Resolving QuickBooks Error 1601, 1642 and Identifying Causes


QuickBooks errors 1601 and 1642 are commonly encountered at the time the software is being used. These can indicate different problems and result due to several errors. When you don’t know why they are occurring and how they can be fixed, these QuickBooks errors will keep bothering you. To study these errors in-depth, we have identified their meanings, causes, and fixes in this post. Section by section, you can become an expert at dealing with these three errors. Interestingly, without the help of a professional, you’ll be able to restore the accounting software to an error-free condition just like before.

What is QuickBooks Error 1601 and What Causes it?

In case the installation is not getting updated, you’re likely to find the error 1601 in QB. It can result when the downloaded file of QB is faulty, MS Windows installer is corrupt, or the files are bolted.

How Do I Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1601?

For settling the MSI returned 1601 QuickBooks error, you can try out the 3 measures shown here. You can implement the Install Diagnostic Tool of QB, start over the Windows Installer Service as well as download the updates for Windows. More information can be gathered below.

Fix 1: Run QuickBooks Tools Hub and Start Install Diagnostic Tool

To effectively dealing with the 1601 error, you can run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool by opening the tools hub. In the tab of Installation Issues, you’re likely to find the tool. It will quickly scan and rectify the error.

  • Exit “QuickBooks Desktop” if you’re using it.
  • Initiate the process for downloading “QuickBooks Tools Hub”
  • Go to “Downloads”.
  • Make a selection for “QuickBooksToolsHub.exe”.
  • Press “Yes” in case the app wishes to initiate changes.
  • Press “Next”.
  • The “License Agreement” will appear. Press “Yes” in case you comply with the agreement.
  • Again press “Next”.
  • Wait for the installation process to get over.
  • Afterwards, press “Finish”.
  • Now, you can launch the QB Tools hub.
  • Visiting your “Desktop”, click-open “QuickBooks Tool Hub”.
  • Switch to the tab stating “Installation Issues”.
  • Now, opt for “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool”.
  • Wait for the configuration process to occur.
  • After the configuration process, select “Yes”. By doing so, the “License Agreement” will be accepted.
  • Press “Proceed” for initiating the repairing process.
  • Now, start over your system and check for the QuickBooks error 1601.

Fix 2: Start over Windows Installer Service

In case the QuickBooks error code 1601 is getting generated due to the Windows Installer service, you may wish to restart it. In the System & Security option of the Control Panel, you’ll find Administrative Tools. Through this, you can head to Services and then do the needful.

  • Launch “Control Panel”.
  • Pick “System & Security”.
  • Open “Administrative Tools”.
Open "Administrative Tools".
  • Locate “Services”. Tap twice on it.
  • Running your eyes through the list, look for “Windows Installer Service”. Tick the box to set “Running” as the status.

Fix 3: Update Windows

In the last measure, you will learn to update your Windows PC for settling the error 1601. Updating it is an effortless task that can be done in just a few minutes. Initially, you can head to Update & Security in the Settings. From there, you can choose the Windows Update option.

  • Right-tap on “Start”.
  • Move to “Settings”.
  • Press “Update & Security”.
Press "Update & Security".
  • Visit the section named “Windows Update”.
  • Tap on the option of “Check for Updates”. The updates will be auto-installed.
  • Then restart your PC. The QuickBooks update error 1601 shouldn’t arise now.

What is QuickBooks Error 1642 and Why am I Seeing it?

The error 1642 in QuickBooks can emerge when you are installing the accounting software and Microsoft .NET Framework. Due to certain issues in the installation, the error may show up.

How to Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 1642?

To help you stop seeing the error 1642 in the accounting software, we’ll advise repairing MSXML 4.0. In case you lack the exact procedure for repairing it, you can read the following subsection to know it.

Fix 1: Mend MSXML 4.0 on Your System

For doing away with the QuickBooks 1642 error code, you can get MSXML 4.0 repaired. This is one of the reliable fixes that will settle the error code for certain. For repairing it, you can first remove MSXML 6.0 from your system. Afterwards, you can visit Microsoft’s main site and get the file for downloading it again.

  • Open “Run” using the following shortcut:
  • “Windows” key + “R” key
  • In the popup, fill in “appwiz.cpl”.
  • Push “Ok”.
Mend MSXML 4.0 on Your System
  • Click on “MSXML 6.0”. You’ll find it in the list you can see.
  • Press “Uninstall”.
  • Visit the official site of “Microsoft”.
  • The “msxml.msi” file has to be downloaded from the site.
  • Click twice on the file after downloading it.
  • Follow the prompts on your screen.
  • Proceed with installing “QuickBooks”.

As a Result

The errors 1601, 1642 can result due to installation problems in the software, the software is faulty, or because of the presence of corrupt registries in your system. The additional causes of these errors were well-elaborated in this post. Also, we provided a number of fixes based on the reasons for the occurrence of these QuickBooks errors. Hopefully, you would have been able to escape these QB errors after implementing the fixes shown here.

As you go through our site, you’ll come across numerous helpful readings. For understanding more about QuickBooks and the errors that can affect it, you can go through these readings as well.

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