QuickBooks Error the File Exists: Reliable Fixes to Solve and Prevent it

How to Fix QuickBooks File Exists Error

Coming across the message “QuickBooks Error the File Exists” may give you a bad experience while using this accounting software. Not only on QuickBooks but on QuickBooks Desktop also, this error message can get generated.

Minimizing your efforts to stop and prevent this error message while using the software, we will be presenting a number of fixes on this page. In an attempt to save your time in carrying out these fixes, we have already authored the directions you require. Along with the fixes, the meaning and reasons behind this error message in QuickBooks and its versions have also been defined here.

Content Summary

In this blog post, you can go through four sections. To know what each section will educate you about, you can prefer reading the short summary provided as follows:

What does the File Exists Error in QuickBooks Mean?

The Intuit QuickBooks software can be used for carrying out different types of accounting functions. Payment of the scheduled liabilities, opening a federal form or state form, etc., are some examples of these accounting functions. In an instance wherein a user is performing such functions, the QuickBooks error the file exists may show up on your system. This error may also arise when the user is downloading the updates for payroll. Due to certain issues with these activities, this error may be seen.

Reasons Behind the Presence of the QuickBooks Error the File Exists

Should you like to understand the exact reasons why the error message the file exists may be occurring in the QuickBooks software, reading the following will be recommended:

  1. The User Account Control in Windows may be giving rise to interferences with the QuickBooks software.
  2. The users of the accounting software may not be having the username and password for signing into Windows.
  3. Your internet may not be working very well.
  4. On your system the security settings of the firewall or internet may be faulty.
  5. You may not have installed the updates for QuickBooks Desktop.
  6. Due to problems with the installation of QuickBooks, such an error message may be emerging on your system.

How can I Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Error the File Exists?

The QuickBooks error message the file exists can be resolved by following 2 reliable fixes. These are inclusive of disabling User Account Control by visiting the settings of Windows and checking the connectivity of your internet. You can follow either of these fixes. Each of them is committed to removing the cause leading to such an error message on your system.

3.1) Fix 1: Disable User Account Control via the Windows Settings

User Account Control can be turned off by visiting the Windows settings. To access these settings, you can first launch the Control Panel. Here you can find the account of the user. Via the Never Notify option, you can turn off User Account Control. After this fix has been carried out, the file exists error in QuickBooks should stop emerging.

  1. The following keys of your keyboard have to be pressed at once.
    “Windows” key + “R” key
  2. You will see “Run” on your screen. Write “Control Panel” in it.
  3. Press “Ok”.
  4. In the “Control Panel”, you will see a “Search Bar”. Use this to find the user’s account.
  5. Press the “Yes” button.
  6. Moving the slider downwards, look for “Never Notify”. Ensure that “UAC” has been turned off.
  7. Starting over your Windows system is the seventh step.
  8. To end this fix, ensure that “QuickBooks Payroll” has been updated. In case it is out of date, then install the updates right away.

When the above-mentioned steps have been done, do check for the problem

3.2) Fix 2: Try Checking the Internet Connectivity on Your Computer

In the second fix for troubleshooting the QuickBooks error message the file exists, we will show you how to check the connectivity of your internet on your computer. To check the same, you can head to a secure domain with the help of your default browser. Afterwards, you can verify your internet’s security settings. The settings will let you know whether any interference is preventing QB from connecting with your server.

To know the next set of steps that you’re required to do, carry on reading.

  1. Click twice on the default browser to open it.
  2. Enter any secure domain, preferably “QuickBooks.com” and visit it.
  3. In case your internet is running as usual, check its security settings. Ensure that no interference is being caused by these settings while QuickBooks connects with your server.
  4. Next, watch out for any dropped packets of the internet. You can verify the network’s latency for this purpose.
  5. Ensure that the settings of the “SSL” are not error-prone.

Note: We will suggest that for checking the internet connectivity on your computer, the default browser should be Internet Explorer.

How can I Resolve the File Exists Error in QuickBooks Desktop?

While accomplishing the accounting functions on QuickBooks Desktop, you may see the error of the file exists. It may be emerging if the application isn’t updated, full control access hasn’t been allowed, or your printer is problematic. The 5 fixes displayed below will work on such causes to rectify this error.

4.1) Fix 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop Application

Many of you may be well-familiar with the process to update QuickBooks Desktop. You may also know that updating the application helps it to stay trouble-free. In case the QuickBooks error the file exists can be seen, you can check whether or not the application has all the latest updates. Via Product Information in this accounting software, you can initiate the process of updating it.

  1. First, launch “QuickBooks Desktop” on your computer.
  2. Look for an option stating “Product Information”. Then click on it.
  3. Select the version of “QuickBooks”.
  4. Also, select the year of “QuickBooks”.
  5. Click on the search option.
  6. Make sure that you choose “Get the Latest Updates”.
  7. Prepare a folder for saving this file.
  8. The installation file has to be clicked twice. Now, the process of installing the updates will begin.
  9. After all the updates have been installed, you can restart your computer.

Now, you can start the QuickBooks Desktop application. Do check that the error which was existing prior to this fix cannot be found now.

4.2) Fix 2: Ensure that Full Control Access has been Allowed to the User

In a situation wherein full control access hasn’t been made available to a user, the QuickBooks error message stating that the file exists may be witnessed. As you can assume, by providing this access to the concerned user, this error message can be repaired.

