Where can Customers View their Monthly QuickBooks Payments Statement?

While using QuickBooks, any customer can check his or her monthly payments statement. In QuickBooks, these statements show payments made by you in a given month. To view them, the only requirement is that the customer should be able to access the Merchant Service Center in the accounting software. To access the center, this is what you can do:

  • Begin by signing into “Online Service Center” in “QB”.
  • Now, go to the dropdown for “Activity & Reports”.
  • Choose “All Statements”.

Interestingly, you can access the “All Statements” option via QuickBooks’ “Welcome” screen as well.

  • Press “View”.

For your information, this center can give you access to the monthly merchant statement via the “View” option. This statement can be understood as a list of payments or transactions done only in a particular month. Thus, they work the same way as QuickBooks payment statements.

  • After this, you may choose “Downloads”.

The statements that are available in the Merchant Service Centre will get downloaded. Thus, you can maintain your own record of the monthly payments statement on your system. However, prior to downloading the statements, you should know that they will be downloaded in Adobe Reader or PDF format. Therefore, you will need to have access to suitable software for downloading the statements.

On the whole, QuickBooks lets you view the statements for your monthly payments. In addition to this, you can also download these statements in a preferred format for keeping an offline record.