QuickBooks CRM Integration: Find Out the Best CRM Software that Integrates with QuickBooks

QuickBooks CRM Integration

One of the best advantages of using CRM software is to set your business in sync. When you combine the marketing tools and communication with the sales platforms, your team can easily conduct and track the sales conversations using just one tool. If you want to rely on the accounting software in order to manage the incoming and outgoing payments then you can get numerous benefits with QuickBooks CRM integration.

CRM with QuickBooks Online Integration

QuickBooks program is well-known accounting software that is designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers simple tools to manage sales and expenses, invoice the customers, pay the bills, accept payments, and prepare reports for tax filing.

Every Major CMR in the market provides QuickBooks integration, however, it is not necessary that these integrations are equal to each other. Some CRM software makes it convenient for you to set up whereas others require a long process and make it complicated for you to perform the integration.

Taking this into account, we will offer you the best CRM for QuickBooks integration so that you can use the CRM software that is appropriate for your business and can easily be integrated with QuickBooks.

Why Do Most People Use QuickBooks As the First CRM?

Small businesses use QuickBooks as their CRM software because it keeps the customers buying histories and their contacts. It is easy to access customer contact details from the accounting software. However, QuickBooks only helps to manage the accounting and billing. It does not help to make sales. Hence, users tend to go with integration software to advance their business tools.

By integrating CRM software with the QuickBooks program, you can automate the billing, invoices, and following up on unpaid invoices saves your time. The biggest advantage of CRM integration with QuickBooks Online is that you get transparency to the entire sales funnel which in turn boosts your business.

The accounting software should be a reliable source for payment and billing information as it keeps the accounting and CRM software synced which keeps your data organized for your team.

What CRM Integrates with QuickBooks?

Integrating QuickBooks with the best CRM takes a lot of planning. First, you need to check what kind of CRM software fits your business. Then, you will have to make sure it is worth integrating with your QuickBooks program. Some CRMs may take a long time. However, when you integrate CRM with your QuickBooks, it advances the features and program functionality.

For instance, you can generate invoices automatically, view deep insights, export reports, import contacts, and sync the entire data between two platforms.

In this guide, we will list a number of CRM platforms while explaining their features and for what kind of business they are best for.

  1. Nutshell

Nutshell is one of the best CRM for QuickBooks integration. It is a sales automation platform that helps your sales team to work smartly. The process of Nutshell and QuickBooks integration is a mix of simple and sophisticated.

Integrating Nutshell with QuickBooks Online has many benefits. If your QuickBooks Online has a list of the customers then you can import them into the Nutshell account. Direct importer by Nutshell can be used for this import process.

Once you connect Nutshell and QuickBooks, you can track communication histories, incorporate QuickBooks data, and contacts in the sales and revenue reporting. In addition, Nutshell introduced a native integration of QuickBooks Online using which customers can send companies, leads, and people to QuickBooks from the pages. Moreover, you can create invoices directly from the lead page in QuickBooks.

Nutshell provides Zapier integration. Once you enable the connection via Nutshell, it allows triggering bills, new records, invoices through QuickBooks Online. It also keeps the customer records in sync in both places.

Nutshell is Suitable For: For those sales teams who are looking for the full-featured CRM, Nutshell can be a great choice. It is user-friendly, can be customized, and easy to integrate, in QuickBooks Online.

  1. Capsule

Another simple CRM, Capsule is highly customizable depending on the business’s requirements. The CRM is easy to use and install. With this integration, you can import the contacts automatically in a few minutes. Also, you can add sales opportunities to the contacts, track your communication, and nurture relationships.

You can also select which contacts need to be synced so QuickBooks does not clutter with email marketing contacts. Capsule updates the records automatically in QuickBooks Online. As the sale begins, you can create the invoice once the sale is finished.

All in all, with Capsule, you can view the quotes, estimates, invoice history, outstanding amounts, or value of overdue. This makes it easy for you to check the information and communication history.

Capsule is Suitable For: If you are looking for an affordable CRM, Capsule can be a great choice for you. It is easy to use with less complexity and a flexible CRM that can be integrated easily with sales teams with accounting solutions.

  1. Method

Method is another CRM software integrated with QuickBooks. This wonderful CRM software can be integrated seamlessly with every product of QuickBooks such as QuickBooks Online, Premier, Pro, or Enterprise.

Due to its wide integration capabilities, Method CRM can be proved to be the best choice for your sales process. Whether you want to create invoices or estimates, Method CRM makes it easy for you to perform such tasks within the system. It also helps to sync contacts between platforms which saves a lot of time in data entry.

