OsCommerce QuickBooks Integration: How to Use QuickBooks Integration for osCommerce?

OsCommerce QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration is basically a Store Manager for the osCommerce plugin that allows users to export the customers, osCommerce products, and orders from the store to QuickBooks. OsCommerce QuickBooks integration helps in synchronizing products and customer details between the online store and accounting package. It also makes sure that the order data is assigned properly to appropriate accounts. If you are wondering what all benefits it provides and how to use the integration, the guide has all your answers.

Through this guide, we will explain basic details of QuickBooks Integration for osCommerce, key features of OsCommerce QuickBooks integration, and the process of installation. Read and implement the guide carefully.

Quick Introduction to OsCommerce QuickBooks Integration

A free trial software, QuickBooks Integration for osCommerce is a part of the Web Development that is also published in the E-commerce programs list. This Ecommerce program was last updated on 14th June 2019. It is available in the English language. In addition, the QuickBooks Integration for osCommerce is a compatible tool for numerous operating systems. It includes Windows, Linux, Windows-mobile, Unix, and others.

The latest version of QuickBooks Integration for osCommerce is The download file has a size of 3.84 MB. Although the download link is safe, you can still scan the downloads file with antivirus software.

Key Features of OsCommerce QuickBooks Integration

As you integrate osCommerce with QuickBooks, you are eligible to perform certain duties such as exporting products, customers, and orders. In the following details, you will find a number of benefits for using OsCommerce QuickBooks integration:

Errorgenie-QuickBooks Integration
  • Users can export the Products from their Store Manager to QuickBooks account.
    • It creates Service, Non-Inventory, Inventory, or Other Charge entries.
    • It optionally updates Price, Name, Description, and Quantity.
    • Users can also map the QuickBooks platform.
    • Products can also be stored to avoid duplicates.
  • You can export your Customers directly from the Store Manager to the QuickBooks platform.
    • Users can map the QuickBooks platform.
    • Products can also be stored to avoid duplicates.
  • Orders can also be exported from the Store Manager to the QuickBooks platform.
    • It creates Sales Orders, Invoices, or Sales Receipts that are suitable for the limited versions of your QuickBooks software.
    • You can also filter the Orders that you want to export.
    • Users can create Refunds as well.
    • It also allows you to export Taxes.
  • You can import Products from your QuickBooks account to the Store Manager.
    • It lets you make new Products.
    • You can also update Stock and Prices.

These are the main benefits of using QuickBooks integration for the osCommerce plugin. If you are willing to use it to ease your work, continue reading the following guide.

How to Use OsCommerce QuickBooks Integration?

Using the OsCommerce QuickBooks integration is easy. All you have to do is download the QuickBooks Integration for the osCommerce plugin. Thereafter, you can run it to perform. Here are easy steps for installing the integration:

  • Download the “QuickBooks Integration for osCommerce” plugin.
  • As the plugin downloads on your computer, you can wait until it is done.
  • Once the tool is downloaded, you can scan it through antivirus software if required.
  • Later, you can proceed with the setup process by clicking on the downloaded file.

Once the installation is done, you can run the program to perform certain tasks. Now, you can effortlessly export products, customers, and orders from your Store Manager to your QuickBooks account. If required, you can import the products from QuickBooks to the Store Manager.

To Wind Up

QuickBooks integration with osCommerce lets you easily export products, orders, and customers from Store Manager to QuickBooks. There are other benefits of using OsCommerce QuickBooks integration. For instance, you can import your orders into QuickBooks; it creates the account automatically if it does not exist. We hope you find this blog useful for implementing QuickBooks Integration for osCommerce.

If you want to implement Drupal QuickBooks integration, we have prepared a dedicated guide for you.

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