete Shortcut”.
  • Ensure that QB Desktop’s shared updates have been turned off.
  • Then choose “Help”.
  • Pick “Update QuickBooks”.
  • Opt for “Options”.
  • Select “Share Download”.
  • Press “No”.
  • Press “Close”.

All in All, We can Say

The server error in QB and QB Desktop can hint at certain problems between the Update Manager and the programs installed on your system. It can result due to certain causes. Knowing the causes of the problem will definitely make it simpler for you to deal with it. Therefore, we cited the different causes of it in one of the sections of the post. We also educated you about the fixes that can possibly settle the problem once and for all. In case these fixes worked well for you, we would love to know your feedback. Drop us a comment to share it.

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