However, Method lacks some of the important features that are offered in QuickBooks. Features like customizable reporting, pipeline automation, and phone capabilities are missing in Method.

Method is Suitable For: It can be preferred by companies whose number 1 priority is how well CRM plays with QuickBooks.

  1. Insightly

Insightly has a focal point on QuickBooks Online integration. It is simple and easy to install. Using Insight and QuickBooks integration, you can see the payment history and customer status in the customized QuickBooks Online tab.

Like any other CRM software, Insightly offers the complete history of customers you have in your contact list. It allows your sales team to understand the customers there are dealing with.

However, Insightly does not allow you to create estimates or invoices directly from the Insightly account. You need to leave the CRM for billing a customer. In addition, you cannot accept payments via CRM. Such cons may make you search for another CRM software.

Insightly is Suitable For: Businesses that require advanced project management features can take advantage of the Insightly CRM platform.

  1. Zoho

Zoho Inventory makes your accounting management and inventory work simultaneously. By connecting Zoho Inventory with QuickBooks Online, you can easily access all the sales and purchases in your Zoho Inventory account.

However, the setup may take time. But once you connect it with your QuickBooks account, you can create integration reports, timesheets, and bills in a few clicks and send them to QucikBooks. It becomes easy to sync expenses and invoices back to QuickBooks automatically.

Zoho is Suitable For: Businesses that require advanced QuickBooks or CRM relationships with wide customization can use Zoho to integrate with QuickBooks.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot services are focused on sales and marketing tools. It helps your business to refocus the marketing actions into inbound marketing. By using HubSpot CRM, your company can create content effortlessly. It also helps you to attract leads who were already taking interest in your products and services.

Users can also collect the customized visitors’ contact details and experiences by using HubSpot’s marketing tools. This integration serves the similar functionality from Method and Capsule (for quotes and estimates).

For instance, you can generate invoices once the sale completes, bringing in accounting data such as invoice status and lifetime value. However, with Method and Capsule, you don’t need to pay extra for using the integration whereas for HubSpot you will have to pay.

HubSpot is Suitable For: If you do not want to hook up everything with QuickBooks Online can check the HubSpot CRM if it is right for your business.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers great functionality that focuses on the main CRM components such as marketing, sales, and customer service. It allows your sales team to focus on contact and account information, get full control over the opportunities in your sales, monitor sales performance, schedule engagement activities, and carry other tasks that streamline your sales process.

There are key features on the sales activities that include the following:

  • Quota and territory management
  • Account and contact management
  • Pipeline and opportunity management
  • Contract management of customers
  • Activity/Task management
  • Price line and product management
  • ROI analytics

To get consistency for the sales, customer service process, marketing, and accounting workflows, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be integrated with QuickBooks using third-party connecting apps such as Zapier, InoLink, and others.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Suitable For: If you want to have full control over the opportunities in your sales, schedule engagement activities, monitor sales performance, schedule engagement activities, and more, then you can go with this CRM.

  1. Pipedrive

The Pipedrive integration is quite similar to HubSpot as it is built by the same developer Thus, you will be required to pay not for CRM subscription only but also for the integration.

By using Pipedrive integration, you can bring in quotes and estimates, create invoices after the sale is complete, bring in accounting data such as invoice status and lifetime value, and contact syncing. However, you may require to set up and configure manually.

Pipedrive is Suitable For: Businesses that are focused on sales can use Pipedrive. If you have played already with Pipedrive, you must not be daunted by the manual configuration of the integration.

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is another powerful customer relationship management (CRM) software. This cloud-based software is a great solution for sales, service, marketing, check analytics, and building customized applications.

If you use Salesforce and QuickBooks integration, the group will sync your QuickBooks lists automatically with the Salesforce accounts. Doing so you can see clients’ details such as sales history, credit limit, open balance, sales orders, existing estimates, and invoices in Salesforce without even opening QuickBooks.

Salesforce is Suitable For: This CRM is best for large companies, especially those who look for work from the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

  1. iEnterprise

By using iEnterprise CRM, you can easily manage the sales team by offering them clear visibility of sales. It offers the predictability to layout your plans for the increased number of sales. This saves your time by ignoring the double data entry because CRM integrates with your mobile clients and email.

iEnterprise CRM also helps to track reasons for the poor sales just by examining the steps that may be missed during the process. It serves earlier complaints data so that you can change the strategies in order to increase customer retention.

iEnterprise is Suitable For: If you are looking for a free CRM to integrate with QuickBooks then this can be the best choice. Moreover, iEnterprise is free for QuickBooks integration in case you are having 2 users maximum.