To give full control access, you can opt for Open File Location in the accounting software. Accompanied by pressing Backspace, you can enter the folder of QuickBooks. Using the Properties of this folder, you can choose Edit and press Add. Now, you can provide full control by selecting the option for the same.

  1. Right-tap on the icon of “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  2. Select the option of “Open File Location”.
  3. Push the “Backspace” key in this step.
  4. Locate the folder of “QuickBooks”.
  5. Right-click on the folder to opt for “Properties”.
  6. Click on “Edit”.
  7. Now, click on “Add”.
  8. The option of “Everyone” has to be chosen.
  9. Now, press the “Ok” button.
  10. Ensure that the option of “Full Control” has been selected.
  11. Hit “Apply”.
  12. Your system has to be rebooted now.

Access your files and try to work on them. In case the error doesn’t interfere while you work on these files, you can be sure that this fix worked well.

4.3) Fix 3: Re-register QB “.OCX” and “.DLL” File via “Reboot.Bat” File

While identifying the best fixes for settling the QuickBooks error message the file exists, we chanced upon a very simple measure for you. Using this, you can re-register the .OCX and .DLL files of QuickBooks. The Reboot.Bat file will help you for this purpose.

For executing this fix, you can turn off QuickBooks Desktop, then right-click on the software’s icon, and visit the Properties. After going to the location of the file, you can run the reboot.bat file as the administrator. To know the remaining directions, please read below.

  1. If “QuickBooks Desktop” is running, then exit it as the basic step of this fix.
  2. Now, look for the icon of “QuickBooks”. Right-tap on its icon. Then pick “Properties”.
  3. The “File Location” has to be opened.
  4. Find the file named “reboot.bat”.
  5. When the “reboot.bat” file has been found, right-click on the same. The option of “Run as Administrator” has to be selected.
  6. The window of “Command Prompt” in black will scroll every file of QuickBooks. You are required to wait till this process is happening.
  7. Afterwards, the user needs to restart his/her system.
  8. Open “QuickBooks” after freshly starting your system. Ensure that neither the QuickBooks error nor any error message is appearing in the software.

On the off chance that the problem is occurring again, you can try out the fourth fix.

4.4) Fix 4: Try Reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop

Installing QuickBooks Desktop again is another time-tested way to get out of the problem. In case the file exists error is still appearing on your system, you can correctly uninstall and reinstall the accounting software. You can enter a command in Run for viewing QuickBooks. You can uninstall the software. Then using a reliable clean install tool, you can re-download and reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop software.

  1. Let us open “Run” to start this fix. You can open it by visiting the “Start Menu” of Windows. Alternatively, you can try pressing the following keys together:
    “Windows” key + “R” key
  2. The following command has to be provided in “Run”.
  3. Press two times on QB.
  4. Click on the “Uninstall” option.
  5. For the removal of the accounting software, you will be provided with certain prompts on your system. Make sure that you carefully follow and execute them.
  6. Next, you can opt for downloading a clean install tool. Ensure that it is downloaded from an authorized website only.
  7. Save the file of the clean install tool.
  8. Using the tool you’ve downloaded, you can install the accounting software once again on Windows.

Let the installation of the software be complete. Afterwards, you can open it. Try to execute any of the accounting functions. If no interruptions are observed while doing these functions, then the error will have been resolved.

4.5) Fix 5: Remove the Problematic Printer from Your System

In our final attempt to remove this QuickBooks problem, we will suggest you remove your printer. In case this error is appearing while you’re printing a form using QuickBooks Desktop, then removing the printing device will root out the possible bugs.

You can visit the Devices and Printers section of the Control Panel. This section will assist you in removing your printer. Later, you can stop the process named “QBW32.exe”. You can head to the Task Manager for stopping this process.

  1. Go to your “Desktop” after starting your computer.
  2. Launch “Run” with the help of the two keys given as follows at the same moment:
    “Windows” key + “R” key
  3. Write “Control” in the box.
  4. Press “Enter”.
  5. Locate the option of “Devices and Printers”. Then choose it.
  6. After right-clicking on your device, press “Remove”. Ensure that you are removing only that printing device that is showing you this error while printing the forms.
  7. You can exit “QuickBooks Desktop” now.
  8. Visit the “Task Manager” of Windows. You can either visit it from the “Taskbar” or you can press the three keys given below. Press them at the same instant.
    “Ctrl” key + “Alt” key + “Del” key
  9. Click on the tab titled “Processes”.
  10. Find the process named “QBW32.exe”. Right-click on it.
  11. End the “QBW32.exe” process.
  12. Press “Yes” for confirming your decision when you are asked to do so.
  13. Launch the “C: Drive”.
  14. Select “Program Data”.
  15. Click on “Intuit”.
  16. Tap on “QuickBooks”.

Note: This step will be ideal for the users of “QuickBooks Premier”. In case you are a user of “QuickBooks Enterprise”, you can follow the path given as follows:

  1. After the path opens a location, search for the “QBPRINT.qbp” file. Then delete this file.
  2. Rebooting windows is the next step.
  3. Print your forms once again.

Bottom Line

With our passion to help you resolve a vast range of technical problems, we gathered a number of fixes on this page. In case you had been frequently encountering the QB error the file exists, after reading the above-displayed contents, you would have found the ideal measure for settling it. In the end, we’ll suggest that you keep in mind the causes of this error to prevent it.

Users of QuickBooks tend to come across different types of problems and QuickBooks error codes while using the software. We assure you to keep featuring our page with reliable fixes to keep the software bug-free. Keep visiting here for more such valuable reads.

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