  1. Copper

Copper can be connected with QuickBooks Online only through the Zapier. Also, it requires a premium account for both Zapier and QuickBooks. As you integrate Copper with QuickBooks, you can log payments as the activities. Besides that, you can view the payment amounts on the record and past invoices right from the Copper dashboard.

The Copper and QuickBooks integration is quite limited. Only with a couple of functions, you can communicate between QuickBooks and Copper. But if you are looking for a lightweight integration then don’t put it off entirely because of Copper integration with G Suite.

Its simple integration allows the sales team to see the key data for your customers on the email dashboard.

Copper is Suitable For: For those companies that have a sales team that primarily works out of G Suite then Copper is the best choice for them.

  1. Freshsales

Another CRM with QuickBooks Online integration is Freshsales. It puts the QuickBooks integration in front of the sales pitch. With Freshsales, you can connect or pin the invoices to contacts from your CRM. This comes in handy when you are having issues chasing the payments.

Furthermore, the integration of Freshsales and QuickBooks allows customer histories and invoices to be saved for customers on the Freshsales interface. The built-in feature of the phone makes your integration even unique.

In case you encounter any problem with the payments or invoices then your finance team will have the ability to follow up. If the sales team closes the deals over the phone, the feature will work like a bonus. Due to its functionality, Freshsales provides the sales reps tools so that you can control the whole deal.

However, with this integration, you will not be able to invoice our customers or make payments directly from Freshsales.

Freshsales is Suitable For: It is best for the sales team who close tons of deals over the phone.

  1. GreenRope

GreenRope provides direct integration from your QuickBooks into the software. You will get some features from the integration such as import customers as a new contact and transfer the invoices across platforms.

In addition, you can sync the customer data over from your QuickBooks account. Then set your system to update the data automatically from that point. Currently, GreenRope uses the Intuit Web Connection which is easy to install on the desktop. You may need this to run for invoice syncing and contacts with the CRM.

GreenRope is Suitable For: Those businesses who are seeking the one-stop CRM can go with the GreenRope CRM with QuickBooks.

  1. Freshworks

Freshworks CRM can be an excellent choice for salespeople who are responsible for or rely on the outbound calling or influence the sales tasks from prospecting to billing. This integration allows us to connect or pin invoices to contacts which becomes helpful in recognizing the billing issues with the customers. All the plans of the CRM include a built-in phone system that allows business managers in order to follow up on the invoice issues.

When you integrate Freshworks with QuickBooks, it offers numerous features such as data migration from other CRMs, custom and filter views, templates and email tracking on Garden and Estate plans, mobile apps for all plans, paid plans provide web-to-lead capture, insights based on the lead score.

However, Freshworks does not allow you to create invoices, does not provide a customer-facing portal, and there is no integration of QuickBooks in the free plan.

Freshworks is Suitable For: If you want robust lead scoring or a built-in phone dialer then it is available on all the paid plans of Freshworks.

  1. Agile

Agile is one of the best CRM software. It allows performing different activities such as setting up the automation sequences and creating landing pages. With Agile and QuickBooks CRM integration free, you can automate the marketing and accounting initiates. It offers the end-to-end CRM that includes QuickBooks integration with the help of which you can generate invoices and receive payments.

Furthermore, Agile provides the custom data fields, lead scoring on all the plans, email tracking, email campaigns, web-to-lead capture forms, help desk on all plans, and marketing automation on all the paid plans.

Agile is Suitable For: Companies that want to automate the marketing and accounting initiatives can go with Agile. It has both a free version for limited users and paid plans.

Benefits of QuickBooks CRM Integration

  • Improve lead management
  • No double data entry
  • Keep QuickBooks data clean
  • Data security
  • Sales process automation
  • Sales efficiency
  • Empowered customer service
  • Automate marketing
  • Customer experience

Find the Best CRM, Not the Integration

Keeping a QuickBooks integration is important in the CRM. But as it is necessary to integrate QuickBooks with the CRM, it does not have to be the main priority while selecting the best CRM.

Remember that selecting the right CRM for the business can drop a difference in the sales team’s performance. So, it is important that you choose the CRM that fits your QuickBooks or business.

Closing Up

Most businesses do not even integrate CRM as it takes extra effort. However, this may affect your data security as many people can have access to your accounting data. So, it is necessary to choose the right CRM provider so that you can secure your financial data and improve customer engagement.

If you want to make your business payment activities flexible and convenient, you can use the QuickBooks PayPal integration. Read here to know more.

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